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CocoMelon Channel Explained | The Next King of YouTube

 The cocomelon channel

 So today I’m going to be delving into the future overlord of this website and why exactly it’s so powerful. This is the cocomelon characters channel. Explains my name is Dallas also known as Inverness and I’ll be your host. 

On today’s episode and that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise because well I’m the only one who actually runs this channel. So yeah but a lot of you wanted me to go into further detail on the mystery behind the cocomelon on the YouTube channel.

 From the previous article, I did only a few days ago and really investigate the details behind what exactly is going on here. No, I don’t know about you but the instant that I saw this article from Cutie pie popped up on my home page and recommended section.

 The first thing that popped into my mind was simply. Here we go but what exactly is the difference. This time around rather than the last what is the origins of this strange-looking watermelon? Why will it soon be the biggest channel in history?

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 It’s a multi-network company 

The first thing that we should understand here is that the cocomelon YouTube channel isn’t just a YouTube channel it goes a bit further than that as a matter of fact. It’s a multi-network company Netflix show, TV channel, and online kids education center. All owned by one huge company with over 20 employees.

 Crowded little country

 This is not just a single loan person behind the genius of contents such as this. So yeah once again the company’s range superior or the independent people’s once more but now we have an actual explanation. 

As to why and the reason is far different than why Indian channels such as T. series started dominating all throughout the last couple of years?

 All of that could be credited to India and its somewhat crowded little country. Finally introducing a new internet plan which gave billions of more people access to the web along with the largest and most highly preferred websites such as this.

 It’s a simple map that gives 1000000000 people a computer and wifi and the next thing you know T. series has over. 100000000000 views like what the Frick. How do you even get that many views? That just doesn’t even seem possible to me but regardless of that as I covered in my previous article.

 The new rise of cocomelon

 We discussed that the new rise of cocomelon and the somewhere like channels was due to a far more fundamental aspect of YouTube itself. The C. O. P. P. a roll one day made itself known to all of you to essentially threaten to cough and dance.

 All articles could be framed for kids all the way to nonexistence but this wasn’t the end of it at the moment this all happened the people running YouTube all of a sudden said oh no. 

This isn’t cashed money so they decided to go and use a subsidiary platform that already existed called YouTube kids and slowly start to move all the content marked as for children by signature tag underneath the video player to the specific branch of YouTube where would only be accessible to kids alone after this they advertise the actual **** out of this platform.

 Basically everywhere on websites TV channel sponsorships and even normal YouTube video advertisements because the loophole is you can’t put ads directly on any kids related article but nothing technically prevent you from promoting a whole platform.

 So what this effectively cost was for channels are the likes of which of cocomelon and all the rest of the laughter of kids channels to be subsequently promoted like crazy to the billions of kids across the web, mostly their parents might I add.

 Given the multiple times the amount of natural exposure and traffic as to what they’re receiving on the surface YouTube website and yet only a fraction of the competition from the other millions of channels that are also on the surface and not present or available to watch on YouTube kids.

Extreme shipped and dominance 

 So over the months all of this took place these channels and a leading one of particular exponentially rose in power due to the extreme shipped and dominance and if you think this is just not a big deal.

 Well, you have a dark future waiting for you because it’s only predicted to continue further and more extreme as the holder generation alpha which is apparently a thing starts to shift onto YouTube.

 So it’s somewhat similar to the error of the internet in India because the Indian channels explode but this time we’re not just limited to a single country but a whole of kids from all countries alike.

Rise in numbers

 That’s kind of scary in my opinion just to put it in perspective. How fast it all happened. This channel in particular went almost 10 years before finally reaching 1000000 subscribers in 2016. Taking them only another 2 years to reach 10000000 subscribers and then 2 years after that almost 90000000 subscribers and with numbers.

 Currently back even puts T. series to shame and that only goes to show that we are now being introduced to a whole new era of YouTube as a whole and we can only predict then 5 years from now the very most subscribed channels will not be individuals.

 Nope, not even an Indian music label channels but channels that make videos called yes yes vegetable song. A cocomelon nursery rhymes and kids songs went 2.2000000000 views oh my this is not an Avengers level threat this is not a joke okay.

 But this is an extinction event the final question will this cause another worldwide war between this channel and Cutie pie or maybe even this channel versus T. series.

Largest YouTube channel

 To put it simply I would put my guess that probably not after the subscriber counts were abbreviated and effectively removed as a whole the entire incentive behind even paying attention to the number of subscribers for YouTube channels was pretty much extinguished.

 However, I do believe it will be a moment of reckoning regardless. So that is the cocomelon YouTube channel explained you shouldn’t be surprised that within a couple of years from now this will become the largest YouTube channel and you will only be the beginning of the new range of children’s channels.

 Basically being the face of your 2 that’s basically where all of this went too. So that’s all there really is to talk about in this article and yeah I’m not sure if this is necessarily an inherently bad thing or good thing but all I know is that it’s guaranteed to happen right now.

 Starting now and further into the future. So that’s the future of this website and hopefully, we can learn to adapt to it and maybe even take it to our advantage saucy all.

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