Coupon And Discount Codes: 10 Facts To Understand For Your Business

Customers are constantly on the lookout for deals that will allow them to get more out of less. As a response, marketers are always brainstorming new and profitable methods to give people additional reasons to buy.

Promo codes and discount codes, particularly an Enzo discount code are always successful in providing clients with the extra push they need to convert. In fact, 45% of in-store consumers who receive custom discounts, promotions, or recommendations spend higher. Because of this figure, the demand for discount codes is rising.

Customization and categorization

You can ensure that the discount code you offer will appeal to customers. This by using the customization and segmentation tools of your email marketing automation software.

To begin, you may try out different email list segmentations depending on client data like demographics, geography, and transaction records to group those who have common denominators. You may send them personal promo coupons depending on what you see about them from here.

Customers honoring their birthdays, for instance, may get an Enzo discount code for a special deal. This is to make them feel important. Review your customers’ transaction records to see if you can offer them a coupon code for items relevant – this is a great way to upsell as well as cross-sell.

Restaurant coupons 

Do you think the concept of a restaurant or hotel discount couple is a little out of date?

Reconsider your position! Coupons are still alive and well, as we’ll show you shortly. More significantly, they enable entire industries to reach a broader audience, create brand advocacy and generate loyalty. Also, they assist to eventually gain control of the purchase process.

Despite this, they aren’t appropriate for every hospitality establishment – we understand. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using promo codes in this business.

  • Advantages of restaurant and hotel coupon codes

For hospitality industry, coupon codes provide a variety of advantages:

  • They’ll assist you in acquiring new consumers. And, because we all know, acquiring new clients is a costly endeavor. Why not take advantage of people’s desire to save wealth in order to locate them cheaply?
  • They are distinct. You’ll be a step ahead of the curve if you come up with a distinctive, eye-catching coupon plan.
  • They save money on advertising. Coupons are inexpensive to print. Only your time will be set on making social media posts or internal brochures.


  • The disadvantages of restaurant and hotel discount codes

However, for the hospitality sector, there are several cons as well for using coupon codes.

  • They are costly. Sure, you’ll save money on advertising, but a successful coupon program needs to look beautiful. This may need design resources you don’t have right now.
  • Customers may develop a sense of expectation. The more coupon codes you provide, the greater you become at “that” restaurant, and your consumers will wait for those rather than paying original or full price on occasion.
  • They’ll take a bite out of your profits. There’s no avoiding the truth that promo codes reduce your profit margin. Is your company in good enough shape to handle that?

For the year 2022, a list of favorite stats concerning discount codes

There are a lot of interesting facts on discount codes on the internet. Here are some favorites in one handy little infographic. This includes everything from the amount of people who use them to how they affect shopping decisions.

  1. At least once, 86.9% of Britons and 95.4 percent of Americans are using a discount code.  Even if discount codes do not become a regular purchasing habit for every shopper, these figures show that they have a lot of one-time use value.
  2. By 2025, digital coupon buyouts are set to reach $91 billion.  This is cross-industry data, but it highlights how important coupon codes can be in terms of consumer worth and retention.
  3. 32% of customers prefer to use promo codes, for example a Enzo discount code on their cellphones.  We now live in a mobile-first era, and the fact that the majority of people use their smartphones as their main PC should come as no surprise.
  4. 63% of individuals’ state that they will utilize coupons more if they were accessible.  This indicates that there aren’t enough promo codes to go around. Is your hotel business unable to provide the discounts that both present and future consumers desire?
  5. A quarter of millennials spend over four hours every week shopping for bargains. That’s a lot of time, and with the younger generation being the largest on the globe, it’s a lot of time all at once. Is your company likely to come up in their search?

Going deeper into the stats

  1. 82% of online coupons get redeemed in less than a week.  Coupon codes have a short life span, which is a good thing. This is because how many other types of loyalty or pricing have such an instant influence on purchasing habits?
  2. When they lose out on a small online savings, many customers are angry with themselves.  Read that one again: a small savings. This shows that individuals aren’t necessarily seeking big discounts with coupon codes; a simple gesture is all they really want to feel accomplished.
  3. 83 percent of shoppers believe coupons influence their purchasing decisions.  This is a significant issue. The consumer was always king, but in the current world of hospitality, their purchasing path is increasingly complex. Imagine having a bit more control over that with a coupon system.
  4. Coupon users spend 24 percent more than typical shoppers. What more motivation do you really need to start incorporating promo codes into your hotel or restaurant’s business model?


In the hotel industry, coupon codes can never be a potential evil. As the data above should show, they provide a one-of-a-kind potential to increase audience engagement significantly.

In every other industry, coupons are a popular and trustworthy pricing technique that also serves as a wonderful approach to establish brand loyalty. 

It’s all about the timing! Make absolutely sure you’re not just distributing promo coupons to the right people, but you’re also doing it at the optimal moment.

Use promotional offers for discounts or giveaways to make your products and services more appealing to buyers during the sluggish season. Send discount coupons throughout the holidays or peak seasons, specially an Enzo discount code to entice clients to choose you over competition.


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