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Debem Pumps | Pump Accessories in Dubai

Different Types Debem Pumps

Different Types Debem Pumps

In a warehouse in DUBAI, Automat sells chemical pumps, their accessories, and their parts in addition to a sizable number of DEBEM PUMPS spare parts. For all the different types of pumps in its catalog, DEBEM provides a comprehensive selection of pump accessories. The accessories are a product of our technological expertise and in-depth investigation into pump applications, and are either available for pumps from other manufacturers or designed and constructed directly by DEBEM.

Centrifugal horizontal pumps from MB

MB PUMPS are direct-drive electric motor-driven resin horizontal centrifugal pumps that are best suited for fixed installations where the pump is placed outside of the drum and where corrosive liquids must be transferred quickly.

Due to their unique open-impeller design, they can pump even severely contaminated liquids with minute suspended particulates and apparent viscosities up to 500 cps (at 20°C). TL (lip seal) and TS (various internal mechanical seals) are two variations that are available (bellows seal).

A lamp for attaching the electric motor and checking the mechanical seal is a characteristic of resin-encased horizontal centrifugal pumps. The open impeller is attached to the pump shaft, which is a part of the electric motor’s drive shaft. The mechanical shaft seal is housed behind the impeller.To learn more about  inverter repair services get in touch with us.

Centrifugal vertical pumps IM

Resin vertical centrifugal pumps with a direct-drive electric motor are known as IM Pumps. They are made for fixed installations with the pump submerged in the tank, high flow rates, and quick transfer speeds of heavily contaminated liquids.

This sort of pump’s unique design ensures that any unintentional spillages are collected in the tank and does away with the need for internal mechanical seals, which are subject to high wear.

Even with extremely soiled liquids that appear to have a viscosity of up to 500 cps (at 20°C) and minuscule suspended particulates, the open impeller permits continuous pumping.

The material selection for the construction of the pump enables the best chemical compatibility with the fluid and/or environment without ignoring the temperature range.

Vertical centrifugal Debem resin-encased pumps have a solid pump casing and a column attached to the baseplate that supports the lantern, which in turn supports the electric motor.

Transfer pumps, TR

Drum transfer pumps called TR PUMPS are paired with direct-drive electric or compressed-air motors (see models). They’re perfect for quickly transferring clean, caustic liquids out of drums because they’re portable.

These pumps, which can be purchased with fully interchangeable electric or pneumatic motors, have an open impeller that enables continuous pumping of clean corrosive liquids with apparent viscosities of up to 600 cps with 500 watt electric and pneumatic motor (at 20°C) and 900 cps with 800 watt electric motor (at 20°C).

In addition to a safety cut-out switch that prevents unintentional restart after a power interruption, TR-EL series electric motor-driven pumps are also equipped with this feature.

EQUAFLUX DAMPENERS are air-operated, automatic pulsation dampeners with a diaphragm that are mounted on discharge lines with varying fluid pressure to lessen pulsations and the resulting vibrations or water hammer, safeguarding process equipment.

EQUAFLUX and CUISINE EQUAFLUX (for food use) dampeners can be utilized with liquids that have a high apparent viscosity even if they include substantial amounts of suspended solids. They also automatically respond to system conditions without the need for manual calibration or adjustment.

This component offers good protection and ensures a smooth system flow since it may minimize pulsations, vibrations, and water hammer.

Due to the wide range of building materials available, it is possible to choose those that are most chemically compatible with the fluid and/or environment without sacrificing the temperature range. In potentially explosive environments, dampeners are also available.

Patented coaxial pneumatic exchanger with stall prevention.

The stall-prevention coaxial pneumatic exchanger used by Debem pumps is patented. With the aid of a stall-prevention circuit, this gadget uses pressurized air to alter the equilibrium of the pressure on the diaphragms, ensuring excellent performance even under the most challenging circumstances. In order to prevent further load losses when compressed air flows within the pump, the control portion (spool) and the power part (exchanger) are both contained inside the pump in a single block. It is simple to repair or replace the DEBEM pneumatic exchanger.

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