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Dedicated Server Hosting UK Benefits Of Using Offshore

Dedicated Server Hosting UK

Dedicated Server Hosting UK: Benefits Of Using Offshore

Choosing the right dedicated server hosting UK type is as critical as choosing the right hosting partner. For example, choosing shared hosting when you receive the traffic of a dedicated server level would be disastrous.
This article is all about one of the great hosting types. 

We will discuss the best points of offshore servers and show why you should prefer them over physical dedicated servers in your office. However, thinking that offshore is always better than a dedicated server or any other, would also not be right. We will mention scenarios when the offshore dedicated server hosting UK is the best option.

Dedicated Server Hosting UK and OffShore Dedicated Server: What is Different?

If your server is not located in your country and you have remote access to it, then you have a dedicated offshore server. You will be able to pick the country of your choice most of the time. A great alternative to a dedicated server is vps hosting from Hostworld.

However, be careful not to mix it with a dedicated physical server that resides inside your office. A physical dedicated server is an in-house server whereas an offshore dedicated server is not even in the same country. 

When Should You Choose Offshore Dedicated Server Hosting UK

Do you have users from different countries, and you want all of them to enjoy excellent loading speed? You should think about offshore dedicated servers if both answers are yes. Furthermore, if your goals are safe data backups, enhanced anonymity, and reduced costs, a dedicated offshore server is your go. 

What Options Are Available?

The payment and the locations of data centers are very different in offshore servers. However, just like any other hosting type, you can choose between shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. 

Dedicated Server Hosting UK :Five Reasons To Get Offshore Servers 

These offshore bare metal servers offer many comprehensive plus points. Let’s discuss some of them. 

They Are Cost-Effective 

Opt for dedicated offshore servers and enjoy budget-friendly packages. Offshore dedicated servers may charge you differently in different countries.   However, the prices are typically lesser than the domestic servers in most cases.

You Can Avoid Data Loss That Natural Disasters May Cause

The majority of businesses utilize both on-site and off-site servers to back up data. However, off-site locations in the same state or country may not be so safe. Yes, the risk of being harmed by the same natural disaster exists.

Using an offshore dedicated server resolves the issue by addressing the primary flaw. If a natural disaster strikes your country, unfortunately, your off-site server will have your back. As a result, you get two benefits. The first is added security, and the second is peace of mind. 

Reducing Loading Time

Running an international business means having customers worldwide. So when you use an in-house server for that, poor customer experience in many different countries (other than your country) is most likely to happen. 

You are closer to your customers when you use an offshore server to serve them. You may avail the service of any hosting provider’s data center to rent a dedicated server. As a result, you’ll ensure that all of your users have quick loading rates regardless of where they live.

Improved Security

Using an offshore dedicated server translates to having better security. We all know how dedicated servers are more secure than shared servers since they only serve one user.

The vulnerability of servers with multiple users is evident. However, being alone in the server space results in an improved security situation. 


Using an offshore dedicated server is a simple approach to hide your digital footprint. Offshore servers are ideal for you if you want your hosted services to remain anonymous.

You’ll gain another layer of safety surrounding your organization and your hosted services by hosting your online services on an offshore dedicated server. 


Sometimes, your country’s law prohibits a specific type of content or a particular website. But, on the other hand, you need to host similar content. You can host your website on offshore dedicated servers in such a scenario, and enjoy great freedom of speech. Copyright laws, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, can make this happen (DMCA).

It is essential to avoid getting your valuable content censored on the internet. You can purchase a DMCA-protected offshore dedicated server to prevent this.

However, you should always be cautious and mindful of all restrictions in your home country and the country you are hosting. 

Location Affects SEO?

Yes, it directly influences your rankings on search engines. 

By hosting your website at a place close to your visitors, you can increase your website’s ranking. The reason is that you and your visitors’ IP addresses will indicate a similar location. 

As a result, Google will know your website is optimized for that location. We already know that when your servers and your customers are at the same location, pages load faster. Search engines like to serve their users with fast-loading pages. 

The Final Verdict: How to Find Best Offshore Host

A plethora of reasons may provoke you to get an offshore host. Probably you want to host a Minecraft server in the UK and want a great offshore Minecraft dedicated server hosting UK.

Sometimes, it is just anonymity, and avoiding censorship. However, keep in mind that selection has to be wise because all hosts may not offer similar privacy and freedom levels.

Try to find the one that accepts cryptocurrencies, offers appropriate privacy levels, and has liberal use policies. 


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