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Whereas my favorite destination in Himachal Pradesh is Bhavya Rajgundha. In second place comes the valley, Tirthan Valley. This secluded and pristine hill station offers a completely different experience than its sister cities in Himachal.Tirthan Valley, situated between the mountains and at an altitude of about 1600 meters,is no less than a paradise.

With clear skies,majestic mountains and a pristine river flowing through the valley, the Tirthan Valley escapes from city life A great place to escape and immerse yourself in nature.In this guide,I have included all the essential information you need to plan a successful trip here.From living to eating to network,this post covers it all.But if you want to visit Tirthan Valley,make sure you travel responsibly.There are many guidelines to visit this place,about which the locals are really strict.So,respect their home and follow these guidelines to visit Tirthan Valley.


Tirthan Valley is at an altitude of 1600 meters and is surrounded by mighty Himalayan mountains.This riverside retreat is a famous weekend getaway from Delhi,Which is because of all the adventure-related activities one can do here.It is also the main gatew必利勁
ay to the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), a UNESCO heritage site.This is the reason why it has become so popular recently.Deriving its name from the Tirthan River,this valley is located in the Kullu district.And the river that gave its name originates from the Hanskund peak in the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP).

Its unparalleled beauty and the simplicity of the people and the valley itself make it a welcome respite from all other destinations in Himachal Pradesh.Yes,it has become more popular among travelers now, but it can still be counted as an offbeat destination as compared to places like Kullu, Manali,Kasol etc.One thing that sets this valley apart from other Himachal destinations is the quaint villages of the Himalayas that still follow the traditional architecture.

And the people themselves are very kind and down to earth and do a lot to make you feel like home here.Another great thing about this place is that there is not much noise around,so you can really hear the sounds of nature.From the water of the flowing river to the call of the birds, you hear it all without any effort which is the ultimate bliss.And there are so many wonderful days here for waterfalls and views. So there is no chance of getting bored here.In fact,the mountain wind is going to do some good for your body and make you fit and healthy again.


Now,let us come to the most important part of our journey:How to reach Tirthan Valley. Since Tirthan Valley is situated in the hills,So the only way to reach here is by road which is not very difficult. The road connected to Tirthan is very good and well connected to the rest of the country. The best way to visit Tirthan Valley is by your own vehicle,but if you can’t. So many public transport options are also available. In this section,we will cover all the routes and transportation options available for you to reach Tirthan Valley.


There are mainly two entry points to Tirthan Valley and can be easily reached by car or bike. Both the routes are quite scenic and you can also travel on this circuit for an epic road trip. However,one route is easier than the other.So keep this in mind when choosing your road trip route.


The nearest airport to Tirthan Valley is at Bhuntar, which is 48 kilometres away. And takes approximately 2 hours to arrive. There are few flights connecting the rest of the Indian cities to Bhuntar but the flights can be a bit expensive.

From Bhuntar,you can take a bus till Aut and then follow the above suggested options or you can get a direct taxi. Which will cost around 2500-3000 INR. You can also opt to fly to Chandigarh which is about 134 km from Tirthan Valley. From Chandigarh, you have buses and taxis that will take you to Tirthan Valley in just 7-8 hours.


The nearest railway station to Tirthan Valley is Chandigarh Railway Station at a distance of 250 km. There are many trains connecting Chandigarh to all parts of India like Mumbai,Kolkata,Hyderabad,Kochi etc. So you will easily find a train. Once in Chandigarh,you can choose a normal or Volvo bus to Tirthan Valley which will take around 7-8 hours. The cost of a normal bus would be around Rs 450-500 while that of a Volvo would be around Rs 900. A private taxi from Chandigarh to Tirthan Ghati will cost around Rs 5000.

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