Detail about Paint, Plating & Automotive Testing Instruments

A wide range of paint testing equipment for automobiles is designed by international testing standards that comply with Automotive and Paint Quality Control Authorities. These are the latest products that provide the highest accuracy testing and help improve product quality.

What materials can be tested with paint, Plating and Automotive testing equipment?

These machines can test any type of paint or plating. Whether it is liquid or powder coating, the technologies offer the widest range that can control all kinds of detailed defects. In addition, these machines are used to evaluate the quality standards of components, parts and surfaces throughout the vehicle’s body.

What factors and properties can paint, coating and testing machines for the automotive industry assess?

You can evaluate colour quality, brightness, reflectivity, reflective angels, and colour properties such as metamerism. In the automotive industry, a variety of equipment, in addition to colour inspection, can help inspect all kinds of chemical and structural properties.

Paper and packaging test equipment

Paper and packaging test equipment are used to assess the quality of products used as raw materials in the paper or packaging industry, including various paper types, corrugated cardboard, etc. Plastic wrap, sheets, and flexible packaging are examples of packaging materials.

What materials can be tested with paper/packaging test equipment?

Paper is basically the material tested by these machines. It comes in a variety of forms, from those used in paper bags to those produced as tissue paper to the paper of varying thickness and quality.

In addition, the quality of materials such as polyethylene film, flexible packaging materials and plastic sheets can also be tested. The packaging companies’ materials considered and potentially used can be easily tested with these packaging quality testers.

What factors and properties can paper and packaging machines assess?

Quality testers can assess all kinds of structural or chemical properties. These engineers, product designers and manufacturers help develop materials based on well-established industry standards that meet customer requirements.

You can measure properties. Strength, puncture strength, tear strength, paper hardness, etc. It also evaluates the actual performance, such as vertical load impacts, free fall and continuous impacts. The testing lab offers a complete suite where you can test the quality of paper and packaging from scratch.

Equipment for testing plastic and polymer

Plastic and polymer test equipment is used to assess the structural and chemical quality of different types of polymeric materials used in different vertical areas such as cars and packaging.

What materials can be tested with plastic or polymer test equipment?

Products such as plastic raw materials and products designed for use in packaging, flexible packaging, chemical industry, car, etc.

What kind of characteristics or properties can the Plastic and Polymer Testing equipment assess?

Characteristics of lab testing instruments such as structural thickness, dimensions, effects of free-fall loads and behaviour under extreme weather conditions are necessary to be verified during a rigorous quality check. In addition, it is important to know the properties of its chemical composition, carbon content and aspects of the melt index at each stage of polymer production.

Test equipment of polyethylene films and sheets

Polyethylene films are the most common products used in the packaging industry. This material has such advantages as flexibility, elongation, increased tensile strength and extreme resistance to harsh conditions. These products are recognized in various industries and are in high demand. With the intensified competition in the market, manufacturers need to offer high-quality products. To confirm this, they must test all aspects of the product.

Polyethylene films must withstand extreme weather and conditions such as vertical loads, extreme heat, dry heat and transport or storage effects such as sudden shocks.

What materials can test equipment of polyethylene films and sheets be tested?

Materials such as polyethylene film and foil are used in a number of areas such as packaging, flexible packaging and plastic bags. They are used in-home use and in higher vertical sectors such as automobiles and aerospace. They are durable and must be tested to end-use standards.

What kind of factors or properties can polyethylene film testers assess?

Polyethylene film and sheet tests test for adhesive strength, peel strength, resistance to free-fall arrows, sealing quality, coefficient of friction, frictional resistance, quality color, specific gravity, vacuum leakage and wall thickness.

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