Digital marketing planning for clinics

Developing a digital marketing plan for clinics is the most important step in the entire process for institutions of all sizes.

A digital marketing plan is similar to a traditional marketing plan. It all starts with the definition of the objective and the strategic analysis.

Want to know what it takes to develop your clinic’s digital marketing? So, read on and find out!

Three basics in digital marketing for clinics

1 – Purpose

Here you will set your goals. There is a word in marketing, SMART, which means that the goals must be specific, measurable, realistic, and precise in time, and of course, they can be ambitious.

2 – Scenario

In this area, you need to know how your competitors are acting and communicating in the digital world, know your market niche and do a good benchmarking to know the strengths and weaknesses of the competition.

3 – Target audience

Attempt to learn possible about your intended audience, how they behave, what their preferences are, and where they are on the internet so that you can reach them, using the appropriate language to establish good communication.

Digital marketing action plan for clinics

Now let’s get to the part of digital marketing planning itself, where you will let your imagination run wild. The digital world offers immeasurable possibilities.

Consider the following tools when setting up your healthcare digital marketing company:

  • Communication channels

After gathering everything you need to know about your target audience, you should have already developed a persona: a fictional character with all the characteristics of your main audience.

Now it’s time to choose the channels to activate your campaign. These channels are Facebook, blog, email marketing, Instagram, website. That is, you can choose several of them or just a few. It all depends on where your target audience is.

You need to find the channels closest to the audience you are looking for.

  • Contents

This is an essential point for digital marketing planning for clinics. Through content, you will draw your audience’s attention, where you will help people find solutions, create empathy, and gain important information that will transform your lead today into your patient of tomorrow.

See that you also need to adapt to the particularities of each channel. If you use Instagram, for example, you know that you will need images in which the use of hashtags (#) is very important.

So, if you are working with Instagram, it is not necessary to write long texts. Instead, just put a caption, since it is a channel where the saying goes: “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

  • Schedule

Your digital marketing plan should have a series of simultaneous action plans to elevate the potential of the entire campaign.

Therefore, you must have a digital marketing campaign schedule, leaving the frequency, material distribution, and synergy well-defined.

  • Monitoring

Now it’s time to define which KPIs and metrics will be worked on in each channel to monitor your sales funnel performance later.

It becomes important to define the investment applicable to digital marketing to support your plan until the end.

  • Execution

All set, it’s time to put your big process into practice. With all the research foundations and a well-designed action plan, you have to closely follow the schedule and actions.

With this digital marketing plan for clinics, be sure that you will achieve your goals in the short or medium-term, achieving results you never imagined you would have.

Marketing Planning for the “New Normal”

We know that the crisis triggered by the coronavirus has affected the health sector more than ever. Institutions had to find real solutions to the business, social, and cultural challenges. In addition, most had to review their communication and marketing strategies and crisis management.

Considering the impossibility of direct contact due to social isolation and the need for more digital consumption, the ideal is to promote alternatives to meet the needs of your patients, such as telemedicine, for example, which showed that despite being made up of technological components, has been helping thousands of people around the world.

Structuring your institution’s digital marketing to meet “the new normal” can increase patients seeking your services and, consequently, increase calls.

You used a digital presence to promote your services and invest in paid ads from Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads. After all, those who are not seen are not remembered.

Now that you already know how to make a good digital marketing plan for your company, it’s time to practice and see your institution win many patients with the improvements it will achieve.

Stay tuned for details, review everything with your team and count on a good digital marketing.

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