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DIY Sandalwood Face Packs for Glowing Skin

DIY Sandalwood Face Packs for Glowing Skin

Learn different ways to use this ingredient for all skin types and issues. Due to its healing qualities, sandalwood was used by the ancient Egyptians. Sandalwood has a special position in religious rituals and is used as medicine in India. Additionally, sandalwood facial packs are a well-liked remedy for a variety of skincare issues. It is a well-liked component in soaps and perfumes because of its favorable effects on the epidermis. Learn how to incorporate homemade sandalwood face packs into your skin care regimen by reading on.

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Amazing Sandalwood Face Packs
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Amazing Sandalwood Face Packs

For Dry Skin

Sandalwood And Milk Face Pack

Sandalwood, Coconut, And Almond Oil Face Pack

For Oily Skin

Sandalwood, Tomato Juice, And Fuller’s Earth Face Pack
Sandalwood And Orange Face Pack

For Wrinkles

Sandalwood, Lemon, And Fuller’s Earth Face Pack

For Acne Prone Skin

Sandalwood, Turmeric, And Camphor Face Pack
Sandalwood And Honey Face Pack

For Dull Skin

Sandalwood, Gram Flour, And Turmeric Face Pack
Sandalwood, Curd, And Honey Face Pack

For Blemishes

Sandalwood And Rosewater Face Pack

Let’s go over each variety of Chandan face pack in more detail.

Sandalwood Face Packs For Dry Skin

Dry skin truly is a bane for many! Dry, flaky skin not only looks dull but ages faster too. Fortunately, you can now pamper your dry skin with these sandalwood face packs.

1. Milk and Sandalwood Facial Pack

For best effects, apply this face pack three times per week.

Together, sandalwood, milk, and rose water will help your skin’s pH equilibrium return to normal. This will eliminate skin dryness symptoms.


Milk powder and one teaspoon of sandalwood fragrance
Pink waves

How Should a Sandalwood and Milk Facial Pack Be Made and Used?

1. Place a few drops of sandalwood fragrance in a bowl with the milk powder.
2. Continue to add rosewater until slurry forms.
3. Apply the paste to your cheeks and neck, then wait 15 to 20 minutes for it to dry.
4. Rinse with cold water. Apply a lotion next.

2. Face Moisturizer with Sandalwood, Coconut, and Almond Oil

Almond and coconut oils will aid in moisturizing the skin and preventing any burning caused by dehydration when mixed with sandalwood. This will aid in moisturizing and repairing the damaged epidermis.


1 teaspoon powdered rosewood
Coconut oil, 1/4 tsp
1/four teaspoon of olive oil

How Do I Make A Facial Pack With Sandalwood, Coconut, And Almond Oil?

1. To create a paste, combine the powdered sandalwood with the coconut and almond oils.
2. When necessary, add a few droplets of rosewater.
3. Use on the neck and cheeks.
4. After the recommended 15 to 20 minutes, rinse the poultice off with water.

Facial packs with sandalwood for oily skin

Isn’t it remarkable how effective a single item is at combating both dryness and oiliness? Just a few minor adjustments to the components will do. As an oil controller, your hydrating facial pack is now functional.

3. Fuller’s Earth, Tomato Juice, and Sandalwood Facial Pack

To get rid of extra grease and dirt, use this face pack daily.

This facial wash/pack is a potent substitute for anti-pollution face washes.

Sandalwood penetrates deeply into the skin and aids in preventing photodamage when mixed with tomato, an astringent. It gives you glowing, spot-free skin by clearing the pores of sebum and dirt and removing blackheads and whiteheads.


Sandalwood granules, half a teaspoon
tomato puree, half a teaspoon
Fuller’s earth, 1/2 tsp (multani mitti)

How Should A Sandalwood, Tomato Juice, And Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack Be Made and Applied?

1. Combine tomato juice and sandalwood powder in a dish. Mix thoroughly to prevent particles.
2. To the combination created in step 1 add the fuller’s earth and thoroughly combine.
3. To achieve an even consistency, add a couple of droplets of rosewater.
4. Apply to the cheeks and neck, then wait 15 minutes for it to dry.
5. Use cotton soaked in icy water to wipe.

4. Citrus and Sandalwood Face Pack

The antioxidant properties of orange powder help shield your epidermis from UV ray damage. It enhances the health of your face and can lighten pigmentation. When combined with sandalwood, the epidermis glows.


1 teaspoon of powdered citrus peel
1 teaspoon powdered rosewood
1.5 teaspoons of rosewater

How do you make sandalwood and orange face pack and apply them?

1. Combine the sandalwood powder and citrus peel.
2. Until the dry combination resembles a paste, gradually add rosewater.
3. Use on the neck and cheeks.
4. Let it run for fifteen to twenty minutes.
5. Use water to rinse off.

Facial packs with sandalwood for wrinkles

Sandalwood has healing qualities that aid in repairing damaged skin cells, resulting in younger-looking skin.

5. Fuller’s Soil, Lemon, and Sandalwood Face Pack


Fuller’s earth, 2 tablespoons (multani mitti)
2 tablespoons of powdered sandalwood
Lemon juice, 1 drop
Rosewater, 1 drop

How do you make and use a face pack with sandalwood, lemon, and fuller’s earth?

1. Combine the fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder.
2. Add rose water and lemon juice to the dry concoction. For a slurry, thoroughly combine.
3. Distribute it evenly over your cheeks and neck.
4. After 15 to 20 minutes, remove it by washing it with water.

Facial packs with sandalwood for acne-prone skin

The idea that acne only affects people with greasy skin is untrue. Breakouts can also occur on dry skin! For those with acne and pimples, this sandalwood facial pack for acne may be their only hope.

6. Camphor, Sandalwood, and Turmeric Facial Pack

For an acne-prone face and acne, this is a miracle worker. It helps to stop acne and blackheads from developing in the future in addition to treating existing acne.


1 teaspoon powdered rosewood
one spoonful of turmeric powder
menthol powder

How Should A Sandalwood, Turmeric, And Camphor Facial Pack Be Made And Applied?

Sandalwood, turmeric, and a small amount of camphor granules should all be combined.
2. To make a paste, combine the necessary quantity of water with the dry ingredients.
3. Apply and keep on for 15 to 20 minutes for the face and neck.
4. Use cool water to rinse off.


7. Honey and Sandalwood Face Moisturizer

Each day, apply this facial pack. Antibacterial qualities are present in honey. This reduces sebum, eliminates blemishes, and imparts radiance when combined with sandalwood and rosewater.


14 teaspoons powdered rosewood
If powdered rose petals are not accessible, use rose water instead.

How Should A Sandalwood And Honey Facial Pack Be Made And Used?

1. Combine the sandalwood powder with the powdered rose petals (or an adequate amount of rosewater).
2. To the mixture from Step 1, add a few drops of honey, and combine to form a paste.
3. Apply the cheeks and neck with the pack. Give it 20 minutes to air.
4. Use water to wash.

Facial packs with sandalwood for dull skin

I believe we all desire skin free of pollutants.

Nobody desires drab skin, am I right? Sandalwood is the solution to your desire for a radiant complexion. Sandalwood brightens the skin and provides you with youthful-looking skin.

8. A face pack with sandalwood, gram flour, and turmeric

For skin that is more radiant, use this facial pack every day. Regular use of this sandalwood face pack will also help you achieve an even skin tone and minimize wrinkles and spots.


8 to 10 drops of sandalwood perfume or 1/2 teaspoon of sandalwood powder (for those with oily skin) (for people with dry or sensitive skin)
Gram flour, two tablespoons
A little ginger

How do I make a face pack with turmeric, gram flour, and sandalwood?

1. Combine 2 tablespoons of gram flour with 1/2 teaspoon of sandalwood powder and 8 to 10 drops of sandalwood oil.
2. Mix well after adding a few droplets of rosewater and a dash of turmeric.
3. Apply to the cheeks and neck, then wait 30 minutes for it to dry.
4. Use new water to clean.

9. Honey, Curd, and Sandalwood Facial Pack

Sandalwood does a fantastic job of removing impurities and flaky skin brought on by the sun’s harmful radiation, making this a wonderful exfoliating pack. Curd maintains your epidermis soft and functions as a cooling agent.


a teaspoon of rosewood
1/9 cup sour whey
0.5 teaspoons of honey

How Should A Sandalwood, Curd, And Honey Facial Pack Be Made and Used?

1. Create a paste by combining the curd and sandalwood.
2. Add the honey and thoroughly combine.
3. Apply the cheeks and neck with the pack.
4. Keep it on for between 30 and 60 minutes.
5. Use new water to clean.

Facial packs with sandalwood for blemishes

This pack helps even out skin tone and minimize imperfections. Additionally, it aids in the fast removal of prickly heat, which is frequently brought on by excessive perspiration.

10. Rosewater and Sandalwood Facial Pack

With sandalwood as the star component, this is one of the simplest packs to use. Rosewood alone has amazing skin-care properties.Ingredients

1 spoonful of sandalwood powder and rosewater

How Do You Make a Sandalwood and Rosewater Face Pack and Administer It?

1. As required, supplement the sandalwood powder with rose water.
2. To treat the face and neck, make a paste and spread it.
3. Let it run for fifteen to twenty minutes.
4. Use water to remove it.

For the epidermis, sandalwood face packs have several advantages. Sandalwood helps manage blemishes, treat acne, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, soothe dry skin, reduce oiliness, and fight dull skin. The ingredients for these facial packs include sandalwood mixed with milk, coconut oil, almond oil, tomato juice, Fuller’s earth, oranges, lemons, turmeric, gram flour, curd, camphor, rosewater, and honey. You can use these facial packs once or twice a week to treat a range of skin problems. To enjoy all the amazing advantages sandalwood has to offer, try incorporating these face packs into your skincare routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is rosewood effective at whitening skin?

Yes. Sandalwood can aid in reducing sun-induced discoloration, revealing luminous skin.

Does rosewood work well on the face?

Yes. Sandalwood can help nourish the skin, increase elasticity, and enhance skin tone.

Can rosewood be applied overnight?

Yes. Sandalwood can be applied to the skin and left there all night.

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