Do Missing relatives and family member needs to be investigated privately?

Every year there is a significant rise in the number of missing cases of women, men, and children in India. Police stations are flooded with such cases of missing every year. It becomes a very disturbing and saddening situation for the family members. It takes a lot of stress, anxiety, and mental and emotional trauma while dealing with such situations.

India has witnessed a large number of such impending cases in the last few decades.

If we talk about the statistics more than 250,000 cases of missing persons are reported in 2016, 3,05267 people in 2017, and 3,47527 people in 2018 subsequently. There is nothing new to hear about the immense missing cases in India. In 2019 India witnessed a total of 6,93,003 men, women, and children going missing.

But surprisingly, the Pandemic led to a slight decrease in the number of missing cases in India. In 2020, the number of cases fell by 34,395 from the cases in 2019 coming down to 6,70,145. The world-level crisis can be considered the reason for dwindling the number of missing cases.

Other countries are also not far behind. Every year in the UK, around 250,000 cases of missing persons are reported to the police. Over 305,000 people were reported missing in Australia from 2008 to 2015. A total of 60,582 missing children in 2007 were in Ireland. This is a common dilemma that countries face on a world level.

What are the reasons for anyone going missing?

There can be a varied number of reasons behind missing persons such as forced marriage, child labor, domestic help, sexual exploitation, mental illness, miscommunication, misadventure, domestic violence, being a victim of crime, or sneaking from police. 

Kidnaping: one of the major reasons to worry is a criminal attack on people. People are kidnapped for any reason such as any personal grudge, conflict, or killed for any agenda.

Mental Illness: there are instances of old people or diseased people getting missing. 

Domestic Violence: Abuse in marriage usually tends the spouse to take any action if the situation gets worse. there are cases where victims of abusive marriage are found missing.

Criminal acts: people convicted of criminal activity tends to elope during any investigation. They have a risk of getting caught so they go missing. Children involved in drugs case usually go missing.

Human trafficking: women are mostly the victims of trafficking. A report by UNODC reported that the majority of women were trafficking was done for sexual exploitation and children and men were trafficked for forced labor.  

Missing cases of our loved ones, family members, and close relatives can really make anyone suffer emotionally. Only they can feel the pain of someone losing like this. 

Human trafficking is one of the major upcoming reasons for a person going missing.

What steps to take if your known gets missing 

  • The very first thing that one can do is to look for the person in places he/she could possibly visit. Calling out to the known ones or relatives and enquiring about them.
  • If the person gets missing for the last 24 hours, then a police report is a must to be written in that case. Before 24 hours a report of missing is usually not written.
  • If the family members of the missing person suspect anyone it should be intimated to the investigating team.
  • Any personal fight or quarrel should be intimidated by investigating team
  • After the FIR is filed then a copy of it should be provided to Crime Branch for further investigation.
  • Ads of a missing person should be done with a proper description of the person can also be given in the newspapers.
  • Contacting a media person for TV ads can also be done. 
  • Government took initiatives for creating awareness regarding child missing.
  • Websites such as “Track Child” and “Khoya-Paya” are launched by Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS), the Ministry of Women and Child Development to track missing children.
  • This portal allows for the search of missing children and matching their characteristics with found children.

What causes people to Hire a Private Detective?

Not getting a timely solution: Delays in finding a missing person can create a tough situation for families. Families out of frustrations and stress hire private detective to dig into the matter and find a solution. In case of kidnapping and blackmailing: Here, safety becomes the main concern of the family of the missing person. No one would ever want to risk the life of their loved ones. So, they tend to hire Detective Agency in Delhi for that matter. Private investigations tend to provide a safer and quicker solution.

Mental trauma: getting our loved one missing has a lot of misery and distress.

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