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Does The Covid Antibody Test Offer Accurate Results?

Covid antibody test in North Hills helps you know if you have contracted coronavirus in the past or not. The other name of this test is serology testing, unlike diagnostic testing, which doesn’t determine whether a person is suffering from coronavirus currently. The test is also taken after the people get coronavirus vaccines. Because the vaccination creates antibodies in the system. So, people tend to check its effectiveness.

Covid antibody test in North Hills

Before starting the discussion about its results, let’s start with the basic concept of antibody testing. Antibody testing is a way of finding out if a person has been previously affected by the coronavirus. Some people are symptomatic. So they experience every symptom. While some are symptomatic, they don’t get ill or develop symptoms. But still, they are the carrier of coronavirus and can affect other people. Taking an antibody test right after you get it won’t give you accurate results. For accurate results, you need to wait for 2 or 3 weeks.

What is the type of antibodies?

Antibodies have various types. The two that one should know about when getting tested for coronavirus antibodies are two types. They are known as IgG and IgM antibodies. Antibodies that are created by our immune system or body right after we contract the virus are known as IgM antibodies. These antibodies stay in the body for a short period. That’s why it is difficult to detect even by an antibody test.

The second type is IgG antibodies, which are created by our body once a person has fully recovered from this virus. In the case of coronavirus, these antibodies are formed. They are easy to get detected through an antibody test as they stay in the body for 3 months. You can consider yourself safe for such a time span as the body will fight off the virus if it tries to attack the body again. The proteins or antibodies will work as a defense system and clean the virus from the body.

How can we take antibody testing for coronavirus?

To do so, we have two ways. They are as follows:

  • Rapid test kits for antibody detection are available. These kits are convenient and portable as you can do it at your home. North hills deliver these kits to your doorstep. These antibody tests will need Nasal swab fluids, blood from finger picks, or saliva samples from the person to get it done.
  • The second way is to come to the north hills clinic and get it done by a physician. The physician will draw your blood using injection and send it for testing.

Test results of covid antibodies

Test results of covid antibodies are accurate. As the patient develops IgG antibodies, which stay longer than IgM antibodies (hard to detect). When taking an IgG antibody test, a person should wait for 14 to 21 days. As the test results before won’t be accurate. If a person has positive results, it means they have antibodies in their system, which will stay for a period of 3 months. If the results turn out negative, it means the person hasn’t contracted the virus.


The test looks for antibodies in the system. The covid antibodies are the type of IgG that stay 3 in the body for three months. Also, the covid antibody test in North Hills helps you find out accurate results. You can perform antibody tests for coronavirus at home or at north hills clinic. The results of covid antibody testing are accurate. The blog will describe everything to you in detail.

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