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Draw a realistic Girl’s face

Draw a realistic girl’s face. To draw a realistic girl face here, we have nine simple steps for you.

Step 1

Girl's face 1

Draw an oval and divide it into three sections to make the head. Make the oval slightly rounder than usual, as girls tend to have rounder faces than boys. To divide the oval into three sections, start by drawing a horizontal line through the middle. Then draw a double horizontal line for girl drawing via the point halfway between the first line you drew and the bottom of the oval.

Step 2

Draw the eyes on the upper horizontal line. Girls have eye shapes but are usually drawn with more giant, rounder eyes than boys. Center the eyes on the flat bar so that the line intersects the center of each eye. Also, make sure that the distance between the inner corner of each eye is the same length as one eye. It should fit if you draw a third eye between the two eyes of the girl’s face.

Step 3

Add the pupils and eyelashes to the sights. Girls manage to have more extended and thicker lashes than boys. To create the impression of long, dense lashes, blend and thicken the upper and lower lash lines, making them thicker at the outer corners. When you are done with the lashes, draw a large circle in each eye that is partially obscured by the upper lash line and has an equal amount of white space on each side. Then draw a less circle in each enormous circle and mix it to form pupils. Leave a small white dot in each pupil to make it appear as if the light reflects on them.

Step 4

Draw a curved eyebrow above each eye. Generally, girls”’ eyebrows ‘are thinner and more curved than boys’, but you can play with the shape and thickness. To draw eyebrows, start with the pencil slightly above the outer corner of one eye and draw a downward curved line that swings down and begins to bend upward as you hover the internal corner of the eye. . Then repeat on the other eye.

Step 5

Pull the tip of the nose along the bottom horizontal line. Like boys, girls have a variety of nose shapes, but their noses are usually drawn with more minor, softer lines to prevent them from looking too masculine. To draw the tip of the nose, start a little above the bottom horizontal line with the pencil’s tip-in line corner above. Then draw a short curved line down to the horizontal line that does not quite reach it, followed by an upward horizontal curve that swings down and meets the horizontal line. Repeat the same steps on the other side of the face, but mirror image, to refine the tip of the nose.

Step 6

Use the shadow to define the bridge and tip of the nose gently. Start with the pencil on the inside of the eyebrow on one side of the face. Then mix slightly along the bridge of the nose and stop when you reach the lower part of the eye. Then bring the pencil to the nostril on the same side and gently draw a vertical curved line to the bridge of the nose. 

Step 7

Pull the lips halfway between the tip of the nose and the chin. We recommend filling her lips around and full for an ordinary girl’s face. Starting with the pencil halfway between the nose and chin, draw a short horizontal upward curve centered between the two sides of the face, which will be the depression at the bottom of the upper lip. Then draw a slightly longer upward curve extending from each first curve point. Then repeat the same steps lightly above the lines you just drew and connect the points of these outer curves with the points of the first outer curves you drew to round off the upper lip. Finally, draw a long upward curve from corner to corner of the lips to create the lower lip.

Step 8

Draw an ear on per side of the leader. To draw the ears, start at one side of the head, so the pencil is in line with the outer edge of the eyebrow. Then draw a quick flat upward arc stretching from the side of the lead to start the lid of the ear. Then draw an outwardly curved vertical line that goes from the top of the ear to the side of the face. Just tip of the nose falls. Getting the back of the turn to the flank of the front, exit a small hole and fill it with a bit of upward turn to form the base of the ear. Repeat on the other side of the head of the girl’s face.

Step 9

Girl's face 2

Style the hair with a hairline starting below the top of the oval. Will give the face a soft and feminine hairline. If you draw the hairline right at the top of the oval, the forehead may look stiff and too large. After drawing the hairline, outline the hair so that it is more extensive than the oval itself, which will make the hair fuller. Then go in with the pencil and draw long lines along the length of the hair so that it looks like they have single strands.

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