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Easiest Ways to Export Gmail Emails to Adobe PDF Format

Blogscrolls | In this technical guide, you will get complete solutions to export Gmail Emails to PDF format in an easy & simple manner. Today, I am here with several ways to solve this issue. How or what? You learn in this post and for that, you need to read this blog completely starting till the end.

As we all know, Gmail is a handy email option. But, one thing is missing in it the user can save his Gmail emails in an Adobe PDF format. A PDF conversion option would be handy for saving backup copies of messages; nevertheless, even without this option existing, there are still a few ways in which you can convert Gmail emails to PDF file format.

PDF (Portable Document Format) was created by Adobe. This is a standard format for the documents. Because PDF is supported by multiple platforms, it may keep huge data items such as texts, images, links, etc.

So, this article will guide easy & simple methods to convert Gmail emails into an Adobe PDF format. Then, why are wasting your time & efforts for searching a solution when this blog, is providing you with two amazing solutions? Let us first discuss why users need to export Gmail emails into PDFs.

Exporting Gmail Emails in a PDF Format – Reasons Behind it!

Technically, PDF means “Portable Document Format”. Are you suffering what a PDF is used for? Created by Adobe, this format was designed to display ‘Read-Only’ documents that can be viewed on mobile, tablet, and PC devices. Now, that most web browsers support PDF viewers, you do not need to install a separate PDF viewer on your PC to view PDFs.

Some Advantages of PDF (Portable Document Format File)

Ensure your Security: It can sure that PDF files are secure if you want to save a Gmail email as a PDF or if you need them to remain private. Even legal professionals use them, and they are recognized in court as one of the most trusted document formats. An electronic footprint on the file allows all the modifications to be tracked, so it is impossible to alter a PDF without the courts knowing. In addition, PDF files can be restricted by setting a username and password, so that only those with this information can access them. Papertun and PDFs share a common trait of password protection.

Maintaining Consistency: PDFs are compatible with all devices, allowing the same design and content to be displayed on each. Moreover, users can access these types of files from anywhere and at any time that’s why they want to Export Gmail emails in PDF format.

Streamlined: PDF is a compressed format that is generally smaller than other formats. If your hard drive is running low on space, this is a great benefit for you.

These are some common reasons why users need to do this conversion. But you don’t need to worry! In the below section, we are moving towards the manual method first which helps you to do this process.

Manual Method to Convert Gmail into Adobe PDF Format

If you want to perform this conversion process using a manual approach. Then, you need to follow the below instructions which are mentioned step by step. Because manually there are some challenges that user face. So go carefully for the same!

  • First, sign in to that Gmail account from you want to export Gmail emails to PDF.
  • Open emails one by one and look for ‘3 vertical dots’ at the ‘top-right side of the email message
  • Now, click on ‘dots’ and select the ‘print’ option from the list
  • Click on the ‘Change’ button
  • Choose the ‘Save as PDF’ option to export Gmail emails to PDF file
  • Hit on the ‘Save’ button to convert Gmail emails to PDF
  • Set a location in your system to save Gmail as a PDF on the computer.

Note: With the help of the above process user can only export Gmail emails to PDF one by one, not in bulk. So, if you want to export in bulk then they have to try an automated tool to export Gmail emails.

Let us begin with the amazing software which provides very easy & simple methods to export Gmail emails to Adobe PDF Format.

Reliable Solution to Batch Export Gmail Emails into PDF File Format

In the above manual method hope you learn that it is a time taking process also, which is necessary to have technical skills. And, are some other challenges to performing the task using a manual approach. But, don’t worry! Try Archiver Gmail Emails to Hard Drive Software which provides you with multiple options and no need to have technical knowledge for it. It also gives a resultant result to do batch conversion of Gmail emails into Adobe PDF format in an easier manner.

Guys don’t waste your time & efforts to find a tricky method. The above automated tool you see is the best solution for kind of problems and is solved in just a few clicks. So, go with this utility where there is no restrictions both technical and non-technical user can easily use this tool without losing any data file.

Following the software working steps also is very helpful for you all to complete the task on time.

Stepwise Guides to Save Gmail Emails

Use this below-listed working process for exporting multiple Gmail emails into PDF format in a hassle-free manner. And, the resultant result for getting the amazing solution for the same!

  1. First of all, start the above-mentioned software. And, enter Google mail account credentials and press login.
  2. You can see Gmail mailbox folders in the software GUI
  3. Now, select the required folders as per your need and choice
  4. This tool provides several advanced filters to archive Gmail data to an external hard drive between dated, email address, and subject
  5. The software provides 30+ saving options, choose any
  6. The utility automatically selects Desktop as the destination path. You can also connect the external hard drive to store output data
  7. Click on the backup button for archiving Gmail to a hard disk. Please wait for the completion of the task
  8. At least, after successfully downloading Gmail emails to an external hard drive, the software will automatically open the destination path. Now, get archived data.

Wrap Up

The above technical blog provides you with all the possible solutions to export Gmail emails to PDF Format. In this write-up, we discussed manual as well as professional solutions which are good in their own way. But, from my point of view, I recommended you use our automated software which is very helpful for novice users. It also provides 100% safe data security to its users. Or, if you want the manual method then, there are some limitations to using this method. Like it’s a time taking process, users necessary to have technical skills, and so on. It is up to you which solution is best to single or multiple conversion processes for the same.

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