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Easily Deal With Cannot Access OST File in Outlook 2019 Error Message

Summary: Today’s post aims to provide a reliable solution to fix cannot access OST file in Outlook 2019 & below. Also, users will learn why Microsoft Outlook cannot access OST file data. So, go through the entire to get an effective solution to fix this error message.

MS Outlook is one of the proficient desktop mail clients that offer a variety of functionality to perform daily tasks more efficiently. Occasionally, MS Outlook runs into problems and displays unwanted errors such as “the file username.ost is in use and cannot be accessed.”

All such error occurs after a specific event, such as new add-ins, upgrades, virus, or system failure. Let’s check out ways to solve Outlook cannot access OST files.

Manual Solution to Fix Cannot Access OST File in Outlook

Method 1) Close all Running Applications: It’s recommended to kill all ongoing processes using the Task Manager.

  1. Use Cntrl + ALT + Delete key or Ctrl + Shift + Esc to launch Task Manager.
  2. Now, from the Processes Tab, search for “Communicator”, “Lync,” “ucmapi,” or “Outlook.”
  3. If you found any of them, select and click on “End Task.”

Method 2) Restart the Device: For Quicker results, Restart the OS. The restart process temporarily shuts down the device and clears the RAM and processor cache after these check for whether the error message “Cannot Access OST File in Outlook” is gone or not. If not, then run Outlook in safe mode.

Method 3) Run Outlook in Safe Mode: If the above method doesn’t work, resolve the error code in Outlook 2019 by running the application in safe mode and check whether there are any damaged or crashed add-ins and disable them. Let’s check out the steps to run Outlook in safe mode.

  1. The window uses the ‘Window key’ and the ‘R’ keys at home.
  2. Type ‘Outlook/safe’ and click ‘OK.’
  3. Now, click on ‘File tab’ >> ‘Options’ >> ‘Add-ins’.
  4. Expand the drop-down menu alongside ‘Manage’ and select ‘COM Add-ins.’
  5. Now uncheck all the selected ‘Add-ins’ and click ‘OK.’
  6. Now run Outlook in normal mode whether it is sending an email or not.
  7. Afterward, Move to File> Option> Add-ins and enable them after removing the faulty one.

Automated Solution to Fix Outlook Cannot Access OST File

If none of those mentioned earlier solutions works, then you need to continue with third-party solutions, that as BitRecover OST Repair Wizard. It is a professional solution that allows recovering Deleted/ Orphaned OST file content, Email, Calendars, Contacts, and other data files.

Additionally, the software allows you to export OST files to Over30+ platforms. Also, it offers multiple advanced filters to sort the data. Users can download this wizard on Mac and Windows OS to fix the cannot Access OST File in Outlook.

Automated Solution Working to Fix Outlook Cannot Access OST File

  1. Launch the software and read the instructions.
  2. Next, upload the OST file to the software panel using the Add File or Add Folder option.
    upload OST File
  3. Afterward, users will have to select the data folders as per requirement.
    select required folder
  4. In windows, select the saving option from among 30+ platforms. Also, users can apply various data filters as per requirements.
    select saving option
  5. Lastly, click on the “Repair” button to start the process.
    repair OST fie

So There You Have It

We have described all the possible ways to fix Cannot access OST File in Outlook 2019 in the above read. Yet the manual solution has some limitations that can be overcome using the OST to PST Converter Software Also, a technical support team is always ready to assist you around the clock to solve your technical problems.

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