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The selection of a useful web hosting solution is one of the most important (and challenging) choices you’ll have to make for your website. Today, there are countless options available, but not one of them can match the flexibility and control offered by dedicated hosting.

When you select dedicated web hosting as your web hosting service, you will be provided with a server entirely under your command and authority. A Dedicated Server Australia setup essentially gives you full control over the server’s space, guaranteeing that your website will be fast and more reliable.

A trustworthy, superior, and stable web hosting service provider needs to be your next immediate focus point after you have committed to selecting a dedicated server hosting infrastructure. We suggest you look into Serverwala’s dedicated hosting features to obtain the highest level of protection.

When you begin to look for a new web hosting provider for your website, security needs to be in prime focus. Considering the online attacks and presence of cyber criminals, it becomes necessary to have a robust safety mechanism in place for your website.

With this post, we aim to give apt information on how the security of a dedicated server Australia offers the best protection for your website.

About Dedicated Server Australia

In Australia, a dedicated server is a web hosting server that is positioned specifically to meet the demands and requirements of one exclusive user. With a dedicated server hosting arrangement in Australia, a web hosting company will deliver their client with an entire computer server, along with a strong network connection and all additional required hardware resources.

In contrast to a shared server where you have to share space and resources, here in a dedicated server Australia setup, you will have absolute command over the resource utilization. With complete independence over the server space, you can make changes and upgrades, beneficial to your website to perform better.

Why Does Your Website Need the Best Security Protection?

We all have heard about the great functionality of a dedicated server, but how exactly does it support your website, particularly in regards to securing your site from online threats? So if need to know how best dedicated server Australia offers the best protection for your website, keep these points in mind.

1. A large number of visitors visit your website regularly

When you have a shared server hosting your website, you will soon start to see limitations in the traffic management aspect and this can lead to exposure to hackers and other threats. Hence if many visitors start to come your way and you expect these numbers to expand in the coming future, then a dedicated server Australia can be the best pick to offer a positive user experience and secure performance.

2. You are holding private consumer information.

When you hold or collect sensitive consumer information, you must oblige to offer the highest possible security service from your end to your customers. But a shared server remains inadequate to support this, given the shared element of resources and space, the protection measures of this server get vulnerable to persistent attacks online. When you utilize a cheap dedicated server Australia, an SSL-based security arrangement with high-quality antivirus gets to safeguard your customer’s information without any potential danger.

3. Strong SEO tactics implementation

When you use a shared server for your website, you cannot choose to select your neighboring sites. Hence in this scenario when you place against an infected website, it will automatically drop your search rankings. The best action you can take to avoid this altogether is to get a dedicated server Australia. If you would like to place at the top rankings in search results, then a secure dedicated server can assist you to accomplish this task effortlessly. Consider when you operate this server, other websites’ presence doesn’t impact your performance, so all your planned SEO marketing strategies will produce great outcomes once enforced with the support and backing of dedicated server in Australia.

How Dedicated Server Australia Helps Your Website with Security Protection?

1. Increased Security

Generally speaking, the security of the website and its valuable data is the prime reason why so many organizations rely on the services of a dedicated servers. In the configuration framework of a cheap dedicated server Australia, the protective measures are higher because you obtain authority over all the installed tools and features. Another key element that boosts your safety would be the fact that you are not in the shared environment, hence all the necessary decisions can be taken by your command and wishes, for example, installing more security software.

2. No Limitations

On a dedicated server web hosting service, you will notice that there are no precise limits and boundaries. Unlike shared servers where you have to function in a limited manner since you are not the only one using the server resources such as bandwidth and traffic administration. With dedicated server hosting, there are no restrictions, so you can operate within your exclusive space and without the fear of consuming too many resources.

3. Your Unique IP Address

Having a unique identity online is detrimental to having a lasting impact on your website visitors. With a Australia dedicated server, you will receive a unique IP address, customized to your use and operation. Also, this significant helps you rank better on web search engines, unlike on shared servers where the other websites can influence your position negatively. The importance of maintaining a dedicated address needs to be considered, particularly, if you have an e-commerce platform that demands SSL to manage the credit card info of your customers.

4. Flexibility

Each business operating in the online sphere wants to expand and reach a wider audience; we assume that is the reality for you as well. But it can be difficult to expand when you have limited website resources offered by your shared server hosting solutions. The easiest way to stay one step ahead of this difficulty would be to get a dedicated server hosting in Australia, that can efficiently scale up or down as per your requirements. Once you implemented this service, you will not be constrained to expand your resources such as CPU, Memory, apps & software, operating systems, and others. Considering you will get the most expandable web hosting platform that allows you to scale easily with total control and authority over the entire service.

Who Offers the Best Secure Dedicated Server Australia?

Now it is time for us to introduce you to the most affordable service provider, where you can get the services you want without any inconveniences and hassle.

Serverwala is our top pick for your dedicated hosting requirements. To accommodate service to all kinds of businesses, big and small, Serverwala has managed to create a wide selection of web hosting solutions that enable you to utilize high-standard service at a reasonable expense. Serverwala ‘s dedicated server in Australia offers you full root access, high protection, and massive storage, so you can operate your online business with full independence.  Additionally, Serverwala further guarantees to deliver 24/7 technical support via a team of professionals.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Australia From Serverwala

Advanced data security features

With Serverwala dedicated server you will obtain services such as data encryption, antivirus software, regular backups, and DDoS protection. These features are incorporated within all service packages. Serverwala makes sure all your essential important data remains safe and secure.

Full root access

Root access is a vital company to have when you operate a web hosting service. With Serverwala’s web hosting solution for a dedicated server package, you will receive full SSH root access. Hence you will be independent to configure, modify and utilize the server’s resources as you want.

High uptime assurances

With Serverwala, you will be offered an SLA contract, which incorporates the high value of uptime assurance by 99.90% connectivity.

SSD based storage

Serverwala offers SSD-based storage to all its clients, as it is now the widely utilized option for strong valuable data and information across industries.


When you are selecting an appropriate web hosting solution for your business website, several factors demand your immediate attention. But we also understand that without strong security features, all the other factors may not matter in the long run.

You understand your website requirements better than anyone; hence you must know the time to switch over to a robust Australia dedicated server. With increased safety measures and high performance all around, this option is best for your business expansion and growth. We suggested that you need to consider Serverwala’s best dedicated server Australia, as they offer one of the highest-rated services while also offering huge safety benefits. Visit Serverwala now to discover more about its quality services.

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