Entrepreneur Riding High On Success: Salvatore Virzi

Salvatore Virzi is a distinguished entrepreneur in Italy who has earned high praises for his entrepreneurial skills. We are thankful for his valuable time as he shared his success story with us to inspire young entrepreneurs. 

Successful entrepreneurs are familiar with the techniques to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship and scale their businesses. We have one such entrepreneur among us who has successfully grown his business. 

  • Name any one thing that has contributed to your success as an entrepreneur? 

Mentoring has helped me become a successful entrepreneur. I learn from everyone around me, and I’m constantly learning. Another thing that has helped me grow as an entrepreneur is that I always seek help whenever I’m confused or unable to do anything. I believe that no one is perfect, so I’m not ashamed of asking for help. I don’t plan anything because I think that if you plan everything in advance, you’re obstructing your mind from thinking about other activities going around you. 

  • According to you, what is entrepreneurship?

For me, entrepreneurship is something that gives you the freedom to do the stuff that you want to do. But make sure that the stuff you’re planning to do creates value. A true entrepreneur has clarity of thoughts about what he is doing. 

  • For how long have you been an entrepreneur?

I have been an entrepreneur for the last 10 years. Before starting my own venture, I was working in various organizations. The experience I gained while working in those organizations was rewarding. 

  • What was the motivation behind starting your business?

The thought of doing something different, gaining some sense of freedom, and the desire to experience risk-taking were my motivators to get started.

  • Briefly describe the challenges you faced during your entrepreneurial journey?

Lack of finances was one of the biggest challenges I faced during the initial time. Secondly, finding competent employees was another challenge. In addition, handling multiple tasks single-handedly was another issue I dealt with. 

  • What keeps you going forward when it gets tough? 

Salvatore Virzi boast of being a survivor after overcoming the challenges. I do not take any stress related to work or personal issues. I personally believe that stress is something that people do when they are not familiar with what they are doing. 

  • What’s the favorite quote you live by?

I think life is very short, so we must find out ways to make a great impact with our work. 

  • What professional skills do you want to develop in the near future? 

Since our team is expanding quickly, I want to develop leadership skills. It’s my priority to become an inspiring leader. It’s easier said than done, but I’m dedicated to mastering the skills. 

  • How do you achieve work-life balance? 

I believe that there is no need for balance until you enjoy what you’re doing. However, you must indulge in recreational activities to give your mind some rest from the business. I listen to myself. There are days when I’m completely in work mode, so I work straight away for 16 hours. On the other hand, there are days when I do not feel like working at all, and I just work for 1-2 hours. 

  • What motivated you to reach where you’re today? 

Growth and freedom are the two things that motivate me the most. I’m pretty good at motivating myself by constantly reminding myself of my goals and being optimistic that I will achieve my goals irrespective of the hurdles. 

Whenever I feel demotivated, I prefer to listen to people who have achieved their goals. You need a timely reminder that it’s possible to achieve your goals if you have the determination.   

It was wonderful talking to you, Salvatore Virzi. We hope your professional journey will inspire young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and aspirations.

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