Eureka Ergonomic Desk Review: The Future of Gaming Desks

Regardless of how you game, there’s no denying that the right desk can make all the difference. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of sacrificing comfort and performance for the convenience of using “any old desk.” Eureka Ergonomic is looking to change that with their state-of-the-art gaming desks.

In this quick review, we’ll go over four of the best Eureka gaming desk options, their features, and their benefits. If you’re in the market for a high-quality desk that supports your digital lifestyle, any one of these could be perfect for you.

Desk Types & Features

GTGL60 – 60: Spectrum RGB Reversible L-Shape Gaming Desk


This futuristic-looking gaming desk is one of the very best options in the Eureka line. Its L design makes it perfect for storing in the corner, and its 330lb weight capacity gives you a solid platform for your monitors, keyboard, and more. Sleek and black by day, the Spectrum Gaming desk comes alive in the dark, with over 200 RGB lighting effects built-in.

  • Full-spectrum color effects and music syncing for the perfect gaming mood.
  • Ultra-strong carbon steel frame.
  • Comes with a dual headset hook, power strip holder, and rotatable cup holder.

Sentry RGB Gaming Desk with Monitor Shelf


One of Eureka’s more basic designs, the sentry RGB gaming desk is perfect for buyers who are light on space (or light on budget). Its simple design includes a raised monitor shelf, headphone hook, and carbon fiber surface. However, things really get interesting when you turn on the controllable RGB lighting.

  • Powerful aluminum alloy legs with adjustable leveling feet.
  • Sleek, scratch-resistant, and waterproof trim
  • Built-in (but subtle) Call of Duty War Zone branding


AED 72” Studio Gaming Desk with Keyboard Tray


If you’re the type of player who wants a fully-immersive experience, the AED 72” Studio Gaming Desk is for you. In fact, this massive angular desk would be at home in any major music or development studio. It features a deployable keyboard tray, double storage shelves, a full surface mouse pad, and – of course – controllable RGB lighting.

  • The 72” x 30” desk surface gives you tons of room to play. There’s even room for two!
  • The 400lb weight capacity can handle even the heaviest setups
  • For such a beast of a desk, the AED 72” is quite affordable


EGD 62” RBG Electric Standing Gaming Desk


The EGD model is one of the most versatile options Eureka offers. In fact, it features fully electronic height adjustment with four programmable settings. Sit or stand comfortably while enjoying a full 62” of desk space. You’ll also get a full surface mouse pad and a six-color RGB lighting setup with a built-in strobe function.

  • Anti-rush carbon steel legs with dual electric motors
  • Comes with a controller stand, cup holder, dual headphone hook, and more.
  • Motors are ultra-quiet and feature an anti-collision sensor


Comfort is important for any gamer, and any one of these gaming desks from Eureka Ergonomic is sure to make a noticeable difference in your performance. On top of that, they’ll add some real style to your space.

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