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Everything to Know About Shade Nets

Planting a garden means believing in tomorrow. As suggested by their name, shade net greenhouse are a type of net that plays a crucial role in regulating the entry of sunlight, air, or moisture through material gaps. Summers with their hot winds can create quite harsh conditions in which gardening can be challenging. In that case, protecting the plantation a shade net is essential as the structure of a shade house consists of frame and cladding material. & are mainly designed to protect the plantation from rain, heat, and wind. It is durable and lasts for an extended period without compromising functionality. 

Let us know about some significant benefits of shade net listed below. 

  • Adequate protection 

Protection of plantations is necessary to save our plants from getting damaged. Offering adequate protection from plants is one of the significant benefits one gets from shade nets. These nets offer protection against pests and plant diseases as the pests destroy the plant by making it unsuitable for human use later. Plant diseases, such as citrus canker, blight, rice blast, and leaf spots, occur in plants, and these can be prevented with the installation of shade net houses. Also, shade nets protect plants from storms, hails, livestock, winds, and crows. 

  • Regulated atmospheric elements 

Another benefit of shade nets is that it helps to control atmospheric elements. It helps to regulate and control different atmospheric factors such as light, humidity, temperature, and planting soil. You can also control the level of carbon dioxide with the help of shade nets which further help in the proper growth of plants. 

  • Prevents exposure to UV rays 

The shade nets used to protect the plantation are made from high-density polythene, which significantly saves the crops. The high-density polythene material protects the crop from excessive ultraviolet or UV radiation.

  • Cooling of the place

Last but not least, one of the essential benefits of shade nets is that it offers to cool, and it provides cooling via transportation. It also controls the humidity making the atmosphere suitable inside the shade net for proper growth and development of the plantation. 

  • Best shade net for your garden

    The shade net you choose must be according to the environment where you plan to grow your garden. The fully enclosed shade net has many benefits below.

  1. Reduces heat and protects against sunburn
  2. It helps to minimize wind strength 
  3. Shade net helps to minimize the effect of wind-driven heavy rains
  4. It helps to keep the wildlife out of your garden
  • Growing plants under shade nets 

Plants that grow in shade nets are fresh and free from the bitter taste. Consider areas that receive sunlight above ground level to carry out growing plants in a shade net greenhouse. Sites shaded in the morning and sunny in the afternoon are perfect if you grow climbing vegetables like beans, cucumbers, and peas. 


If you challenge shade tolerant crops to grow in partial sunlight, you need to provide them with good planting soil that contains plenty of nutritious compost. If tree roots become a problem, consider growing vegetables in a container or using a raised bed. 


The water and moisture needs of plants in a shade garden differ from that in full sun. Moisture does not evaporate quickly in the shade, so you do not need to water your plants often. However, if your garden is near trees, you must frequently use water as the plants will compete with the trees for moisture. The leafy canopy can help to prevent rain from reaching plants; water your plants when the garden soil feels dry and is ready to absorb the moisture. 

The Final Thought 

Now when you are planting your garden with a shade net, consider all the above factors to ensure the proper growth and development of the plants. There are various options available on the net you can choose from.


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