Everything You Should Know about Mobile Auto Detailing Service

Things to Know about Mobile Auto Detailing Service

Mobile auto detailing service is quite popular these days and is the newest evolution in car detailing services. They make it convenient for you to have your vehicle detailed whenever and wherever it’s easier for you. You won’t have to get an appointment and fit it into your schedule. If you haven’t used a mobile auto detailing service before, you must be a little confused and wouldn’t know what to do exactly. You must be wondering if mobile auto detailing service is just as effective as its alternative. Here is everything related to mobile auto detailing service, including some factors you must consider while hiring one.

The Difference between Mobile and Regular Auto Detailing 

Car detailing can take a lot of time if the list of services is long. Generally, it can take up to 3 hours if you are eyeing a full package that includes the exterior and interior of your car. If you’re busy, you may not get the time to take your car to a showroom or an auto detailer. So, if you have a tough routine and can’t even make time for a DIY car wash, the mobile auto detailing is a perfect option. Instead of taking your car for detailing, you can call detailers at the location of your own choice. Of course, this convenience comes at an additional cost. The price is expected to get relatively high if you add more services. However, many still prefer mobile auto detailing as it saves time. 

Why Mobile Auto Detailing Service?

1- Saves your Energy and Resources 

Having a car detailing expert come to your location to perform detailing services feels great. This saves you from going to a car wash and saves you a lot of fuel. So, it’s perfect to call an auto detailer and do it all while relaxing on your lawn.

2- Comfortable and Reasonable 

With mobile auto detailing service, you can easily skip the lines; hence, you won’t have to wait. Choosing a mobile auto detailing service eliminates the need to manage time for your car detailing. And above all, mobile detailers can also reach your office or a garage where you go for other maintenance services. Furthermore, detailers offer several reasonable packages from which you can select the best one for your car. In addition, you can save more money by providing the detailers with more vehicles in your office parking and get a good discount.

3- Less Environmental Impact

Mobile car detailing service makes a great contribution to environmental protection. The mobile auto detailing companies have recently become concerned due to the overuse of chemicals and overconsumption of water. Efforts have been made to develop eco-friendly products that can be used in detailing. Hence, many companies and service providers have started to make use of such products to preserve the environment. Some technicians use the steam wash to minimize water use, providing your car a fresh look. 

4- Maintaining the Overall Look 

Auto detailing removes all the dirt and debris from your car and its edges. So, choosing a mobile auto detailing service will make your car cleaner and more hygienic. After all, the services are provided by professionals who have been in this field for many years.

The Details of Auto Car Detailing Service

  1. Interior Car Detailing

 A car’s interior is as equally important as its exterior. Therefore, it is not surprising that detailing the car’s interior takes the same time and effort as the exterior detailing. A messy car interior smells unpleasant but also adds problems in operation. Dirty exhaust air causes allergies in the cabin. Furthermore, car switches fail due to smudges and stains. Tinted windows hide the driver’s view, and this obstruction can cause severe accidents. Hence, interior car detailing is much more than just cleaning it with a detergent.

  • Vacuum Cleaning

At the start of interior auto detailing, the car is vacuumed to remove the dust from the seats, mats, trunks, and dashboard. The specific car mats must be vacuumed separately for optimal use of the vacuum cleaner. 

  • Brush and Steam cleaning 

If the car mats are still dirty after using the vacuum, they are scrubbed using a brush and a detergent. They are thoroughly washed to remove the stubborn dirt accumulated on them for a long time. 

  • Window Wash 

The entire car’s windows, including the windscreen, are washed from both internal and external sides for a better roadside view. 

  • Leather Cleaning and Polish

The next step in auto interior detailing is polishing leather seat covers. 

  • Air Cleaning

To keep the car’s interior clean and fresh, spray with an air freshener.

  1. External Car Detailing

If the inside of your car looks great, the outside should match. Exterior detailing is normally done to bring shine to the car’s body. Services that are included in exterior detailing are:

  • High power wash
  • Hand washing the rim and cup 
  • Clay for the removal of the impurities from the car’s body
  • Air Dry
  • Glazing
  • Body Polish
  • Waxing
  • Tire fitting

The main part subjected to the exterior detailing is the body. After the initial wash, claying is done to remove the deep dirt. After removing all impurities, polishing and waxing are done. 

How to Select the Best Company for Auto Detailing?

1- Services 

Vehicle detailing is not a one-size-fits-all service. Therefore, you must know the services the detailers will offer and the methods they will use. Make sure that the detailers offer the specific services you’re looking for. 

2- Reliability 

Before choosing a mobile detailing company, you must confirm whether they are reliable or not. You can check if they are legitimate or not by asking them for their license. You can also ask someone who has already hired them whether they were satisfied or not. 

3- Pricing

You might think mobile auto detailing service is expensive if you’ve never had one before. However, it is also true that it won’t be too light on your wallet. However, before confirming, it is recommended to look for the best prices and see if there are any offers or deals. 

4- Reviews 

For a car detailer with a solid reputation, climbing to the top isn’t easy. Check the reviews of the company on their website. Seek the help of your friends, family, and employees for recommendations.

Now that you know everything about a mobile auto detailing service, would you be hiring one for yourself? Remember to follow all the tips shared above before hiring any company for the service. Get recommendations from your friends and family if you can, and hire a professional company to get the best service.

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