Facts about the visitor management system

What are visitor management systems?

Every day, businesses of all kinds receive a variety of visitors who are not their own staff members. These may include job interview candidates, professionals from partner organizations, delivery personnel, or even unexpected visits from employees’ loved ones. It is also not uncommon for employees themselves to contribute to the daily visitor count if they forget their access cards at home.

What are visitor management systems?

The important question to consider is: what actions are taken when an employee forgets their access card? Is there a clear protocol in place (like approaching the receptionist for a visitor card or  getting their information onto a cloud-based system)? Visitors are  always constantly coming and going, and an organization that is well-prepared for them will have a smooth process in place.

A visitor management system is a  process used to streamline business operations and monitor the individuals who enter their premises. This process generally involves collecting visitors’ personal information, identifying the person they are visiting, and determining the purpose of their visit. The specific details of the system can be changed  according to  unique needs of each organization, overall helps in increasing the value of the visitor management system.

Moreover, monitoring visitor traffic is only one aspect of this process. Other factors such as the reception area’s appearance, the atmosphere of the lobby, and the presence of long queues can significantly impact the visitor’s experience. With the appropriate visitor management system in place, these variables can be effectively managed, leading to a more positive visitor experience.

 How a visitor management system can benefit you ?

The term “visitor experience” typically refers to the overall impression that visitors have upon leaving a place, primarily applicable to places like museums and theme parks in the business-to-consumer (B2C) world. However, even business-to-business  organizations are now being held to a higher standard, thanks to the accessibility of new technological innovations.

 How a visitor management system can benefit you ? 

Every interaction that people have with your organization, whether they are clients or unaffiliated visitors, can be viewed as an opportunity to establish a solid brand and build up your corporate reputation. This is where visitor management systems come in, allowing you to control this crucial human touchpoint. Each time your organization has human contact, there is a chance to make an impact, and making the right impression can be the difference between a negative review and being voted the best place to work.

Visitor management systems offer unparalleled convenience in tracking visitor counts, which is a crucial step that cannot be overlooked, especially in 2023. They also improve the visitor experience, leaving a positive impression not only on visitors but also on employees. If utilized correctly, these systems have the capacity to do PR work for your organization by showcasing your preparedness and ability to receive visitors efficiently and effectively.

The further importance of visitor management system: safety and security

Convenience is no longer the top priority for organizations today, and for good reason. Ensuring a standard and smooth process of tracking visitors to corporate premises minimizes the risk of unknown exchanges with strangers, particularly with the current COVID-19 situation. Visitor management systems provide a line of defense against giving anonymous guests access to potentially confidential spaces within the organization, which are originally intended for employee eyes only. Organizations must keep their secret sauce under close watch at all times.

Moreover, an improper visitor management system could have dire consequences during emergencies. In such situations, it is crucial for organizations to have a headcount for everyone in the building. This ensures that both employees and visitors can evacuate the premises safely and be accurately tracked

In summary, Importance of visitor management systems are critical to organizations’ safety and security. They not only provide a layer of defense against potential risks but also ensure the smooth evacuation of everyone from the building in emergencies. Organizations must prioritize the implementation of a robust visitor management system to maintain the security of their spaces and their people.

Who are visitor management systems for?

Visitor management systems are not exclusive to large corporations and are not necessarily expensive. Businesses of any size can adopt a visitor management system by tailoring it to their specific needs and scale.

Various industries, from tech to healthcare, can benefit from a visitor management system. Finding the right system that fits your needs is key to getting the most value out of it.

To find the right fit, it is essential to research and familiarise yourself with the available options. By doing so, you can make an informed decision and select a visitor management system that is efficient, effective, and tailored to your business needs.

Types of visitor management Systems

Let’s simplify things into three categories:

  1. The pen and paper method
  2. On-premise legacy software
  3. Cloud-based software.

It’s easy to see which type offers the most convenience, efficiency, and customizability in this modern age. So, let’s dive in and explore the benefits of each type

  1. The pen-and-paper method :

While the traditional pen and paper method may suffice in some situations, it’s not ideal for managing visitors. The drawbacks and limitations of using this method should be apparent to any savvy business owner. Instead of listing out its significant disadvantages, let me paint a picture of the pen and paper method in action. This way, you can easily identify its flaws for yourself.

  1. On premise legacy software :

This type of visitor management system represents a significant leap forward from the previous pen and paper method, thanks to its digital nature. One notable advantage is that you no longer have to deal with the issue of illegible handwriting from visitors.

However, while the electronic logbook eliminates the need for physical storage space, on-site software still requires significant storage space, which can be costly to maintain. You’ll essentially be replacing the old logbooks with large hard drives that need to be powered, cooled, and regularly maintained to ensure smooth operation.

Not only that, but the cost of acquiring the software alone can be quite steep, and the installation of servers, anti-virus patches, and other hidden expenses can add up quickly. Additionally, engaging future software support may come at an extra cost, and software companies often push for version upgrades.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that one of the main reasons for adopting a visitor management system is to ensure safety in emergency situations. Just imagine how useful an on-premise software system would be in helping to evacuate everyone from the premises during an emergency.

  1. Cloud-based software

The cloud is often seen as a magical, remote storage space that’s accessible from anywhere with WiFi. But let’s demystify it without losing its charm. Cloud-based visitor management systems use connected interfaces to present visitor information in an easy-to-manage dashboard, sidestepping several manual steps.

Opting for a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution for your visitor management system is, without a doubt, the smartest business decision you can make for your organization. It’s fast, automated, and non-bulky. In other words, the cloud is not just the future, it’s already the present, as Forbes has noted.

The best part is that most cloud providers offer free trials for a month or two, allowing you to try out various cloud applications and decide which system will make your life more convenient and efficient. Satisfaction comes first, and the money comes later.

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