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Filtered Water Vs Boiled Water – Which One Is Better?

“Water is an essential element for life. So we should always drink pure water to stay healthy. Read this article to know filtered or boiled which water should we take”.

People need to drink a lot of water regularly. Whether this is .3 gallon or .6 gallon, it will be useless until you have the best water purifier in Dubai. The article below gives a simple comparison of the water filtration and boiling process. Hopefully, you will benefit from the article.

Boiled Water

Boiling is one of the oldest methods of purifying water. People used to do it to filter the contaminants and remove particles from the water. But do you know how effective this method is? However, boiling water is a simple and effective way to remove particles, as high heat can kill the bacteria in the water. The water generally boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, but the microorganisms can not live in water above 160° Fahrenheit for more than 30 minutes.

Boiling water at home can disinfect pollutants, but it doesn’t remove them like the best water filter in Dubai does. Apart from that, the boiling water will not remove metal and dissolve solid from the water. So, it might not be as efficient as you think.

But if your concern is chlorine, you will be happy to know that boiling water can remove chlorine from the water as the chlorine gets dissolved through evaporation. In boiling water, you can also make it soft. But in that case, you should know that you should boil water for more than 15 minutes to make it soft.

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Dangers Of Boiled Water

Despite its disinfecting and anti-chlorine qualities, boiling water can not be a safe option as the bacteria in the water don’t die if you don’t boil it for a long time. Apart from that, heavy metals and solids will remain in the boiling water. Boiling facilitates evaporation that makes water rapidly escape from the kettle.

You will also eliminate oxygen when boiling it in high heat. The more you boil water, the more you will lose oxygen which is essential for the human body. Overall, plan to drink boiled water rather than filtered water from the best water purifier in UAE. You should remember that you are drinking a heavy concentration of heavy metal and tiny bits of limescale.

Filtered Water Overview

You can find many types of water filters available in the market from the water purifier suppliers in Dubai, but they do not perform similarly. However, the filtration process of the water filters is almost the same. First, it passes through a filter, grabs specific contaminants, and protects the water from contamination.

The water filter generally removes chemicals, heavy metals and other impurities found in the tap water. However, reverse osmosis and UV filtration processes can kill live pathogens from the water.

Advantages Of Water Filter

The best water purifier in Dubai generally does not pose any health risk. The main drawback of water filter is the cost of the water filtration system and further filters replacement costs. The water filter costs vary according to the type of filtration system.

Drink The Best Water

Boiling water can not remove contaminants like diets, chlorine and heavy metals from the water. But the water filter can provide safe, convenient and tasty water. You can use the RO filtration system if you have a baby in your house. For other filtration systems from the water purifier suppliers in Dubai, it will be good to boil the filtered water and strain it using a soft cotton cloth to avoid the limescale. There are many types of water filters available in the market. Choose the right one and start eating safe water.

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