Five Personal Loan Myths That Are Completely False

You may find that personal loans are a good solution to meet your short-term financial needs. However, some people are discouraged from applying for such loans due to some widespread misunderstandings surrounding them. Thankfully, these rumors are untrue. 

Borrowers can use personal loans, which are unsecured loans, to meet immediate or critical financial needs. You can utilize these loans to pay for things like trips, weddings, unexpected medical expenses, etc. without having to worry about putting up any security. Use a personal loan app for getting a personal loan

Personal loans are well-liked for the many advantages they provide, but over the past year, many myths have developed about them. Let’s dispel some of the more popular personal loan fallacies that are outdated in the present day.

Loan Processing Takes A Long Time

The days of lengthy and onerous application procedures followed by a similarly drawn-out approval procedure are long gone. Today, the procedure is easy and hassle-free, requiring little paperwork and quick approvals. You have the choice to apply for a personal loan with Bank of Maharashtra online, in which case the loan amount is immediately credited to the borrower’s bank account.

High Interest Rate

Yes, because personal loans are unsecured, their interest rates may be somewhat higher than those on home loans, auto loans, and other types of loans. However, a number of other factors also affect interest rates. You may be given a decent loan offer based on your credit rating, credit history, income, and relationship with the bank.

With a low credit score, impossible

Your credit score is a factor that banks consider when determining your creditworthiness. You can obtain a bank loan by having a good score. A loan application is not, however, automatically turned down because of a poor credit score. If you are able to perform well on other criteria, such as income, employment stability, a lower loan amount, etc., you may be able to obtain a personal loan even with a poor credit score.

Only those with salaries are eligible

Having a steady job and a consistent, respectable paycheck will undoubtedly help you receive the loan amount you want. It is not, however, the only need for eligibility. As long as you have the necessary ability to repay the loan, you can apply for a personal loan regardless of your employment status.

Personal loans are incompatible with already-existing loans

Before approving a new loan for you. Banks and other lenders do take into account the state of your previous loans. If you already have a loan, this does not necessarily mean that your loan application will be turned down.

Even if you already have a loan, the bank will sanction your loan amount if it is happy with your income levels and ability to repay the loan. Check your personal loan eligibility.


If handled wisely, personal loans can help you with your financial demands. All you have to do is disregard the misconceptions around them and base your choice on the information available. Speak with the customer service agent to obtain the truth and make an informed decision.


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