Fixing QuickBooks Already has a Company File Open Issue

QuickBooks is a multifunctional online application used to handle the accounts and financial statements of small to big businesses. The smooth running experience makes the vapid working process easy and comfortable. But this comfort might get interrupted by bugs and errors. In some instances, while accessing the company file, the user might get an error message claiming, “QuickBooks Already has a Company File Open.”

Such issues may interfere with your working experience leading to unexpected delays in important work. Thus, it is important to fix this issue at the earliest to avoid unnecessary issues later.

To understand this issue in detail, follow this blog to learn about the causes, effects, and solutions to fix the problem. If you are already frustrated with such errors in QuickBooks, then you might take help from our support team.

Factors Responsible for Triggering an Open Company File Issue

Issues related to the open company file can be tough to understand. However, these could be the possible causes responsible for the error.

  1. Permission Denied: The host or the user has not provided the required permission to access the company file.
  2. Damaged Company File: The company file is corrupted due to some malware infection or virus affecting the hardware can lead to unexpected problems in the application.
  3. Damaged .QBW File: Damage to the QuickBooks QBW file can lead to errors in accessing the online application.
  4. Company Files Open: It might be possible that the company file is actually open therefore you are getting the error message of the company file already open.
  5. Outdated QuickBooks Application: If the QuickBooks Application is out to date, the user might face issues with accessing some features.

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Solving the Open Company File Issue in QuickBooks Desktop

To get rid of theopen company filealready an open issue in QuickBooks Desktop, the user should try out these steps.

Method 1: Check the Company File

  • Open the QuickBooks Folder located in the C-drive. Search for the company file ending with the extension .QBW
  • Try to access the company file from this location by double clicking on the file. If the file opens then the issue is with the application or the windows. If the file doesn’t open then the company file is corrupted.

Method 2: Disable Host Settings

  • Open the QuickBooks application from any computer of the same network and go to the Files Settings.
  • Check if “Host multi-user mode” is accessible below the Utility Option. If the option of multi-user mode is available then there’s no issue. But if, “Stop Multi-User Access” is available then select the option.
  • Repeat the same process on all the computers of that network.

Summing Up

QuickBooks already has a company file open error message can create hindrance to access the company file which can further prevent the user to access the QuickBooks application. Therefore, we advise the user to follow the instructions given above to resolve the issue. If you need additional information, dial +1 800-579-9430 for help.

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