Flap Valve: Learn About Applications and Features Of It

Flap valves are used to offer optimal protection to various sewage installations which are vulnerable to backflow flooding. When these valves experience even a minor pressure difference on the back, they open automatically & permit the discharge flow via drainage conduits. Stay with us and keep reading this blog to dive more deeply into the world of flap valves.

Importance of Flap valve installation for treated sewage effluent & wastewater projects:

Treated sewage effluent & wastewater have great potential to supplement the constantly growing demand for water. You can recycle wastewater effectively for potable & non-potable purposes. This is why flap valves for potable water and non-potable system applications are highly prioritized.

It is necessary that wastewater effluents are well-treated & monitored properly for ensuring the reuse of treated effluents. For smooth operation of the complete processes, there are several valves used. Among the number of valves, flap valves are the most important ones.

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What are flap valves?

Flap valves allow fluids or gases to flow only in one direction. These valves also prevent backflow. The spring-loaded flap connects to the opening of the duct or tube. It helps in accomplishing the aforementioned function.

It is also possible to direct the fluid flow in the desired direction by using flap valves. You can open flap valves remotely or manually. Flap valves can prevent debris like leaves, sticks etc to flow back in.

flap valves

These valves have a high-efficiency one-way seal feature. Be sure to use good quality flap valves with lip seals incorporated. Wonder why? The reason is – Lip seal consolidated flap valves help in avoiding water leakage. They also prevent the backflow of water in the system.

An EPDM united lip seal can form the watertight seal between the body of the valve and the flap. Flap valve’s components can be made from a flexible material such as silicone or neoprene. The necessity for the flap valves to operate well is the flap opens when there is the subjection of duct to normal flow & close with the best seal. You can contact the leading di flap valves supplier to get the best products.

The benefits of using flap valves are:

Advantages of flap valves supplied by Dutco Tennant LLC:

1. Flap valves have EPDM lip sealing. This sealing makes the solid static sealing.

2. HDPE flap valves are light in weight which makes them easy to install.

3. These flap valves are responsive and quite reliable.

4. You need low heads of water in order to open the flap.

What are the applications of flap valves?

• One of the best domestic applications of flap valves is the toilet.

• There are other applications of flap valves, especially in land drainage & sewage systems. Reach out to the best flap valve traders.

• Flap valves are efficiently used for irrigation and landscaping to prevent backflow in your pipelines. If you want to avoid flooding, use flap valves.

• Flap valves are also used for the irrigation pumping station.

What are the features of flap valves?

> Flap valves are usually available in different shapes, and sizes. It ranges from plastic flap valves to ductile iron flap valves.

> Big flap valves are hassle-free with minimal maintenance because of their little counterparts.

> Ductile iron flap valves have very less risk of failure.

> The two-part epoxy coating on flap valves offers the best corrosion prevention.

> Flap valves can even survive severe situations. The robust bronze seating of flap valves is advantageous.

> Flap valves consist of a “lip seal” to offer seals in between the frame & flap. The self-adhesive seal is fitted for preventing leakage.

> Flap valves are suitable for usage in both potable water and non-potable water applications.

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The function of flap valves is to permit downstream water for departing from the pipe via a one-way flap door.  Dutco Tennant LLC is one of the best flap valve suppliers in the Middle East and GCC region. We can be your one-stop solution for flap valves which have sturdy design & rigidity. Call us on +9714-2152799 in order to receive more details about flap valves. Our team will help you out in selecting the best one for your application.

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