Fluid management tips for heavy equipment

In any heavy equipment, the fluid plays an important role because it works like blood flowing in the machine to keep it running. The fluids are typically present in the engine, coolants, and hydraulics systems of the machine as it keeps them alive.

The fluid in the machine must be at a considerable level. Any negligence in its maintenance may cause severe damage to the machine. Further, if any leakage happens in the machine part, then it may put the machine’s life at risk. The performance and efficiency of the machine depend on the quality, and level of fluid. The fluids are influential enough as they may increase or decrease the lifespan of any equipment.

In this article, you will know about some useful tips about fluid management for your heavy equipment. Before rushing to the equipment dealers, know about these tips.

Tips to manage the fluid in equipment

  • Every equipment comes with a detailed manual having thorough instructions about the fluid management in the machine. You will know better what type of fluid will be suitable for the equipment and how can you keep the fluid level maintained.
  • Fluid mixture must not be used out-of-spec, as it may cause damage to the machine’s health.
  • The manual has detail about changing the fluid. Read carefully and change the fluids timely. You can also schedule your calendar and mark the day when you have to do it. A reminder alarm can be set to notify you as well.
  • The oil viscosity grade is an important factor to look for as it is chosen according to the existing atmospheric condition. Ask the experts before choosing it, if you are not sure about the required viscosity grade for your equipment.
  • It is good to develop and maintain an excel sheet that contains all the information about the oil grade, viscosity, and time for a change. It may also include all the equipment standing in your fleet and their oil/fluid requirements.
  • You can keep the stock of the oil in your inventory for a certain time and mark them according to the need of the equipment.
  • Try to store the fluids and oil in suitable and safe containers, as the extreme weather may affect their quality of them as well.
  • The diesel exhaust fluids need some extra care in handling. Because they can easily explode, evaporate, and contaminate during the heating temperature.
  • Make sure that the equipment operators are aware of the hydraulics system and can read all the details and precautions about handling the fluids in the machine.
  • Always use the de-ionized or distilled water in the mixture of coolant because it gives the maximum efficiency.
  • Regularly check and examine the machines or ask the equipment dealers for an inspection. They will take samples of the fluid to check its quality and condition of it. You may get an early indication of any problem, this way.


Fluids, in any machine, work like blood in the body. It is necessary to maintain and manage well as it keeps the machine working for a long time. The machine’s health depends on the quality and grade of the oil. Read the article to be mindful enough about the proper management of the fluid in your heavy equipment.

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