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Gannan Medical University China (GMU) located in Ganzhou, a renowned historic and cultural city that lies in the south Jiangxi province, and adjacent to the Beijing-Kowloon Railroad, Gannan Medical University (GMU) is the sole medical university that offers a Bachelor’s degree located in Jiangxi province. Professor Jisheng Han, an academician from the China Science Academy, works as the honorary president of GMU. GMU was established in 1941 as Ganxian Advanced Midwifery Vocational School in Jiangxi Province in 1941, evolved to Gannan Medical Technical School in August 1958, and then was upgraded in to GMU in April of 1988.

In 2007, GMU cultivated graduates alongside different universities. The university was able to produce graduates in the year 2001. It also cultivated postgraduates in 2008. GMU it is currently a key institution for the development of medical talent as well as providing scientific assistance and creating new knowledge in Gannan the west of Fujian province and northwest of Guangdong province, and east of Hunan province.

The university has 19 bachelor degree majors as well as 16 college majors, which include Medicine Sciences, Engineering, Literature, Law, Management and Education 16 schools like School of Basic Medicine Sciences, School of Clinical Medicine, School of Pharmacy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Information Engineering, School of Rehabilitation, School of International Education and School of Nursing, 3 Teaching Research Departments.

Departments Guide

These include, Department of Teaching Research of Military Education, Department of Teaching Research of Medicine Technology and Department of Teaching Research of Ideological and Political Theory. 2 distinguished national majors four distinguished provincial majors and 4 outstanding Provincial teaching team, four model centres of provincial university teaching, two key disciplines in the Twelfth Five-Year plan, 1 important provincial laboratory, two crucial provincial university labs and 15 top province-specific university courses, one of the most renowned provincial medical discipline, and eight of the most renowned medical disciplines from Ganzhou.

GMU has Zhanggong Campus and Huangjin Campus with more than 1,200 square meters and 300,000 metres of gross floor area. It also has 2 in gross floor space 2920,340 books and 2,389 employees, including those from the First, Second & Third Affiliated Hospitals personnel. The university has 142 professors along with 309 associate professors as well as Postgraduates, doctors, and 649. Furthermore, GMU has 13 instructors that are granted the special allowances that is provided by the province or State Council government, 3 provincial model teachers, seven provincial distinguished teachers as well as 10 provincial academic officials 37 middle and young provincial principal teachers.

About Gannan Medical University

GMU sticks to its mission to support regional economic development that is based on scientific research. In the last couple of years GMU carried out research for Chinese Nature Science Foundation Projects as well as the affiliated subjects of major projects of the National Science and Technology Support Program and province-specific subject areas. Academic papers are collected from SCI, EI and ISTP. More than 100 texts and works are created by GMU. GMU is home to Gannan Medical University Journal, an academic journal that is published both in China and around the world, and also hosts Neuroscience Bulletin, Chinese Journal of Medical Education, Truth Seeking and more.]

70 years of history at GMU has given birth to an excellent tradition, which is “Hard Struggle and Plain Living” and “Be practical and scientific”. The new era is upon us GMU’s staff GMU will adhere to the motto that of “Building morality & Decency” along with “Pursuing truth & Innovation” In addition, they will adhering to the tenet in “Based upon Jiangxi Province, Oriented to China serving the grassroots” and adhere to the development path of “Intensifying characteristics, highlighting connotations Be More Open” Be committed to the advancement of science and work towards achieve the goal of building a medical university that is specialized in medical sciences and coordinating multidisciplinary disciplines.

Gannan Medical University Facts

Item Information
School Type Public
Started 1958
Curriculum Year Instruction Began 2005
Media of Instruction : English
Alternative Names: Gannan Medical College (1974 – 1988)Gannan Health Science School (1972 – 1974)
Ganzhou 626 Health Science School (1969 – 1972)
Gannan Medical College (1962 – 1969)
Gannan Medical University (1959 – 1962)
Ganzhou Medical College (1958 – 1959)
Clinical Facilities: The school is able to use clinical teaching facilities.
Clinical Training: The amount of clinical training is between 25 and 49 percent of the entire curriculum.
Foreign Students: Foreign students allowed to attend
Entrance Test: A test for entrance is not necessary
Duration: 5 years of studies 1 year Internship

Gannan Medical University (GMU) Campus:

The campus is situated in Ganzhou, which is a south city located in the south of Jiangxi Province, Gannan Medical University(GMU) is a school of medical sciences, under the supervision of the Jiangxi Province Government, enjoys a stunning campus with a great environment. It covers 760,000 square meters with a built-up size of 130,000 square metres. GMU was established in April 1941 and has been a major contributor to medical education and health through the years of development and has provided over 20,000 health professionals who are employed in a variety of locations at home and around the world now.

Gannan Medical University for Pakistani Students:

  • Gannan Medical University founded in 1941.
  • Gannan Medical University covers an area of 943.9 thousand square meters and has a total building space in the amount of 526.6 thousands square metres
  • A large number of foreign students graduate and also other students from national universities.
  • More than 150 foreign students are currently studying in the MBBS Program.
  • PG Program in Medical Subjects is currently running smoothly in GMU.
  • Course Duration: five Years from MBBS (5) with one year of Clinical Internship.
  • The language of instruction the language of instruction is English Under the direction of Foreign and Chinese Teachers.
  • Muslim and Halal food are available to Muslim Students.
  • Professional, highly skilled staff and a welcoming atmosphere for International Students


1) A large number of foreign batch have already graduated from University in the MBBS Program with more than 342 students. More over 150 Pakistani Students (Girls and boys) are enrolled in MBBS Program.
2) Located within Shandong.
3) The 3 project was launched as a MBBS Project for foreign Students during 2005.
4.) Halal Food easily Available
5) Good weather
6) highly qualified teaching faculty.
7.) PG Program in Medical Subjects is running smoothly in GMU.

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