Get a wide range of material options in custom candle pillow boxes

Get a wide range of material options in custom candle pillow boxes

At Your Packaging Hub we pride ourselves on providing the best materials for our customers custom candle boxes. We have a wide range of material options to choose from including cardboard paperboard and corrugated cardboard.

We also offer a variety of different coatings and finishes such as gloss or matte to give your boxes a unique look and feel. And our printing options are second to none allowing you to create truly custom boxes that represent your brand perfectly.

But we dont stop there.

We also offer the best perks in the business such as our fast turnaround time and free shipping. Plus were always happy to provide free samples so that you can see and feel

Eco-friendly Kraft

custom candle boxes are the perfect way to package and sell candles. They are sturdy and protect the candles pillow  from damage while also providing a stylish and professional appearance.

But what many customers may not realize is that Eco-friendly Kraft is one of the best materials for custom candle boxes. Kraft is made from recycled paper so it is environmentally friendly.

It also has a rustic and natural look that is perfect for candle packaging. Kraft can be printed on to create beautiful designs or it can be left plain to showcase the natural beauty of the paper. And because it is made from recycled materials Kraft is a sustainable option that is better for the environment.


Card-stock is beneficial for custom candle boxes because it is a sturdy material that can hold the weight of a candle without bending or tearing. It is also a recyclable material so you can feel good about using it for your packaging needs. Avail mesmerizing coating options

The coatings we provide for custom candle pillow boxes are matte gloss and satin.

Each of these coatings has its own unique benefits that can enhance the overall appearance and feel of your boxes. For example matte coatings can give your boxes a luxurious look and feel while gloss coatings can make them more visually appealing.

Matte coating for custom candle boxes

The matte coating option is perfect for custom candle pillow boxes as it provides a subdued look that is perfect for occasions like weddings and other formal events. Moreover the matte coating is also fingerprint-resistant which means that your guests wont leaves any marks on your beautiful custom candle boxes.

Gloss coating for custom candle boxes

When it comes to choosing the perfect coating for your custom candle boxes gloss coating is definitely a great option. It provides a shiny and attractive finish that will make your candles stand out.

In addition gloss coating is durable and will protect your candles from scratches and other damage. So if your looking for a way to make your candles look even more amazing be sure to consider gloss coating.

Get enticing add-ons for custom candle boxes

When it comes to custom candle boxes we provide the best options for our customers. This includes a wide range of materials coatings and add-ons that can make their boxes stand out.

Some of our most popular options include:

Spot UV

Foil stamping



Spot UV

Spot UV could be a beneficial add-on for custom candle boxes because it can help to make the design on the box more eye-catching and vibrant.

It can also help to protect the design from wear and tear.


Foiling can be a very beneficial add-on when it comes to custom candle boxes. It can add a touch of elegance and luxury and it can really make the packaging stand out.

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