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Has your car been impounded?

Impounded car insurance supplies coverage in the event that your vehicle is seize and confiscate. If this is the case, you’ll require evidence of current insurance before your automobile may be discharge.

Some ordinary auto insurance plans may offer coverage for seized vehicles, but most do not.

If the authorities have confiscated and impounded your vehicle, you’ll need impounded auto insurance to get it back. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Why is standard insurance not always adequate?

Authorities take the motorcars of hundreds of thousands of UK car owners each year for offences such as parking recklessly or driving without insurance. Even if the violation was unintentional, knowing this will do little to calm your anxiety when you realise your motorcar has been seize.

Impounded car insurance

In addition to auto-release costs and any penalty points or penalties for the offence, you’ll almost certainly need to purchase “impounded car insurance to get your car back.  Here’s why standard insurance isn’t always adequate, and how to acquire the protection you need.

What is impounded car insurance?

Impounded car insurance provides the protection you need to get a vehicle out of the impound yard. If you need to get your automobile out of the impound, you’ll need to show that it’s been insured for at least 30 days. You may receive the 30-day coverage you need fast and simply with impounded auto insurance.


Having your vehicle confine may be costly, and the longer you wait, the more expensive the problem becomes. You may receive the coverage you need for impound automobiles in only 90 seconds, and your insurance documentation will be forward to you immediately, saving you time and money.

How can we benefit you!

Because most basic plans do not cover releasing a car from the property, it’s critical to make sure you have the correct insurance. It’s critical to do it properly since buying the improper coverage will cost you much more money. Release my vehicle can help you get your vehicle back once it has been seize.

What are the reasons for vehicle impoundment?

If specific offences are committed, local governments, the DVLA, and the police all have the authority to confiscate vehicles and detain them. The following are examples of reasons why your automobile may be seize. Illegal parking, especially if your automobile is parked in a risky manner (blocking the road, for example)

Failure to carry proper motorcar insurance

Failure to pay car taxes where they are due

Driving your automobile in a dangerous or distressful manner

Your vehicle is being operated by an unlicensed driver.

Leaving your motorcar recklessly (after a breakdown, for example)

What is the difference between impounded vehicle insurance and standard auto insurance?

Regular car insurance is meant to protect you when driving and parking your vehicle on public highways. Third-party automobile insurance, which covers any injury you may do to other people or their property, is require by law.

Standard car insurance:

Regular auto insurance, on the other hand, isn’t designed to cover cars that have been confiscated for committing an offense. As a result, many regular auto insurance plans exclude coverage for impounded vehicles.

Dedicated impounded auto insurance can fill the gap if your policy does not contain this coverage. You must provide proof that you have adequate insurance cover that is good for at least 30 days. in order to retrieve your car from an impound.

Who could require motorcar insurance for a seized vehicle?

If your automobile has been impound for one of the reasons listed above, and your current car insurance policy does not cover impound cars.

You may require a specific impound car insurance coverage.

Your motorcar may have been seize in certain situations because you didn’t have insurance for it in the first place (maybe because you accidentally skip a renewal date). If that’s the case, you’ll almost probably require a specialized policy to have it published. If your automobile has already been seized, getting normal coverage will be significantly more difficult.

What is covered by impounded auto insurance?

Impounded automobile insurance only covers one thing: getting an impounded car freed and driving it away from the impound. Regular auto insurance frequently does not cover this.

You’ll need insurance for at least 30 days to get your automobile freed.

A specialized impounded car coverage will also allow you to lawfully drive on UK roads for the balance of the policy term once you’ve left the impound. It’s worth noting, though, that many short-term auto insurance companies only give third-party coverage.

Are there any insurance limitations for cars that have been impounded?

A valid driver’s license is require to get specialize impound auto insurance. You must also be the registered owner and keeper of the impounded vehicle. Age restrictions may apply to policies. Some insurers, for example, refuse to cover those under the age of 21. To sum it up there are some restrictions to that.

How can I acquire auto insurance for my towed vehicle?

Whether your current auto insurance doesn’t cover impound vehicle, call your provider and inquire if this coverage may  add to your policy. Even if it can (and some may not provide it even as an add-on), it’s worth seeking estimates for standalone, specialty plans as well, as they may be less expensive.

Price comparison:

Because many price comparison services don’t compare impounded motorcar insurance, you’ll need to contact a few specialized insurers and brokers directly for estimates. You may not be able to finish the quote procedure online, unlike with standard insurance. Many specialty insurers may ask for a few basic data and then contact you back for further information. The driver will require to provide details of where the car is detain and the grounds for its seizure. In addition to the usual information, you must provide to any auto insurance (such as your age, driving history, location, and car data).

Is auto insurance for impounded vehicles expensive?

We aren’t going to lie to you. It’s unlikely to be cheap unless it’s already include in your normal cover. Because of the reasons that automobiles are often detaining for (such as driving without a licence or driving dangerously). The drivers whose vehicle is seize and impound are deeming higher-risk drivers, which raises rates.


Aside from that, the cost of insurance is likely to be impact by the same factors that affect any insurance policy. These factors include your age, where you reside, the vehicle you drive, and your driving history. Unfortunately, if you want your automobile back, you’ll have to pay the fee. Your best chance is to shop about and compare prices.

In conclusion

In order to retrieve your vehicle, you must have enough insurance. Many people may need to get a temporary impound vehicle insurance policy from a specialist provider because regular car insurance typically does not cover the release of impounded autos.

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