Get Rid Of QuickBooks Script Error in Straightforward Steps

QuickBooks scrip error occurs when a user requires to use the Internet browser to gather a feature of the QuickBooks Desktop software. QuickBooks is one of the most used accounting applications across the world. However, different technical issues can hamper your business accounting tasks in the program. Script error in QuickBooks Desktop is one such problem that users need to repair presently, as it appears.

When Does QuickBooks Desktop Script Error Take Place?

Script error occurs when a user tries to open a web page from QuickBooks but forgets to contact it. An error message appears abruptly on the user’s screen that says, “An error has occurred in the script of this page” or “Internet Explorer Error.” Due to the perplexing nature of the error, you need to keep track of the possible causes behind the error to fix it immediately.

What Promotes Script Error In QuickBooks?

The faulty settings of Internet Explorer are one of the most apparent reasons behind the script error. However, several other factors can promote this error in QuickBooks while trying to access a web-page. Check below the possible causes:

  • When the Internet browser settings do not favor QuickBooks, the error can take place
  • If QuickBooks is not synced with the Internet Explorer, the script error message in QuickBooks can come into sight
  • If you try to access a web-page on Internet Explorer when it is already running, then you can get the error message on your screen

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How To Resolve Script Error When Opening QuickBooks?

Below are some handy troubleshooting solutions you need to follow carefully to fix the script error:

Solution 1: Clear Cache Data In Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer and select Tools
  • Click Internet Options and then general tab
  • Now locate and click Delete under browsing history
  • Make sure that the boxes against the cookies,history, and temporary Internet files are check-marked.
  • Hit apply and then OK to confirm the action

If the error message for the script error continues to appear, follow the next solution.

Solution 2: Make Sure That There Are No Add-Ons On IE

  • Launch Internet Explorer and move to the Tools
  • Now select Internet Options
  • Next, choose Programs tab and hit manage add-ons
  • Select disable add-ons and click OK to confirm the changes you have made

If the solution 2 brings no luck for the troubleshooting, try the next solution.

Solution 3: Reset Your Default Internet Browser

Sometimes, the script error takes place when Internet Explorer settings do not furnish support to QuickBooks. In this situation, you need to reset IE settings to default in order to resolve the error.

  • Launch Internet Explorerand then hit Tools
  • Next thing you need to select is Internet Options
  • Follow the given series of actions Advanced >> Reset to default >> Apply >> OK

Conquer QB Script Error by Reaching Out Experts

QuickBooks is an excellent accounting tool until and unless an annoying technical issue hits the program. Script error on QuickBooks is one of such issues that can hamper your business accounting, and you may not be able to proceed with an on-going task within the program. However, contacting certified QuickBooks professionals can help you to get rid of this annoying technical hurdle. Dial our QuickBooks error support number 1.855.738.2784 to eradicate QuickBooks Script Error in no time.

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