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Get rid of the false proposition of Esports hotel and explore the new trend of the industry in the future

Abstract: What is the solution to the profit dilemma of traditional esports hotels?

Esports hotels, highly social script kills, etc. These emerging industries have been developing vigorously since the outbreak of the epidemic, and they are not only popular among consumers, but also their implied economic value has been verified by the market.

In this context, the hotel industry wants to go further in the post-epidemic era, and it is obviously not feasible to stick to the original industrial development model, and a new era has come. save with qatar airways discount code

1. Try and explore, the survival rule of the hotel industry

China’s hotel industry has developed for nearly a hundred years. As one of the service industries spawned by consumer demand, it is gradually maturing and there are also cyclical problems that cannot be ignored, such as high property requirements, high costs, high investment thresholds, and serious homogenization. . Compared with traditional hotels, the core customer groups and consumer demands of hotel services have undergone tremendous changes. On the one hand, Generation Z has become the main consumer, and on the other hand, consumer demand has been upgraded. At the same time, new entertainment formats are emerging frequently, bringing huge competition and challenges to the hotel industry.

Source: Jinnang Youth Hotel

Of course, the hotel industry is not completely traditional and reluctant to change. With the dividends of the young people’s market, the hotel industry has also begun a new attempt and exploration. On the one hand, themed hotels represented by esports hotels have a strong development momentum. On the other hand, the boundary exploration of business integration is more extensive. 

Maiden noticed that whether it is to innovate on the theme of the hotel or to explore the integration of business formats, there is a new law behind it: that is, the diversified business formats of pan-entertainment may be the smooth way for the hotel industry to achieve a profitable jump in the future. Save money with the Travelodge discount code, Travelodge Voucher Code NHS, Travelodge NHS Discount Code,  Travelodge discount code NHS and Travelodge Promo Code NHS

2. Take the lead in e-sports and build a hotel pan-entertainment ecosystem

What is pan-entertainment? Ian Schrager, founder of Public New Hotel and father of boutique hotels, believes that the best hotels are those that reflect the social space structure of the city, such as public art, music, movies, etc. All these additional entertainment activities can not only activate consumers in public spaces experience and help improve hotel occupancy. So the problem is that high-end hotels rely on space advantages to have a high degree of pan-entertainment plasticity, but how should budget hotels implement pan-entertainment to improve hotel floor efficiency and gain greater benefits?

Source: Jinnang Youth Hotel

To this end, Jinnang Youth Hotel has given a unique solution to the problem, that is, to empower traditional hotels with the sub-brand IDEA JAR, and build a pan-entertainment ecosystem led by e-sports. The logic is very clear:

On the one hand, esports is becoming one of the most frequent forms of dialogue with young people. According to incomplete statistics, the total number of video game players in China has exceeded 700 million, and the number of esports game players is close to 500 million. According to the “China Esports Hotel Market Research Report 2021” released by Tongcheng Travel, e-sports 44.2% of users are under the age of 26.

Source: “China Esports Hotel Market Research Report 2021”

With the popularity of the esports industry, esports hotels in the bonus period have developed rapidly. In addition to professional esports hotels, many standard hotels have been transformed into esports hotels.

To a certain extent, the business model of Jinbao Youth Hotel has obvious advantages:

One is that the location is more flexible, breaking the strong dependence of hotels on property and location. The core of Jinnang Youth Hotel is the arrangement and combination of multiple entertainment formats, and the accommodation function is relatively weakened, so its matching degree with commercial space has also been greatly improved. An insider of the Jinnang Youth Hotel introduced to Maidian that the Jinnang Youth Hotel can even enter various commercial spaces such as shopping malls and cultural venues.

The second is that the integration of business formats does not violate harmony and has more possibilities for expansion. The pan-entertainment ecology of Jinbao Youth Hotel is generated around the needs of young people, so as long as it is closely related to the needs of young people, it may become an integral part of its pan-entertainment ecology. Thanks to the integration of “pan-entertainment base + scenario project + military service” in the IDEA JAR empowerment project, Jinbao Youth Hotel can sublimate the public area and rooms, and display the current situation in Jinbao Youth Hotel and cooperative stores. The trendy and novel theme design sells different themed products, and integrates the theme pan-entertainment projects into the public area and rooms, and this scenario theme battle is updateable, repeatable, and time-sensitive, allowing the hotel’s pan-entertainment ecology Extensible.

Source: Jinnang Youth Hotel

The third is to attract young consumers and open up diversified channels of customer sources. Different pan-entertainment formats can attract different types of consumers. E-sports enthusiasts, reading enthusiasts, etc. can all find their own corner in the hotel. In addition, for many hotels that used business travel as the main source of tourists, the IDEA JAR empowerment project of Jinbao Youth Hotel can transform several floors, without losing the original guest source of the hotel, while bringing more benefits to the hotel. A steady stream of emerging customer sources has truly built a diversified customer source channel.

The fourth is to increase the stay time of consumers and help hotels create “sideline” revenue. 

Source: Jinnang Youth Hotel

The fifth is independent operation, which can reduce the input cost of the hotel to the greatest extent. 

3. When pan-entertainment meets hotels, what sparks will there be in the future?

With the acceleration of the times, the iteration cycle of China’s consumer market and hotel market will continue to shorten in the future, and the frequency of new entertainment formats will be greatly increased. Change will become the core of the future China hotel market. If the hotel in it wants to live better in the changing market environment, it must meet the changes, and pan-entertainment may be a good direction. Then, what sparks will collide with the pan-entertainment development of hotels in the future?

# “Flexibility” has become the main theme of industry development, and the extension of pan-entertainment may continue to expand

The development of popular things has a cyclical nature, such as the “script killing” of the fire in 2021, which is popular among young consumers from online to offline. iiMedia Research estimates that the market size will reach 23.89 billion yuan in 2022. After entering 2022, the upsurge of script killing gradually subsided and was completely replaced by camping.

Source: iiMedia Research Consulting

For the hotel industry, the replacement of emerging industries also gives it more room for growth. Taking Jinbao Youth Hotel as an example, it has continuously absorbed new entertainment formats in the process of development. The current pan-entertainment facilities covered include light sports, werewolf killing, Switch, VR games, e-sports entertainment, live events, snooker, There are dozens of plates such as shuffleboard. And continue to update the collection of the most fun elements nowadays to continuously increase the entertainment experience for consumers. In terms of thematic style, Jinnang Youth Hotel has formed a number of themed forms including the future space station, the hotel of the Republic of China, and the ancient style, creating a new visual effect and accommodation experience.

 At the same time, Jinnang Youth Hotel still maintains a comfortable and high-quality living environment. Its room configuration, bathroom system, fresh air system, etc. are all configured with consumer comfort as the core orientation. Comfortable experience” value appeal. 

Source: Jinnang Youth Hotel

# Intelligent end, or will build a complete closed loop of online and offline pan-entertainment industry integration

At present, the hotel’s pan-entertainment application is still mainly offline. Intelligent technology represented by metaverse and immersive experience is becoming the new favorite of young people. As one of the emerging entertainment formats, it may become a part of the hotel pan-entertainment ecosystem. 

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