Handmade kitchen knives

Made-to-order kitchen knives

There is a huge selection of handmade kitchen knives available right now. In fact, there are so many different brands and sub-brands that choosing one is challenging. Given this enormous selection, we have chosen six companies that, although not necessarily the most well-known, stand out for their exceptional traits. Behind these marks, we typically discover a small workshop where each knife is painstakingly crafted. Their kitchen knives stand out from the competition even though they do not adhere to traditional marketing and mass advertising trends.

The top 6 Bob Kramer kitchen knife manufacturers

The top 6 Bob Kramer kitchen knife manufacturers

For six than 20 years, Brands are armor has been producing kitchen knives in pursuit of superior knowledge. Since this kind of knife was first used in commercial kitchens, Kramer has sought to refine it. He is one of the few master craftsmen who has focused on this kind of tool, in fact. He is currently a global leader and one of the 100 teachers accredited by the American Ladysmith.

Bob Kramer’s philosophy is straightforward: use the best materials possible and create geometry that is practical for use. His years of culinary knowledge have assisted him in creating incredibly stylish, practical, and high-quality knives.


As we previously observed, Northmen, formerly known as John Neman, provides us with handcrafted kitchen knives. This enables them to provide a special, exclusive finish that is incredibly beautiful. Even the preparatory step of the manufacturing process, which uses outdated instruments, is entirely manual. Even though it requires more human labor, the end effect is amazing. For instance, the apricot leaves have more than 300 layers, which is more than three times as many as the conventional Japanese ones.

On the contrary, the price of Northmen knives is still fairly pricey, at least for most individuals. However, it should be kept in mind that creating one of these knives requires a time-consuming, artisanal procedure that can easily take several days. If we

Knife expert

The traditional German kitchen knives from Solingen had to be on our list. We are dealing with a company that is dedicated to offering novel and creative items of moderate to high quality at competitive prices. Messermeister knives are a direct competitor to Wüsthof and Heckle’s and have superior blade characteristics.

Knife expert

For three key reasons, Messermeister deserves to be on our list. First, since the factory-produced blades are sharper than those of the most well-known brands, which ensures a longer cut that will be of benefit to us. The partial cushion that some of their blades have is another factor. It allows for considerably simpler sharpening and pays homage to Japanese blades. Finally, we draw attention to the harmony of its actions. Mr. Messermeister

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Nessus kitchen knives are created in Solingen, however, they are made quite differently. We are dealing with a business that values tradition, wisdom, and modernity. They assert that it was inspired by a style of knife that was in use 3,500 years ago. Nessus has given it a refined blade and a new artistic interpretation.

Chef-style knives are the company’s hallmark product. Scientific research to produce flawless geometry has developed as a result of the quest for the greatest blade possible. As a result, a kitchen knife with an unusually accurate, very hard blade design is produced. It also has excellent balance and corrosion resistance. It has been reported that the Nessus firm would provide free sharpening services for 30 years following


Japanese Global is one of the best-renowned kitchen knife brands globally. Innovation for better materials sets it apart from Japanese tradition and places it in the middle of East and West. They are premium knives that are renowned for their superb balance and exceptional lightness. For professionals and cooking enthusiasts, Global is the perfect brand because of this.

Global provides us with a large selection of knives to meet all of our cutting requirements. Additionally, they are all manufactured in a single piece with a flawless handle grip. It’s a pleasure to work with them, especially when the hours are long.

The Orchard Steel

The steel artisan is typically shown as a male in popular culture. But history reveals that this was not the case in actuality. neither earlier nor later. Orchard Steel is a perfect illustration of this. We discover Moriah Cowles, a young artist from Burlington, Vermont, behind this signature (United States). Moriah is one of the masters of steel today after a protracted learning process.

He forges, sharpens, carves, and forms exquisite kitchen knives in his little workshop. She makes the handle out of treated wood from her own garden and 52100-grade steel for better resilience.

We have enjoyed working on the project, and we invite you to visit Orchard Steel’s website to find out more.

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