Here’s how you can set a brand identity for your business in 2022- A Brief Guide

Recall your favorite brands. Did you notice something about them? Well, it’s that all of them have a separate identity. Every brand has its aura, which separates it from other businesses. It is a common thing you will see in every brand. And that’s what we will discuss in this article.

This blog post will tell you about brand identity and how you can create one. It involves your business strategy, content, behavior with clients, visuals/graphics, logo, etc. The first thing you need for your brand identity is a logo. Try reaching out to any good and cheap logo design service to help you find a logo for your brand. Below, we will discuss five essential elements for creating a brand identity for your business.

5 Essential Elements of Creating a Brand Identity

1. A Logo

Logos represent the businesses. Brands use it everywhere, such as outside the shops, in their products packaging, website, etc. Think of Mcdonald’s at the moment. Most probably, you had its logo in mind. That’s how effective logos are. Users remember these small symbols, and whenever the brand name is recalled, they remember the logo design. A logo should be creative, not fancy.

Moreover, make sure your logo makes sense for your business or brand name. Therefore, we recommend hiring an excellent logo designer. Also, since you’re creating a brand, your logo would appear on your side items like coffee mugs, diaries, pens, etc. Thus, your logo design needs to be very professional to fit all shapes and sizes.

2. Color Patterns

The color pattern should match your type of logo and its design. Decide a color wisely for your brand. Make sure it makes perfect sense to your brand as well. For example, a men’s clothing brand or cosmetic product would not have pink color packaging used for it. It can lose the aura you have of your website and content. Every color has a different effect on consumers and, if used mindfully, can help you grow your business significantly. You can also choose color combinations if it suits your brand and business well.

3. Brand’s tone

Every website has a brand tone. Search for food brands, material stuff brands, etc. Look at their social media posts, web content, and products/service page on the website. There, you will see how every brand talks differently. The catchphrases of businesses also come under the brand tone. A brand that sells infant products will not use dark colors since kids don’t like that. Therefore, keep a consistent tone through your copies, website, and social media posts.

4. Business Strategy

That’s something confidential in brand organizations. Businesses and brands follow a strategy for everything they do in the company. They make calendars about content publishing and amend and update me on many other things too. Their production has a strategy as well. So, depending on your business niche, create a strategy for your business. It will help your brand grow significantly. You can hire an expert brand-style guide for that purpose.

5. Typography

Almost all the brands have different typographic. Some of them use mainstream typographies. Some have created their fonts. For example, Coca-Cola has its logo written in another font than the usual ones. Typography is another essential element of brand identity.

5 Steps to Create a Brand Identity

Below we will discuss with you five steps to create a new website. Make sure you remember them and keep in mind the essential brand elements.

1. Having a Unique Product or Service

You can only make a brand if you have a great product or service. Even if you run a  blog, you need excellent content to make it a brand. Product is the first thing you need to decide before you think about making a brand. If you only make a brand for the sake of making a brand, then it’s not worth it; you won’t get successful. It will be best if you have a solid idea of providing help and solutions to people in the form of products and services.

However, in today’s world, your product needs to be unique. If you’re giving out a service that everyone else also provides, you won’t succeed in the marketplace. In this saturated marketplace, it’s challenging to make your space. Your product or service should stand out amongst others. Only then will people consider buying from you. It doesn’t mean you need to bring something entirely new to the marketplace. Just separate yourself from the services and products that are already running well. Use your creativity to come up with new and unique ideas.

2. Know the Intent of your Brand

A brand always knows what it’s providing to its consumers and why they should buy it. If your business has no purpose other than making money, you won’t be able to get customers. Every successful business fills up an empty space where they can provide people with something they like or need. You need to persuade people to buy from your brand. And for that, your brand needs to be unique and good enough in the first place. However, do not use unethical and shady marketing practices to persuade your audience and market your brand.

3. Know your target audience

Every brand has its target audience. Some have a vast range of people they target, and some brands target a small group. For example, a chocolate brand usually targets small children and teenagers. However, it will also produce products that are meant for adults, such as an expensive set of chocolates. So, a new business has a small group, the target audience. As the brand grows, it expands its audience, since it makes new products.

4. Build a Brand Strategy

How do you want your consumers to see you? What should they think when they come across your brand’s services or products? It’s something you can decide as well by creating a business strategy. It involves how you develop your products, how you sell them, what time of the year you produce them, how you interact with your consumers, and much more.

5. Choose how you market your brand

Every brand doesn’t do the same type of marketing. They have different methods and ways that work best for them. According to experts, it depends on what kind of business a brand does. If it’s a food brand, it would need different marketing ways. If it’s a clothing brand, it will do another type of marketing. The choice of methods would be different. It could be the same as well. You need to test and figure out what method fits your brand personality and works the best for it.

How to decide what works best for your brand?

It’s not a one-day task. Brands carry out research and do several experiments to derive a method that works best for them. It requires a lot of knowledge, effort, and time. That’s how a business becomes a brand.

Video Marketing

Can you think of a brand that doesn’t do video marketing, be it Starbucks, Mcdonald’s, or a fashion brand like Gucci? They all have videos made on their products. Some brands don’t need to run their advertisements on mainstream media and social media, such as Apple. However, it still has a YouTube channel where it posts its videos.

Google Ads

You can top rank your website for its focus keyword by advertising through Google ads. It will appear as sponsored results on the SERP (search engine results page). It has been observed that sponsored results are less likely to get clicks than those that organically appear on the top. However, you will still get clicks on your website.

Social Media Pages

Social media is a must for every brand. You’re missing a lot if you’re not on social media, especially Facebook. Facebook has made marketing easy for businesses. Facebook has more people than other social platforms. You can use social media to post video content, text-based content, and graphical content. Videos and images work better for marketing purposes. That’s the reason Facebook also tells you to lessen the amount of text in your posts that you use for paid marketing.

Social Media Posts

Your posts should have the same color pattern as your logo. For example, check the McDonald’s Facebook page. You’ll see their posts have the same color pattern. Every brand uses its template when designing social media posts.

However, it’s not simple to become popular on social media. You have to do paid advertising in most cases when you begin to market your products and services. We recommend hiring a social media marketer for this task as it’s very technical.

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Final Words

We have discussed five essential elements of a brand and five steps to create a brand strategy. Know that building a brand takes time and smart efforts. Make sure you practice all the things we told you in this blog post, and you will get good results.

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