High Performing Social Media Ads for Lead Conversion


In today’s E-commerce world, social media is the focal point for the business to grow & create its presence. Building your brand image through your socials to the target audience is crucial in order to encourage customers to remember your brand. The web design company in Australia creating effective social media campaigns are essential to attract your audience. Numerous professional SMM services spend a lot of time focusing on targeting the right audience with Social Media Ads. It helps in generating sales, high-performing social media Ads are also designed for lead conversions. Below are some ways of effectively creating high-performing social media Ads for lead conversion.

What is Lead Conversion?

The process of turning your potential visitors into potential buyers is mainly known as lead conversions. For this, you need a high converting landing page. A landing page is a unique web page for brand visibility. It helps with marketing and advertising your brand, driving more sales and generating more leads. Understanding consumers’ pain points and highlighting how your brand can come up with possible solutions. Moreover, the basis of every landing page is the subscription form. The subscription forms on the website should be specific and short for the consumer’s convenience. However, an intricate and long-form generates poor leads.

Master the Idea:

Before you start running your social media Ads, your first target should be to set clear goals of what you want to achieve from the campaign. Traffic generation and lead generating campaigns must be planned and then after analyzing the data target the audience to achieve a higher lead conversion rate. You can also plan in-depth market research to understand the demand. In addition to this, you can also tailor your ads investment to suit your budget. Lastly, a pro tip is, to understand the foundation of paid ads before you invest in them.

How to get more leads on Social Media:

Make use of different social media channels to create targeted Ads. Understand the demographics of each platform and strategize data-driven Ads for reaching potential consumers. To capture a beneficial audience, who could be your potential buyers, select and define them precisely. Your social media profile needs to look effective with complete information and links to your website or socials. You can use your social media for creating brand awareness. With rising competition in the digital world, it is important to deliver high-quality content to stand out from your competitors.

Each year, new platforms are introduced which is why it is important to select an effective platform according to your business niche.

How to Create High-Performing Ads:

Some of the most recognized social media platforms used for targeting Ads are:

  • Facebook:

Facebook is the best platform for generating leads as it has the most users around the globe. While generating leads from Facebook your main goal should be engagement from your audience in order to complete the action. A clear call-to-action button must be visible to guide the audience towards your goal conversion. You can use a call to action phrase to encourage people to buy the product, watch the video or simply click the link. Visuals play an important part in captivating the audience, it is essential to get the audience’s attention. The placement of the ads plays a vital role, it should be easy to view on both phone and desktop. 

  • Instagram: 

Just like Facebook, Instagram works in a similar fashion. Your platform must have business contact information, a call to action button and your link in bio. The main goal is engagement from your audience. The marketing department should plan your content in such a way that it is interactive enough to draw potential leads who will engage in the Ad. Creating clickable content is helpful as then your lead has an idea of what to do next. The visuals must match the action that is required in the particular ad. Share valuable content timely to build trust.

  • Google:

It is the most used search engine. Google Ads works on the Pay-per-click PPC model which means the publisher is being paid for each click on the advertisement. PPC is essentially based on keywords. Use competitive keywords to generate qualified traffic. This requires in-depth research for competitive keywords and to analyze which keywords could bring potential leads. Set up a location to reach the targeted audience and analyze which location performs better. Adding a personalized touch to the Ad leaves a strong impact on the viewer, use their name or just add “You” to leave an impact.

  • Email marketing:

Email marketing is an effective method to add a personalized touch to digital marketing. It helps in creating your ads with catchy headlines and attractive designs. The key is to keep the content precise and valuable. This is the reason email marketing helps in generating more leads as the ads are precise and can help immensely in targeting the right audience. 

To conclude:

We are living in a highly digital world where every day a new brand emerges. To stand out the content must be top-notch. Your social media is created for your brand awareness and for the audience to stay connected with you. The content must be relevant to you and your brand’s objective. We know the attention span is shorter than ever, your visuals should be catchy, information should be precise and with clickable options to help your leaders make the next move. Narrow down your target audience, the size of the audience doesn’t matter as long as you have actual leads. Always remember quality over quantity matters. Investing in Ads is worthy if you have clarity in your goals.

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