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Host Multiple Websites on Ukraine VPS Server–Onlive Server

Onlive Server is the best choice if you have multiple websites and desire to host them on one server. First, it’s a stable server that allows you to run multiple websites on it. One of the essential things about Onlive Server is that it quickly provides SSH access to your VPS. This will help you manage your server remotely while saving lots of time on doing this job your way.


It is affordable and easy for web Ukraine VPS Server service providers. Who is dedicated to providing only the best Web Hosting services? Offering Linux Operating systems and Microsoft Windows operating systems, they ensure that you have a good experience with your website by giving you everything you need, including a Linux VPS network and unlimited bandwidth hosting. They offer excellent customer support through 24x7x365 live chat support and a ticket system.


What is a VPS Server?

A virtual Private Server is a type of Virtual Private Server that allows you to run multiple websites on one server. We can create a virtual private server on our dedicated server. You can create your custom domain name and host unlimited websites on this server. This hosting service is ideal for people who want to run their website but don’t have enough budget or technical knowledge to install a dedicated server at home.


We provide both shared and fully dedicated servers, so you can choose between these types of hosting based on your needs and budget. Shared hosting is the cheapest option, and it gives you the most control over your WordPress website, but it comes with certain limitations–you won’t have root access to default. You will disable the server and other features (such as automatic updates). Fully dedicated servers come with more powerful hardware and faster speeds than shared hosting accounts, but they also cost more money per month.


Benefits of a VPS Server


Here are some benefits of a Ukraine VPS server:


The first benefit is having multiple websites hosted on one IP address. This means you will have a single IP address but various websites. This is quite beneficial because it allows you to scale your business as much as possible. You can host hundreds or even thousands of domains, and we can add domains without worrying about downtime or downtime affecting your business.


The second benefit is that you will have more storage space than an ordinary hosting plan, so your website files will not take up so much space on your server, you will also be able to save money because the prices for hosting services are meager compared with other kinds of servers so you will save money easily.


How our system works

You can set up a new website on our hosting web service within minutes! Our team will help you install everything you need, using our control panel and providing an option of adding additional features.

We offer a wide range of packages with different limits and specifications. You can use them to create the perfect hosting package for your needs.



We have designed our Ukraine VPS Server plans to provide you with the best stability for your websites. The latest technologies power our servers and provide high performance, reliability, and availability. The network connection between each server node is a separate dedicated line we manage using our physical fiber backbone.


The SSD storage devices used in our VPS servers allow us to offer a 99.9% Uptime guarantee, ensuring that your website will always be available at all times.


Data Privacy

We respect your privacy and will always protect your data. This includes IP addresses, timestamps, and other browser data. We have a strict no-logs policy, meaning we don’t keep, process, or keep any information about you unless you give us permission.


High Bandwidth

We provide a Ukraine VPS with high bandwidth and multiple websites hosted on it. You will enjoy the best possible performance for your website. You can get several advantages from this, including better search engine rankings, faster loading times, and more stable access to your site. These benefits will ensure that your visitors have a great experience while browsing your website.



There are several advantages to hosting multiple websites on one virtual private server (VPS) account. The most obvious benefit is that you will have more space on your VPS, so you can host more websites than if you were hosting each website on its own VPS. If you have several similar websites, it may be a good idea to host them all on the same VPS so that they can share resources and bandwidth. This way, all the websites will see a faster response time and better performance overall.


High-quality SSD Driver

It provides a high-quality SSD Driver for your OS. Our SSD driver is a third-party driver and not from the official manufacturer. But we develop it in a way that it can work with all other service providers as well. So, you can use this drive with any customer.


24/7 Extra Technical Support

We provide 24/7 support on our Cheap VPS Server services. We have a dedicated team of experts who are always online to help you with your queries. You can contact us anytime and get the answers to your questions in real-time.



You need to get a VPS from Onlive Server if you run multiple websites. It helps you manage your websites quickly and effectively without sacrificing quality. Plus, as we’ve discussed in the past, it’s cheaper for you to use a VPS than it is to hire a server administrator. So, get started with your new VPS today, and see how easy it is to work with!

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