House Cleaning Secrets from the Professionals

The most useful cleaning secrets from the pros

Ignore the clutter

This secret might surprise you, but think of it from a professional cleaner’s point of view. Their job isn’t to sort your mail or organize your kids’ toys. When it’s time to house cleaning, tackle your house the way a pro would. Quickly tidy your paperwork into piles, toss shoes into closets, and put small objects into baskets for later organization. That way, you can clean your surfaces and floors properly. Then, pick a different day for cutting your clutter.

Start at the top.

In each room, start at the highest point, such as dusting ceiling fans or wiping high shelves. Work your way down, sweeping any crumbs or dust onto the floor. Go ahead and knock off dust and debris loose from curtains, lampshades, throw pillows, and other soft surfaces. As you work your way down, all the dust, pet hair, and debris will land on the floor to be vacuumed up at the end. Many professional cleaners also recommend you follow a cleaning path: top to bottom, back to front, and in slices from left to right. By following the path systematically, you reduce the time you spend looking around and deciding what to clean next. Instead, you just keep moving ahead on the path and you never have to go back to an area.

 Work fast.

Professional cleaners work on a schedule, cleaning quickly and efficiently to get the entire house done. With practice and focus, you, too, can streamline your tasks. Some cleaners even claim you can do an entire house in an hour! While that might only be true for the tiniest of homes, there’s no doubt that it’s easy to accidentally waste time and burn out before the job is done. If you’d like to speed up your system, follow this plan for how to clean your house fast with smart, time-saving tips.

Simplify your cleaning products.

You don’t really need a cabinet bursting with a different product for each cleaning task. . You will probably need more than just vinegar, but some professionals rely on as few as three basic cleaning products to tackle the entire house. Want to try it? Reduce your cleaning arsenal to one cleaning/degreasing solution, a spray bottle of white vinegar, and a wood cleaner such as lemon oil.

Use this miracle cleaning solution.

Even if you reduced your cleaning products down to just a few versatile cleansers, and services you may still encounter some tough cleaning jobs as you work in your home. That’s where a simple, natural solution made from vinegar and baking soda comes in handy. That’s wherein a simple, herbal answer crafted from vinegar and baking soda is available in reachable. Even the professionals will admit it’s a form of a laugh to look at those family elements foam up whilst they’re combined. However, the actual miracle takes area while you placed the answer to paintings. Use the vinegar and baking soda combination to address a number of the hardest cleaning jobs withinside the residence. It works fantastically on the entirety from scorched pans to bathing drains.

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