How 2D Animation Can Change the Face of Marketing

Using animation to market your product is not only effective but also a very cheap way to interact with a general audience. For example, it can be used to promote your business initiative by explaining the convenience and benefits of your product. Since the majority of consumers learn visually, 2D animation is ideal for conveying highly technical information to the general public.

Why Use 2D Animation in Marketing

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2D animation is an interactive medium with multiple components that make the audience more emotionally engaged. This type of marketing appeals to your audience and builds a deeper connection with them. While traditional marketing methods have their advantages, hiring a 2D character creator has proven to be a great option. It helps brands generate better leads, increase visibility on modern platforms, and attract younger audiences. Traditional marketing methods are no longer effective.

2D animation is complex but has become the preferred method for various marketing purposes. It’s cheap, highly scalable, and can be used for traditional media or web-based marketing. It is popular with many brands due to its low cost of production and ease of distribution. 2D animation delivers better results than traditional marketing and is easy to use.

2D animation is a great solution for companies with large budgets for video production. It’s also a cost-effective solution to the skills shortage that plagues many businesses. It helps you meet the challenges of a skilled workforce and accelerate your time to market. Additionally, 2D animation allows companies to create highly informative and entertaining onboarding materials and instructional videos.

A great way to advertise your products and services is with 2D animation. In 2D animation, the customer is the center of the story. Businesses are more likely to be effective because they can put the customer’s needs at the center of the story. It also helps improve your brand image, which is essential for marketing.

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Be Anywhere, Do Anything

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Using 2D animation is a great way to demonstrate a conceptual business, product, or service. They are everywhere, and the power of illustration can express anything. This allows for multiple avenues of creativity to convey your company’s message.

A common video type for 2D animation is an animated explainer video. 2D animated explainer videos are great at capturing complex concepts and communicating them very clearly. They do this by combining powerful imagery and sound within a dynamic story. Viewers are provided with a brief description of your company, product, or service in a more comprehensible way while they are completely engrossed.

Your audience will feel entertained and gain a deeper understanding of your business, product, or service.

Perfect Pitch

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We live in a world of very short attention spans. In other words, your business pitch should be concise and impactful. Pitch perfect every time you create an animated 2D video. Particular attention is paid to crafting a script that tells a compelling story while articulating the description and benefits of your company, product, service, idea, or concept.

Stories are hooks that draw viewers into your video. Your audience can understand your product, service, idea, or concept more quickly and effectively.

Push the Boundaries While Preserving Your Brand

2D animation makes it easy to strengthen and ultimately strengthen your brand. By using similar colors, styles, and themes, your animations will fit seamlessly into your brand guidelines. In fact, the stylish illustrations that make up a 2D animated video can even add a new dimension to current marketing. Adding animation can often soften a very corporate brand, making it more approachable and engaging.

You can also create character illustrations that serve a greater purpose by spreading your marketing message and achieving business goals.

A smart and engaging animation can win the heart of your audience. Thinking outside the box can help your ideas and aesthetics resonate deeply with your audience. Once you’ve achieved your creative brand, you can build campaigns around that style that are compelling and drive your business goals.

2D Animations for Your Business

  • Increased Time Spent on Pages

2D animations are effective on landing pages to allow potential customers to view and explore the various solutions available. Prospects typically stay longer on pages with explainer videos than on pages without explainer videos. A longer dwell time on one page means a higher engagement with other elements of the landing page.

  • Increased Conversions

2D animation has been proven to impact revenue. The sources estimate that the global animation market will be worth over $391 billion in 2022, up 5% from last year’s $372.4 billion. Investing in animated videos is a great way to see the power of video and the future potential of your brand.

How Is 2D Animation Created?

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At the heart of effective 2D animation is the willingness to push the boundaries of creativity while staying within the parameters of your brand’s color, style, and theme.

  • Script Phase

You have a business service or product you would like to communicate to your ideal target customer. The goal is to use the power of storytelling to engage your audience and allow them to fully experience the benefits of your promotion.

  • Storyboards and Illustrations

Here the script comes to life with black-and-white drawings of characters and locations. A storyboard shows each scene of your script and is a snapshot of what the final look of animation will be. Storyboards are painted in colors that match your brand.

  • Animation

Use animation techniques such as rigging to transform your storyboard/illustration into a fluid motion.

  • Actors

Choosing the right actors is a big part of the success of an animated video. Your tone of voice should match the message of your animation and the emotion you want to convey. The voice should also match the target group.

  • Music/Sound FX

Add finishing touches such as sound effects and music that amplify the emotions of the viewer by emphasizing the intended emotion of the scene.


2D animation for business combines the skills of storytellers, copywriters, directors, illustrators, animators, speakers, and sound designers. It’s a collaboration that creates videos that entertain, educate, and move audiences toward common business goals. If you are looking for a 2D animation company, get in touch with Animetus.

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