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How Can a Magician Entertain at Your Wedding

Magician Entertain at Your Wedding

A wedding is an important day of everyone’s life, and everyone wants it to be beautiful, magical, and perfect. One important aspect of having a perfect wedding is to keep the guests entertained. You may be the host, but since it’s your wedding day, you won’t be able to focus much on the guests; therefore, you should plan something to keep them entertained; otherwise, your guests will be left sipping the champagne while you are whisked away for the wedding photographs. A good way to plan a great wedding is to properly give attention to every small detail, including the wedding entertainment. Hiring a magician is one of the best ways to keep your guests entertained at your wedding. Yes, you heard it right! A magician can work wonders and bring the perfect entertainment liked by people of all ages. Here is how a magician can entertain guests at your wedding.

1- Helps Break the Awkward Silence at Wedding Receptions

The main problem at wedding receptions is that the majority of the guests aren’t familiar with each other as they are meeting for the first time. In this situation, people feel awkward and do not have enough to say when asked obvious questions. This becomes challenging for you as you can’t meet everyone or connect with your guests. Hiring a magician can immediately solve this problem. Sending the magician on stage when everything seems going downward can change the energy. With his skills and nature, the magician immediately starts building up his performance. This will break the silence, and the guests will start engaging.

2- Connecting the Guests

Weddings normally have guests from different age groups and people from different circles. The majority of them won’t have anything in common. So, creating a conversation between them can be very difficult, regardless of whether they are sitting at the same table. Magicians can be very helpful at this particular moment. Magic tricks are a perfect option for connecting people. For example, the magician can choose two different volunteers to help him with the trick and can connect them easily.

3- Splendid Magic Tricks

Several magic tricks work perfectly at wedding receptions compared to other magic shows. Generally, the acts performed by the magician at weddings are interactive, ensuring people’s involvement. Some of the best wedding tricks are:

  • The card at the bottom of the box

This magic trick can be short or long, depending upon the magician and the audience’s interest. The basic aim of this trick is first to disappear the car, which reappears at the bottom after a while. This is achieved by misleading the audience in another direction. And the best part about this trick is that it can be repeated. It is highly unlikely that the audience will catch the trick, so you don’t have to worry about that and leave everything in the professional hands of your magician

  • Coins Everywhere

This is another famous magic trick; it can be done by just standing between the guests at the wedding. In more clear words, it means that this trick will happen in the hands of the guests. Whole coins are great for this trick. Coins will disappear from the hands of the performer but will reappear in the hands of the guest. This will leave your guests fascinated.

  • Escaping from Suit Jacket

There are many magic tricks for a wedding ceremony that will leave the audience spellbound. However, some can be performed by involving the audience, while others can be done on a stage. But the most important thing for a magician and the wedding hosts is to engage the audience in a fun way. Every guest wants to have quality time at the wedding, so a magician should perform tricks that can bring smiles to people’s faces. This trick contains a lot of humor and interaction with the audience. And the best part is that it is performed on a stage that catches every guest’s attention. Although it is not commonly used by magicians, it’s a fun trick which is why it is perfect for a wedding.

4- Entertaining both Children and Adults

As said earlier, a wedding ceremony has guests of different age groups, and children are also among them. They are equally important for a wedding host; however, it eventually becomes boring for a kid of 4 years to sit and just look at everything. Therefore, hiring a magician who works for adults and children is a great entertainment option. A professional magician can also entertain children, mostly with a short magic show. They can plan their show to entertain and engage the children so that they also feel good and have fun. 

In short, you should bring something new and unique to your wedding by hiring a magician and see how it really takes the entertainment level of your event to a whole new level.

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