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How Can You Benefit From A Professional Chimney Cleaning Service?

Did you know that cold air acts as an accelerant for creosote production? Did you also know that too much creosote could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning? Or that certain chimney accessories could lower your energy costs? If not, then don’t fret. If you work with the right chimney sweeps, it’ll all be taken care of.

First things first, it’s worth it to have a fireplace in your home. Don’t forget how wonderful it feels to hunker down in front of a (safely) blazing fire after shoveling snow. Is there a better feeling?

However, as The Land of Steady Habits is blessed with over three months of snowfall, chimney repair in CT isn’t something you can skip.

Any experienced chimney sweep  would tell you that while it’s a good practice to be involved with your flue’s upkeep, you aren’t a substitute for a certified team of professionals. No matter how frequently you check for soot, and no matter how reliable your flue liner is, there are a few things that you can’t emulate:

Safety in Numbers

Even professionals are humans. Unlike you, however, their professional status allows them access to several resources, including industrial tools and trusted teams.

Missing a chimney repair and lighting a fire when a chimney isn’t in working order could be a fatal mistake. To err might be human, but to err to the point of being responsible for a house fire isn’t something anyone wants to experience.

Faithful Flues Need a Professional Touch

If the masonry workers who constructed your chimney gave the proper attention to detail, then your flue should have a liner. Since it’s difficult to access or even see inside your chimney, you might not realize when you need a new one or when the internal structure is becoming compromised.

The flue you have will dictate when you need chimney cleaning and when you need chimney repair. You just need an inspection from a chimney sweep to assess it. If you use the wrong materials for your liner, you might do more harm than good.

Logs for chimney cleaning

Assure Your Insurance Provider

Homeowners insurance protects against fires, but should you have a chimney-related fire, you need to be able to prove that it was unavoidable. That means regular inspections and chimney cleanings from a certified and up-to-date code company.

They might even send their fire prevention officer to check your hearth and stoves to ensure you don’t have any perilous oversights. If your safety measures are up to the mark, you might even be able to lower your insurance premium.

The D in DIY Stands for Don’t

The rapid appearance of creosote and soot can make chimney cleanings a real pain. Nevertheless, it takes the cake when the alternative is chimney repair, where a winter’s day without fire isn’t right.

That might be one of the reasons why creosote-removing hacks are popping up all over the internet, and while they’re not baseless, don’t go burning potato peels just yet. Some of these methods do indeed work as promised, but not one of them equates to the professional scrubbing your flue liner deserves.

A bigger threat is that by giving you the impression that your cleaning is under control, the invisible dangers loom closer. An expert opinion would tell you to go ahead with the baking soda, but only if you’re working in conjunction with regular chimney sweeps.

Bird enjoying smokeless flue before chimney rebuilding

If you do want to be involved in your chimney repairs and scrubbing, then consider that chimney cleaning in CT homes, where fireplaces are frequently used, isn’t somewhere to cut corners. Therefore, any chimney cleaning hacks should be accompanied by regular visits from your chimney sweep.

Experienced and certified companies like Creative Masonry and Chimney don’t start a process without knowing everything about the structure, from the flue to the furnace. If they’re unfamiliar, they’ll have your chimney inspected in no time.

They operate all across The Nutmeg State, so whether it’s for a chimney cleaning in CT, or a chimney rebuilding, you can trust them to cover their bases. Call them at 860 225 9178 to find out if you’re behind on your upkeep.

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