How Custom Box Printing can help your CPG business?

When your business decides to put its identity on the packaging, it has to be more than just the title glued on the boxes. Your brand needs to create an experience for customers. Box printing is a great way to add personality and branding to your CPG products.

Can you recall the last time you received an online order? Did you notice the box it was delivered in? Chances are that the packaging must be custom-made and branded to generate a larger effect. The printed contents usually contain much more than plain words, and the little benefits they provide combine to form a big boost for your CPG business.

Some key points about CPG markets

All retail brands require personalized packaging but CPG brands need it more than others. The reason is simply the fact that CPG markets are dominated by identical products that make printing crucial to selling and distribution.

It would help to know some key facts about CPG markets before you print your packaging:

  • CPG products are everyday essentials including electronic items, food products, clothing, and CBD items among others.
  • There is high market saturation and low consumer switching costs for better alternatives.
  • Consumer demand for CPG products is constant which serves as a competitive factor for businesses.
  • Companies compete using their packaging and create brand differentiation.

Very few retail industries have such intense rivalry among businesses. Custom printing proves to be a popular and proven marketing tool that fits within pockets and captures instant customer curiosity.

Realizing the potential of custom printing

With a vast majority of customers regularly shopping online, about 96%, driving customers to repeat orders is crucial to sustaining a decent level of sales.

By using custom printing effects on your CPG boxes, you are not only strengthening your brand recognition but also expanding your customer radius. From the time the boxes are shipped, driven to customers’ locations, and unboxing the packaging, every step has the potential to expose your brand to a large pool of potential customers. Such opportunity is missing when you employ plain standard boxes for the task.

Below are some ways your customer engagement can be improved by huge margins. Take a look:

  • Non-anonymous brand contact

When customers see your branded packaging on their doorsteps, they immediately know the company name and get excited to open their orders. Although marketing through packaging is becoming popular, not many brands are taking full advantage of the tool.

Why not add some visual effects to make the boxes seem ahead of your competitors? The buying experience doesn’t end with customers signing the delivery receipts. It goes on to stay with customers via the packaging boxes and the vibe they presented when customers first laid their hands on them.

Use box printing to add your brand title and logo to create almost instant brand awareness. This goes a long way to form a compelling customer-buyer relation. Additionally, signature brand colors and graphics can also form an engrossing brand image that customers can retain thereafter.

Box printing

  • Engulf with enticing designs

A well-made brand logo and title certainly generate brand recognition. But how can your brand communicate that your products are better than the other options?

Printing enclaves many creative aspects and box designs are one of them. You can be as innovative as you want! Whether it is raising customers’ enthusiasm with quirky messages, mentioning step-by-step instructions for use, or simply adding your social media handles to provide detailed product data, every little detail can help customers to retain the shopping experience. It is vital to secure loyal customers that vouch for the brand.

Numerous CPG businesses hire pro box manufacturers for the job. They aid in creating the best packaging designs with artistic blends of colors and textures. When customers get unique packaging with their orders, they are prone to be impressed and be encouraged to post happy reviews about the brand online.

  • Reduce unnecessary costs

Take our word for using custom printing for bringing down your total costs!

You must have seen a list of guidelines pasted on the boxes. Ever wondered what these are? CPG packaging boxes are a good platform to put almost any important messages on the boxes that may help to reduce cost consumption. Some of these may include:

  • Placing storage and handling instructions.
  • Conveying the nature of the products. For example, fragile, sensitive, etc.
  • Guiding customers on how to use the products in the best capacity.
  • Putting customer details and QR codes on the boxes to avoid shipping delays.
  • Reduce the number of custom inserts by printing info directly on the boxes.
  • Using the box space to alternate for expensive advertising platforms.

When customers get their boxes in good form and the products intact, your brand would get less complaints and refund requests. Moreover, customers are more probable to persuade others to try your brand and improve your brand’s repute. All these ultimately decrease costs and inflate profitability.

  • Lessen confusion regarding your brand

What does your business need to ensure that all branding gets across effectively? CPG boxes bridge the gap between customers and your brand. But you need to be careful as to how your box appeal would be perceived by customers.

Use clear fonts and simple language. If you are selling to multiple demographics, you can also translate the contents into varied languages. Moreover, pictures can speak a thousand words. Use graphics instead of a lot of texts to save on printing space and get the desired messages across more prudently.

You need to be wary of how the boxes look too. Using dark color themes can distort the texts and illustrations. Use clear box backgrounds for printing content where possible. The more apprehendable the boxes are the better they would fulfill the desired branding objectives.


Now you know just how crucial box printing is. Following the above tips is going to improve the results of custom printing and be worthwhile for your invested efforts.


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