How Do Water Cooled Scroll Chillers Work?

Water Cooled Scroll Chillers is a refri

Gerating system used to cool fluids and dehumidify air of the surrounding. Working same as that of Air Cooled Chillers, the Water Cooled Scroll Chillers also follows the same basic principles of evaporation and condensation. These water cooled scroll chillers are used in wide varieties of industrial as well as commercial setups. Highly efficient and easy to install, these Water Cooled Scroll Chillers are ideal for any Hotels, Hospitals or industries etc. Various prominent air conditioning companies like Bluestar, Daikin’s, Voltas, Carriers also manufactures there own industrial water chiller, water cooling coils etc.


A single closed unit of water Cooled Scroll Chiller consists of an Evaporator, Condenser, Compressor, and an expansion valve. The evaporator is the primary point of initiation. Here the reservoir is filled with water or water-mix for re-circulation. Evaporator with the help of bundle of tubes surrounds the Central Chamber. The Central Chamber is then connected to the Compressor, in this case, we are talking of Article Scroll Chillers using Scroll Compressor. Scroll compressor also is known as Spiral Compressor because of its very design. Whereupon the compressor connects to the condenser which is again connected to the evaporator to repeat the cycle. These are the basic elements and structure of Water Cooled Scroll Chiller.

Difference between Air Cooled Chillers and Water Cooled Chillers?

The functioning of both the Air Cooled Chillers and Water Cooled chillers is similar. Both consists of an Evaporator, Compressor, Condenser and an expansion valve. The major point of difference lies in the fact that one uses Air to fuel condenser cooling whereas the other uses Water. How Do Water Cooled.

This major difference of using water instead of Air is also a point of advantage for the water Chillers as the wet surface is more efficient in transferring the heat when compared to the Air Cooled Chillers.

How do water cooled scroll chillers work?

The process is initiated by filling the reservoir with water or water-mix for circulation. The cycle begins in the Evaporator where the liquid refrigerant flows over the evaporator bundle of tubes and evaporates. It also absorbs heat from the chilled water circulating through the bundle. As soon as the water reaches enough high temperature it starts radiating the heat back to the refrigerant in the evaporator resulting in vapours. with the help of a pipe or a tube, this vapour is made to pass through the compressor. Here the scroll Compressor using its unique spiral design and two interleaving scrolls to pump, compress and pressurize fluids.

The most unique feature

Of Article Scroll compressor is its ability to be quiet, it works great in the sound sensitive environment. It has a sound pressure level as low as 72 DBA. The compressor then starts raising the temperature of the Condenser by way of pumping the refrigerant vapour to the condenser. The refrigerant condenses on or in the condenser tubes, giving up its heat to the cooling water. It is this high-pressure liquid refrigerant is then made to pass through an expansion device that reduces the refrigerant pressure as well temperature as it enters the evaporator. The refrigerant again flows over the chilled water coils absorbing more heat and completing the cycle.

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