How do you extract product information from eBay?


The ongoing trend of brands moving their business to online platforms has increased competition for the best prices in the world of e-commerce. This requires high demand for product data extraction tools and methods to be the best in the business.

Why is web scraping necessary for e-commerce?

There is no doubt that pricing is key to the success of your business. When people search for products online, they usually consider various factors such as product ratings, prices, customer reviews, loyalty programs, etc. that affect the quality of a business. Competitors can benefit greatly from tools that extract product data from e-commerce stores. They understand what necessary changes they need to make in their own strategies to get better results in the market.

Web scraper tools help extract data from leading e-commerce websites and incorporate the necessary practices into your own business. This is a great way for companies to get involved in product optimization as it provides optimal results and helps narrow product variant sets. All of these play a crucial role in deciding whether or not a particular discount offer or another program will work. It serves as a great way to transform the future of any business by pulling in a lot of the details needed to make its name shine.

The data can be in any form, such as tables, text, graphics, semi-text, etc. And there are several ways to extract product data, including manual copy and paste of the data, HTTP programming, HTML parsing, vertical aggregation, PC-based web analysis, etc.

5 Benefits of Ecommerce Website Scraping

Machine learning and market analysis

Monitor product performance

Improved efficiency and updated offers

New content and innovations

Optimized sales

Is eBay web scraping legal?

Like the scraping of other sites, eBay is also a topic of discussion. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly what is allowed to be accessed. eBay was once at the center of web scraping issues that led to major controversy over whether scraping is a legal or illegal act of information gathering.


It is currently clear that scraping is permitted under certain conditions. In short, you can benefit from scraping publicly available information to make the information easily accessible. For example, extracting the product listing data is allowed because it is publicly available to everyone. However, anything categorized as copyright, intellectual property, or private information is considered illegal if extracted from the website. However, because it’s difficult to control every activity online, eBay has made it difficult for others to extract their information. Why so? Check out:

The site has made every effort to make scratching a bit more complicated. Given the complex algorithms used on the Internet, crawler activity is simply denied access to the site. Also, these algorithms make it difficult for traditional crawlers to collect data from the website.

Using CAPTCHA has contributed to eBay’s scraping challenges. Such a measurement of CAPTCHA makes it possible to distinguish the behavior of humans and robots. Again, traditional software won’t have more efficient site scraping.

Additionally, the constant flow and increase of information on eBay make the site really hard to scratch. Therefore, only excellent scraping tools can handle such a large flow of information on the Internet.

Guide how to scrape eBay listing data using eBay Leads Extractor

It will take less than 5 minutes if you want to extract all data from eBay using this eBay Leads Extractor, and here is a detailed step-by-step guide to getting you started:

The first step is to download and install United Lead Scraper and open the software and find the product you want to scrape. This can be easily accomplished by using eBay’s search bars to search for specific phrases. For example, if you want the latest information on the best-selling Laptop, go to eBay and type “Laptop” into the search box and the results page will appear.

Now you need to determine what data you want to scrape from your eBay product listing. If you just need detailed information such as product names, a number of reviews, the first image in the product listing, and prices, you’ve come to the right place. You can find them on the search results page. Now you need to start extracting data and click the search button top left side of the software and your data will start extracting. When your extracting is complete just click the save button and your data save into EXCEL and CSV files.

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