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How do you usually choose a dentist?

When you need to find the best dentist near me, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options that are available to you. Sure, you can simply type dentist near me into Google and call the first office that pops up, but if you want to find the best dentist in town, you need to ask yourself two key questions first: how much do I value customer service versus quality of care? What kinds of dental procedures do I need performed? Once you answer these questions honestly, it’s much easier to make your decision about which dentist is right for you.

Look for good reviews online

Although Yelp is sometimes known for its subjective reviews, it can also be a useful source of information when choosing your dentist. Check out what previous customers have to say about a practice and read through all of their reviews, even if they’re just offering positive feedback. Even if there aren’t many negative reviews, make sure that they are post in an honest fashion (i.e., not put up by employees). Make sure to check other review sites as well so that you can get an idea of how professional—and personable—the dentist office near me really is. If there are no online reviews available, ask friends and family members who have been to that specific dentist office near me in recent memory and see what they had to say about their experience with it.

Choose from local dentists

One of my friends went to our dentist and highly recommended him. We moved to another state and I still go to that same dentist because of my friend’s recommendation. It’s important to know what your dentist is like outside of their work too, so it’s good if you can find someone who knows them personally. Just make sure they don’t have a hidden agenda! My husband made me laugh when he said she used him as her personal servant in high school. What could she possibly say about him other than he must be great?! Ha! Ok, maybe not that extreme but sometimes friendships get complicate in adulthood too.

Compare prices

It’s always smart to compare prices when you’re hiring someone to provide a service. While it may seem easier and faster to pick up your phone and call one dentist at random, it pays off in spades to spend time looking at different dentists in your area. While every doctor is require by law to post his or her fees online, many patients say they find that an online search for dentist office near me leads them right back to their first choice. Of course, make sure that if you want or need certain treatments or procedures done that require high-quality materials (such as implants), such handling those costs are included in all quotes from different offices before signing on with anyone.

Get recommendations from friends

Ask friends and family members for recommendations. Get more than one, too, to make sure there isn’t any conflict of interest. In addition to asking people in your network, check out Yelp and Angie’s List for reviews about dentists near you. Look for patient comments about location, level of service, treatment plans and more. You can also ask your dentist directly how long he or she has been practicing in your area and how long he or she has been working at his or her practice. Then check online resources such as state licensing boards; they might list disciplinary actions taken against dentists by their state licensing board.

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