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How Long Do Dentures Last? You Might Be Surprised!

Dentures are an effective way to replace missing teeth, especially if you don’t have the financial resources or time to undergo an invasive procedure like dental implants. But how long do dentures last? And what can you do to ensure that they last as long as possible? In this article, we’ll go over the different types of dentures and how long they typically last, as well as some tips to improve their longevity. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are Dentures Made From?

Dentures are typically made from acrylic resin, a type of plastic. Acrylic resin is soft and has the color of natural teeth. The denture is made to fit around your jaw, so it will not harm your gums or damage the roots of your teeth that were lost when you had your tooth removed. Other materials can be used as well for making dentures but these two are the most common materials used.

Dentures may cost less than other ways to replace teeth because they last about two years and aren’t built to last forever.

Why Does It Matter How Long Dentures Last?

Dentures can’t be cleaned like natural teeth, which can put your health at risk. To maintain optimum health and comfort, they should be removed before going to bed, while eating and drinking, and after smoking or drinking alcohol. This helps to ensure that the denture is dry when you’re ready for bed. For some denture wearers who have chronic mouth dryness, this may be necessary even during the day.

To learn more about wearing dentures successfully, talk with a dental professional in your area.

Some Studies Show Longer Lifespans For Denture Wearers

Some studies show that denture wearers have lifespans longer than their peers with all teeth in place. One study found that the mortality rate for those without dentures was seven times higher than those with them, and another found that three years after losing all their teeth, 44% of denture wearers were still alive, while only 6% of those who lost all their teeth remained alive. The reasons for this are not clear, but many think it’s due to the closer fit and reduced chewing forces afforded by dentures. This means they don’t wear out as quickly as other dental devices like crowns or bridges. That might mean you’ll have your false teeth for a long time!

Different Parts Of The Denture Wear Out At Different Rates

1. Resin – The resin is the main component of a denture and it typically lasts up to two years.

2. Attachment (the inside), studs, snaps, posts, and clasps – This can last up to seven years as they are durable parts that don’t wear down with use.

3. Temporary fittings such as impressions for trays or archwires – These should last about three weeks before needing replacements. 4. Labial bow – this is one of the most delicate parts of a denture and will need to be replaced every few months. 5. Incisal bows, occlusal bows, and cutters – these will usually last four to six months before needing replacement due to heavy use in chewing food. 6. Partial Denture Abutments- these may be replaced every few years depending on their design and material.

Understanding When And Why Your Denture Will Need Replacing

Dentures are a popular way to restore your natural smile. However, many people forget about how their dentures will need replacing over time. And continue to wear the same one for long periods. Over time, if you have worn the same denture for too long it can begin to lose its original shape which could lead to severe soreness in your mouth, sores or abscesses, and even affect your overall oral health and become a possible indicator of other diseases or conditions such as diabetes. If you have been wearing the same denture for more than 7 years you should visit our office to discuss options and timelines on when or why a new one may be necessary.

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