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How Long Will Composite Decking Boards Last?

You may have heard that composite decking boards have a better-engineered structure that allows them to endure longer. Or have you been advised that composite decking is the way to go if you want a long-lasting material for your decking? This raises the question of whether composite decking is a long-lasting material. So, how long will composite decking boards last? Yes, composite decking or wood plastic composite decking will outlast wood or PVC decking. This article explains why wood plastic composite decking will survive for a long time.

Why are composite decking boards long-lasting?

Why are composite decking boards long-lasting?

The material composition of composite decking is the major reason it will survive longer than wood or PVC decking. Composite decking has a material mix that includes wood fiber and recyclable polymers. That’s not all there is to know about the material composition of wood plastic composite decking. The polythene or plastic, as well as the wood fiber, are sent to a plant where komposittrall manufacturers process or convert them into composite boards. Adding a bonding agent and heating the wood fiber and plastic until they blend and produce wood plastic composite decking boards is generally the method. This means that wood plastic composite decking is a man-made material that can withstand natural factors such as weather.


Remember how we said composite decking will resist natural elements in the last section? This is when the term “durability” comes into play. The term “durability” refers to the ability of wood plastic composite decking to withstand external pressure. It’s worth noting that the more a decking material can withstand external pressure, the longer it will stay. Rain, snow, heat, temperature changes, insects, and people are examples of external influences that might degrade a decking area. Another reason why wood plastic composite decking will endure a long time is that it will withstand all of these external influences.

The Elements and Insects Resistant

Composite decking will not crack, distort, or splinter when the temperature changes. This is due to the ease with which wood plastic composite decking expands and contracts. If you place your träplastkomposit decking outside and it rains, it will not absorb a lot of water. Moisture is what causes a decking material to bloat and decay. However, because composite decking only takes in a little amount of water, it will not decay. Your wood plastic composite decking will survive longer than wood decking that absorbs moisture as a result of this. Aside from moisture, composite decking is resistant to wood-eating insects such as termites and other insects.

As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about insects destroying your wood plastic composite decking.

Easy installation 

Easy installation 

Another advantage of composite decking over wood is its ease of installation. How does the ease of installation influence the decking’s longevity? If you buy a difficult-to-install decking material, there’s a risk you won’t follow recommended practices while putting the boards together. However, if you get a material like composite decking that is simple to install, you will be following best practices. When constructing composite decking, one of the recommended practices is to provide at least a 5 mm space between the boards for expansion.

Other Benefits of Composite Decking Boards 

Other Benefits of Composite Decking Boards Aside from being simple to install and lasting longer, wood plastic composite decking has a number of other advantages to consider.

Easy maintenance 

Decking planks are simple to maintain. With a few simple tools, you can simply maintain your composite decking. This is significant because how long your decking lasts is determined by how well it is maintained. The care and maintenance of wood plastic composite decking are straightforward. All you have to do is wipe dirt or the top of your decking with a light fabric. If you don’t want to use cloth, brush the top of your wood plastic composite decking using a broom. Also, you may clean the top of your wood plastic composite decking with a soft brush. It will last a long time if you maintain your wood plastic composite decking on a regular basis. Wood or wooden decking is difficult to maintain. To make your wood seem excellent, you must seal, stain, paint, or sand it. Sanding, staining, or sealing is a time-consuming and complex operation. That is why the majority of homeowners fail to maintain their wood decking, and why wood decking does not survive very long.


Will composite decking survive a long time? Yes, wood plastic composite decking boards will endure for a long time since they are sturdy, weather-resistant, and simple to maintain.

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