How long will you take to write a 1000 words essay ?

How long does a 1000-word essay paper take to write? Is it difficult for a person to produce a 1000-word essay? How do you make a 1000-word essay outline? Are these some of the main issues, for which you’re still scrolling over the web? If that’s the case, don’t worry because you’ve arrived to an instructive article that will explain and assist you in learning how to write a 1000-word essay in urgency.

How many pages are 1000 words?

In most cases 1000 words is 2 pages single spaced or 4 pages double spaced. But most probably you must first choose a font before determining the number of pages you’ll need. Arial or Times New Roman in a 12-point font size are suggested. That is a common, simple choice. Most readers prefer a traditional style. You might always push yourself with a more unusual typeface, like Calibri or Verdana; just be careful not to choose anything that will be too difficult to read. You want your advisor to focus on the information in your writing, not the style.

How Long Have You Been Writing?

Writing is a skill that requires time and repetition to master, whether it is for a course, a paper for school, a novel, a case study, an instruction manual, a debate, or another type of assignment.

The speed that you will write a 1000 words essay depend on your experience also.If you are a new writer that will take longer duration to write than experienced writer.This also can vary based on how well do you understand the topic.If you have been writing for long time but the topic you are writing may not be familiar with you.This will require more time for research on the topic.

You’re overthinking things if it takes you more than a day to write a thousand words. Or perhaps you have horrible typing abilities. On the other side, if you write too quickly, the outcomes probably won’t be what you expect, and you’ll have to take your time looking through the information again.

Common 1000 words structure

Most of 1000 words essay have a format that you are suppose to follow.You must be familiar with the structure of an essay before writing one. You can never write an excellent essay without following the right format. All essay forms share a same framework with the 1000 word essay. The length is the only distinction, though.

1.Introduction(200 words )

2. Body(600 words)

  • Paragraph 1 (200 words)

  • Topic sentence
  • Argument
  • Evidence
  • Concluding statement
  • Paragraph 2 (200 words)

  • Topic sentence
  • Argument
  • Evidence
  • Concluding statement
  • Paragraph 3 (200 words)

  • Topic sentence
  • Argument
  • Evidence
  • Concluding statement

3. Conclusion(200 words)

Formatting 1000 word

The suitable paper format is another factor that has a big impact on the grade. Your professor will typically provide instructions on the appropriate font, margins, alignment, and citation style to employ. Depending on the essay, the title page is also styled differently.

In addition to the format, the citation style is a crucial technical component of your essay. The speed that you will take also matters with the type of referencing style you use.The Chicago and Harvard styles are used less frequently than the APA and MLA styles, which are the two that are most frequently used.

How many sources you use in your essay will determine how many references you need for a 1000 word essay. However, a 1000 word essay can be referenced using 12 sources.

Because every professor has a varied set of requirements, you can also speak with your professor and add references to your essay.


In conclusion The difficulty of writing a 1000 word essay depends on you or your imagination. The amount of time spent on research, your capacity for planning, your typing speed, and whether or not you have strong understanding abilities are some of the aspects that are crucial when writing an essay.

Usually, it takes  3.5 hours to do the topic research and write a 1000 word essay. But it’s entirely up to you. It could take you a lot longer to do your research, or you might run out of topical essay ideas. You must devote more time to your essay in these circumstances.




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