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How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost in 2022?

Flutter App Development Cost

Our day revolves around various mobile applications, be it the fitness application, social media platform, etc. Mobile applications are considered crucial for every other activity we are doing. The more users ask for mobile apps, the more app owners have to build them.

The immense demand for mobile applications has made developers busy developing applications and entrepreneurs for calculating the development cost. In this blog, we would like to take you on a survey of why to use Flutter for app development and how much does Flutter App development cost in 2022.

Introduction to Flutter

Flutter was introduced in 2017 by Google and became one of the most reliable frameworks in the cross-platform community. With the help of Flutter, developers can develop Android and iOS mobile applications with a single codebase. According to Statista, Flutter is listed in the Top 10 most popular frameworks and holds the first position in the cross-platform frameworks. Therefore, this blog will help you understand the Flutter App development cost.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Choose Flutter?

You might want to know why emerging startups choose Flutter for app development. The by-product of the below provides the reasons behind the Flutter App development cost. Here are some benefits that make Flutter cost effective for app development:

Lesser Cost for Application Development

As the resource and time allocation for developing a Flutter application is lesser, the development cost would be less automatically.

Lesser Testing Time

Since the development results, single codebase QA can save time because they have to test only one application version. Reduced time for testing is bliss for the QA team and developers. It is a boon when the Flutter application developed for a single platform runs smoothly and efficiently on other platforms. Time and cost can both be saved without compromising the quality of the application.

Better Resource Management

An entrepreneur can hire a Flutter developer or a team that does both iOS and Android developers. This reduces the psychological cost of project managers as they have to deal with small development teams.

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Provides Better UI Experience

Flutter gives the best user interface with the help of Virtual UI design in the application developed on Flutter. Being an entrepreneur, you will plan to launch your application as early as possible to have all marketing perks. The faster your app is launched, the sooner it will be created in the market.

In addition to that, your initial users help you understand their experiences, from which you can know their expectations. The latest release of Flutter has expanded the reusable components and materials to a great extent, increasing flexibility and making it more expressive.

Developers can reuse approximately 95% of the Flutter code, enhancing the application’s scalability and reducing the Flutter app maintenance cost.

Reusability of Code

Flutter allows developers to use the same code base for different platforms in application development. This benefit makes it more flexible in solving bugs and helps in faster development.

Flutter for Web and Desktop

Google has extended Flutter’s capability to the Web as well. That means Flutter can be used beyond the mobile app. It is always helpful to have Desktop Embedding with Flutter for any early stage, making it reachable to the desktop.

Community Support

As we know, Flutter is an open-source framework developed by Google. So it has a wide range of active community users over more than 20.8K on Github and received 137K starts on Github. So If you are choosing Flutter for web development, you can get support and guidance from the active community of Flutter.

Free and Open-Source

Flutter is an entirely free and open-source platform and allows developers to implement innumerable third-party libraries and packages for different features like videos, ads, chat, etc.

Thus, lesser development time, testing time, application development cost, and many more make it an ideal choice for choosing Flutter for mobile application development. In case you as a product owner want to weigh Flutter on the technical aspects, then here are some technical reasons:

  • Flutter is written in Dart programming language, which uses Ahead-of-Time (AOT) Techniques for compiling into native code. Unlike React Native, Flutter doesn’t use any additional bridge to compile into native code. And this increases the start-up time of the application. Flutter uses reactive development architecture, as shown below.

Flutter architecture

  • Thanks to Dart for providing Debugging tools. Developers can use Dart Analyzer and Data Observatory tools to debug particular commands’ errors. You can explore more at Flutter debug documentation.
  • Flutter provides both – Ready-made Widgets and Custom Widgets. Because of this, the time taken for customizing UI is the least in Flutter compared to other mobile frameworks.
  • Hot Reloading function mainly allows seeing the changes made in real-time. Consider that; you want to fix an error that you’ve encountered while running the application. In Flutter, you can fix errors without restarting the whole thing.
  • Using Plugins – Flutter allows developers to use third-party plugins in the application development procedure. Moreover, it provides variety in choosing which plugins will be more suitable for your application.

So, this was about why you should choose Flutter for cross-platform application and what makes Flutter an optimal choice for building MVP.

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Significant Factors Affecting Flutter App Development Cost in 2022

Let’s move further and see the possible factors that will affect the cost of developing the Flutter app.

1. Development Time for Native App v/s Flutter App

When estimating native applications, we consider development time for both platforms. Flutter is a cross-platform framework that allows developers to write a single codebase for Android and iOS. Due to this, the estimated time for developing a Flutter app reduces to half compared to a native app.

2. Complexity of Features

How complex your mobile application will affect the estimation to a great extent. The more complex the features are, the more time is needed for development. Features are a crucial part of any mobile application and they are also directly proportional to the development cost.

A straightforward feature takes 4-5 days to develop, whereas features like chat, video calls, payment integration, and others take more than a month or two. The complexity of features also decides how many skilled developers you need to hire. And more skillful developers are again directly proportional to development cost. Thus, everything is interconnected.

3. Developer Cost Geographically

The Flutter developer hourly rate varies from one location to another. The location from where you hire the Flutter development team will influence your estimation a lot. Various regions have various rates. Let’s take the USA and Ukraine; the average rate of developers in the USA is approximately $150-200$/hour, while it’s $25-$50/hour in Ukraine.

Here is a table that will help in understanding the Flutter app development cost in India and other countries, so that you can compare them:

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In North America

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In North America $100 to $250

The average hourly cost to hire Flutter developer in US and Canada region range from $100 to $250 depending upon the experience of Flutter developer.

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In Europe

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In Europe $50 to $70

The average rate to hire Flutter developer in Europe starts from $50, which can go upto $150 hourly based on the seniority of Flutter developers.

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In Australia

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In Australia $50 to $80

The cost to hire Flutter developer depends on the company’s requirements for their product development. The average cost for Junior developer stays between $50-$80 hourly, and senior developer costs around $80-$150 per hour.

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In Asia

Flutter Developer Hourly Rates In Asia $20 to $100

The average hourly Flutter developer cost in the Asia region varies from $20 to $100. The cost to hire Flutter developer India stays $23 per hour, which has been offered by Bacancy, one of the top development companies available.

So, this was about giving a clear idea of the cost to develop Flutter App. One of the significant benefits of using Flutter is it is cost-effective compared to other frameworks.

Flutter Maintenance and Support

Once the app is developed, the advantages and disadvantages can be analyzed post-launch. The Flutter application deployment on the Playstore does not fulfill the purpose as the app requires ongoing flutter application maintenance support based on users’ feedback. So you can also hire Flutter developer for your existing Flutter app maintenance to avoid future blunders at cost-effective rates.

Is Flutter an Ideal choice for every app?

This a very common question that comes to the product owner’s mind is Flutter is suitable for my respective business. So the answer is very simple Flutter is very flexible which means that it can be used as an application development framework for any business category.

There are many large-scale organizations from varied domains and industries that have used Flutter for their business. The companies like Airbnb, Tencent, Alibaba, Uber, and many others. One of the main reasons that make it ideal for every possible business category is that a single base code( mentioned in the above section of the blog ) can be used in multiple platforms such as web applications, Android Apps, iOS applications, Windows, etc.

Another reason worth considering is that Flutter is the only available framework that works with mobile SDK ( Software Development Kit ) which makes it different from other frameworks.

Key Takeaway

Having said this, it’s not a straightforward task to estimate the cost of developing a Flutter App. The cost is directly related to the project’s complexity, resources you hire, the location of developers, overall development, and QA time.

The Flutter app development cost could range from $2500 based on your Flutter app’s features, functionalities, and complexity. Flutter application costs may vary from project to project. If you plan to build a feature-rich Flutter application, then get in touch with us to build a one-of-a-kind application fulfilling your business requirements.

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