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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Multi-Service App Like Gojek?

With a solution providing a multitude of services all in one place, the business will also be quite successful. This is in terms of generating maximum customers, and second, making maximum revenues. You may be wondering why? Well, simply because, when customers get easy access to different services at one place, starting from food, to grocery, they remain retained to services for a long time too.

When discussing the multi-service application, Gojek is a name that one cannot forget to mention.

Introducing You to Gojek

Gojek is reputed for supporting customers in getting access to different services all at one place, apart from helping the delivery professionals perform deliveries and rides all at one place, thereby giving them a multitude of job opportunities first and receiving commissions as well for the different tasks they perform.

Thus, if you are a multi-service business provider, and are in thoughts of it’s a good idea to have an app similar to Gojek, this article is for you.

In the article, I have highlighted the reasons why a multi-service app has such massive popularity.

Reasons for the Popularity of Gojek

  • One app has all the services included within them. This means users are saved off the worry of having multiple apps for their different purposes as the Gojek solution alone has all of these services included within. This is of course a unique aspect if observed particularly from the customer’s point of view.
  • As a result of the app having the different services such as food delivery, grocery delivery, taxi booking, and so on, all included within one place itself, therefore, the cost related to taking advantage of these services will be less, as one app will empower them to the capability to pay for the services they take advantage of at one place alone.
  • With the solution promises a seamless navigation experience to the user while using it, apart from providing them access to a wide array of options too to choose from in terms of services, and most importantly due to its availability in a wide array of cities too, goes on to make it a hot favorite among customers too.

All these reasons are enough to make it clear why the app is so popular after all, especially among those who are setting up their new multi-service business.

It is however important to state here that for a new entrepreneurial venture, building an app from scratch will not only consume much of their time but their finances too. Therefore, the best way to go about this is with a Gojek clone app.

All You Should Know about Gojek Clone

For new ventures who are embarking on the journey of delivering multi-service business through a mobile app, the best way forward to perform this task is with the Gojek clone app.

Built using the customizable, and, responsive Gojek clone script, it provides flexibility to customize the app with the necessary features that would help scale their multi-service business, apart from making it easy for them, as well, to seamlessly operate it across different platforms like Android, iOS, etc.

Additionally, through the presence of an absolutely user-friendly design, and, the multi-language support within the solution, therefore, no matter where the business owner may be located, they can seamlessly deliver their services, thereby making it easy for them to reach a wider customer base too.

Some of the other reasons that make the solution such a hot favourite among users:

  • Feasibility for customers to book their rides, or order services both through the app.
  • Access to nearby drivers or service providers so that customers can seamlessly find the professionals within their vicinity.
  • Book now or later making it easy for users to book a service for the same day or a later date.
  • In-app chat and call to allow seamless communication between the customer and the driver or service provider.
  • Contactless delivery makes it easy for the customer to simply notify the delivery personnel through the app to drop off their respective delivery outside their houses.
  • An in-app wallet allows users to add their money within the digital wallet of the solution and make seamless payments for the services they avail of.

All these reasons and much more are enough to give you an idea of why it is after all a good idea to have the Gojek clone app for your new multi-service business.

However, there are some areas that you should take into due consideration before you inculcate the solution. This includes-

  1. Remember one very important thing, when building a solution, if you do not know who your audience is, and do not identify their needs, you would unfortunately not be able to generate too much success. Therefore, it is necessary that you perform due research. In other words, understand if the country where you launch the app is in requirement of the services that you are considering incorporating. If the answer is yes, then go ahead, and have them included.
  2. Partner with as many drivers, grocery shops, restaurants, and so on, as is possible from your own end. For this task, you can get in touch with data analysts. They will help you understand the areas of importance.  This will give you clarity on the strategies that would drive your success.
  3. Select a business model that suits your needs. This may range from on-demand, aggregated, and so on. Once, you understand and identify your target audience, it becomes easier to find an appropriate business model.

Simultaneously, it is a good idea to pay heed to the revenue stream. In other words, select a revenue stream that will help you to make maximum revenues through your Gojek clone app. This may range from a commission-based model to in-app advertising.

This is possible only with the assistance of an appropriate profit-generating stream. With it, you get the assurance that your solution would make enough revenue.

Cost to Develop a Multi-Service App like Gojek

I have enlisted some areas that can assist you in this regard –

  • The UI/UX design
  • App development platform (Android, iOS, or both)
  • The app functionalities included
  • The third-party integrations incorporated
  • The number of quality checks performed
  • The maintenance tasks performed

However, partnering with the best mobile app development company will accelerate the pace of this task.

Concluding Words

Reading this article, I am sure you have understood why apps like Gojek are a gateway to enormous business success.

Therefore, if not done yet, get a Gojek clone included within your operations now. It will also make it easier for you to showcase your different services, and gain insight into your overall progress. Finally, you will be able to support service providers in delivering their services seamlessly and earn well out of it.

However, it is recommended to perform your research well. This is for services you want to add, and the needs your users have.  This will ensure that your app becomes a hit and is able to reach the right people. Additionally, you can get in touch with a reputed mobile app development company. Their experience and knowledge in cost for Gojek clone app development, and the app market will support your business success.  Simultaneously, through the solution, they will assist you to make maximum revenues and customers.

Anita Shah

I am a project coordinator at XongoLab Technologies, a reputed mobile app development company. I love to write informative articles and share my knowledge through content marketing.

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