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How Office Renovation Can Affect Office Productivity?

Office remodeling is much more than just aesthetics. The look of your interior fit out companies London is as crucial as the way it feels to your employees and customers.

If you are able to impress your customers, make your employees feel happy, and boost productivity by your office makeover without breaking the bank or stopping your business for too long, then only then can you claim that your office makeover was a complete success?

How To Begin

When you are planning your dream office, you must seek an expert opinion. Or else you’ll have to face a renovation nightmare. Where can you find professional guidance?

Start with this guide and begin your renovation process. This guide to the best fit out companies in London covers all important areas to think about during the process of renovation. It covers relevant subjects like the layout of offices, contemporary designs, the management of downtime, and other aspects that impact the office’s operations during the renovation process.

Are You Aware Of The Reasons You’d Like To Revamp Your Office?

What is the motivation behind your project apart from the reality that your walls look like they’re in need of a fresh coating of paint? A renovation of your office is not an easy task, but if it is done correctly, the business and its workers will reap numerous benefits.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of An Effective Office Design

The process of arranging a commercial office involves managing a lot of moving components, with the possibility of business losses and legal implications if it’s not executed properly.

As office interior fit-out London professionals we deal with these issues daily, so we thought we’d highlight certain areas that you should be aware of to avoid any potential workplace fitout issues.

What Can Go Wrong?

Well, a lot! Office fitouts and office renovations must take into account ergonomics in the workplace, workplace comfort as well as accessibility and compliance requirements; Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations, etc. In addition, the actual building phase comes with its own set of requirements concerning safety at the site, plus OH&S and substantial project management!

In short, more can go wrong when the project isn’t scheduled or carried out. Below is a list of guidelines and rules that can help you when you’re planning an office remodel or office renovation.


Make Plans In Advance

It’s not as difficult as it seems that planning is the most essential aspect of an office fitout. Making an interior fit out companies London plan of action provides a structure that all stakeholders including tradies to designers are guided and their performance is compared.

The three main issues to consider at this point are objectives, budget, and timeline. Once you’ve identified these three fundamental aspects you will be able to move on to third or second-tier issues.

For instance, your decision about whether to relocate to an office temporarily in the course of renovation is a second matter. It is contingent on the scope of the construction (goals) as well as the cost of renting (budget) and if the dates for construction are during holidays for office workers (timeline).

A clearly defined plan that includes clearly defined steps with a reporting structure and accountability set the stage for a better-organized workflow. It also minimizes communication difficulties. Avoid the urge to hammer out the details in the future when you are able to do it now.

Assist The Building’s Management

95percent of office fitouts take place located in commercial office buildings and it is essential to make sure that all work is in accordance with the building’s requirements, codes, and building management’s other rules and regulations.

The ability to be patient and available is essential in the context of compliance, as the administrative hurdles and general exchanges with building management in order to be able to approve the work quickly and within budget.

When Possible, Work Outside Office Hours When It Is

The cost of office downtime is high. This is why many businesses work through their entire office renovation. No matter what type of office you are in, you’re aware it’s nearly difficult to function in the midst of a noisy, messy, and dusty building environment.

If working from an office that is temporary isn’t a possibility, it’s best to select a team who is willing to work outside of office hours. This is a good option in order to create an uncluttered, safe and healthy workplace for the office employees.

Know The Impact Of Access To Sites

Access to the site in CBD areas is an issue! Parking of vehicles for tradesmen and deliveries to coordination with building management regarding lift access and approvals each have their own unique challenges!

It is crucial that the contractors you hire for construction are knowledgeable and experienced in working in these space-constrained commercial areas. Understanding how to safely move equipment into and out of multi-story office buildings and how it affects timeframes and budgets will spare you numerous stressful times.


As the primary point of contact throughout the project, The Project Manager is responsible for planning and coordinating all tasks onsite. This involves ensuring small offices fit out London and trades arrive on time and in the correct order.

The ability of the Project Manager to restrict access to the site for various teams. The schedule of work is crucial. This will help avoid the situation in which tradespeople and suppliers get out of each other’s way and slow the overall pace of work.

Let Tradespeople Be At Their Own Devices

A mistake in the process could have grave consequences. Imagine a scenario in which the plumbers running the pipes show up after the floor tiles are laid. Or, even more seriously the plumber isn’t able to attach the pipes to the sewers in any way!

Alleviate Your Stress

When you’re transforming your office space or opting for a complete remodel. There is plenty to consider when you are looking to create an efficient, profitable, and fashionable workplace.

In order to ensure that you have the office space that your business deserves, get an expert team. Beware of the dangers of a bad office layout and get it done on time and within budget.

The Reasons To Renovate The Office

A few of the most common reasons that businesses need to upgrade their office include:

1. As A Company Grows As It Expands, So Do The Requirements Of Its Office Space

The real reasons for expansion aren’t important. Whether it’s the addition of employees, a higher demand, or even a shift in objectives. But what is important is that in order in order to keep up with these shifts, the company needs to change to meet. The current as well as future demand for growth.

2. Staying Current

The old saying goes, “First impressions are everything!” Clients will have a negative image of your office if it is in poor, drab, or outdated condition. Even if the products or services are up-to-date and cutting-edge outdated offices make you appear as if:

3. Greater Productivity

A more relaxing workspace enhances productivity and efficiency. A study found a typical office remodel can boost the productivity of employees by 12 percent.

The ways in which a redesign could increase the productivity of employees include:

  •         The goal is to create more spaces where employees are able to do their work.
  •         Collaboration among employees.
  •         This reduces wear and tear and increases employee enthusiasm and confidence.

A new office refurbishment company can boost your profits when executed correctly. Research shows that workplace space plays an important role in the productivity of employees and customer perception. Both are key elements in boosting profit margins.

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