How Shopify is Revolutionising Online Selling By Social Commerce

Didn’t your Shopify store enter into the social commerce world till now,  then it’s time to do it. Social commerce removed the desire to buy at the brand’s store or website. Here in the article let’s find how Shopify is changing online selling with social commerce.

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is a component of ecommerce where retailers can sell products via social media platforms. That access potential consumers engage with the brands and browse goods to buy them. Social commerce makes customers buy directly from social platforms. In a few cases, social platforms can include links that lead then to the product page. So the customer could finish the purchase.

Ecommerce sales saw a steady growth rate since 2003, ecommerce booming during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As per the marketer, the US social ecommerce market raised by 38% to $26.77 billion which is expected to grow to $50 billion at the end of 2023.

Difference between Social Commerce Vs. Traditional Commerce?

Rather than comparing them, the crucial point which we should understand is that their goals are the same. Sell products to people over the internet. How every platform accomplishes is unique. Conventional commerce is complex. Scrolling a site and going to the menu, then finding a product and placing your order, paying the retailer with cart abandonment.

By using social commerce, buying journeys can happen under one roof.  Just finding products, exploring reviews, and chatting with the brand. There are a few steps involved to buy through social commerce. Typically,  customers hover over the store,  pick a product and pay for it then get a shipment in the normal online store. You won’t find any interaction between customer and brand.   With social commerce, consumers get in touch with brands without buying anything. That strengthens connections between merchants and customers.

One can only run ads for stores over social media. However, when you think to sync social commerce and Shopify you can find many chances open for you. Social media is all about community building, a  happy customer brings ten more customers. Talk with a Shopify agency to know strategies to promote your brand and sell products through social commerce platforms.

Which platforms provide social commerce?

Social commerce is now accessible on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Hopefully, by the end of 2022, we can see this on YouTube too. Users creating shops on social media with a pro account. Social commerce over Instagram and Facebook works in the same way. On Instagram, you can add shoppable posts even in reels and Stories content too.

If people view products tagged in the posts, they select tags and find product data. After clicking on tags they can visit the shop and can find more data. One can tag 30 products in the post. That can look tough. Don’t add over 10 tags per post. Get a Shopify plus agency help regarding shoppable posts and the content.

How is Shopify shaking up Online Selling?

As per the Shopify report, global sales via social media can get tripled by 2025. Moreover, Tiktok & Shopify access selling from the accounts through the store tab.

Moreover, Shopify launched Linkpop for influencers to provide direct links to people to get their businesses. Shopify included a ten-person crew dedicated to developing sites, and manufacturers, helping celebrities and artists, and funding whole enterprises.

Shopify declared possession of Dovetale. This manages Shopify’s social media marketing campaigns that are accessible to every user freely.  Shopify investing in many tools for influencers & merchants. As Shopify is in the process of booming online selling,  it’s your time to get into the right moment

Benefits of Shopify Social Commerce

1. Reach a targeted audience

As we know that the number of several sal media users is in the millions and the number can increase. So your potential audience is there on the platform. Look at the content you provide, content frequency, and post quality, and use certain hashtags & keywords. If you are ready to use perfect keywords and hashtags, then your audience can easily find you while looking for brands like you.

2. Boost Traffic

Social media mainly works on 3 elements which are shares, comment, and likes that offers users opportunities to interact with the brands. That made social commerce the best place to boost engagement.

3. Visual Marketing

What made social media is its visuals and pictures, which made people keep on scrolling.  Most marketers are looking to step up their game in visual marketing as they can influence the audience to love the brand.

4. Build a trustworthy Brand

Consumer loyalty and brand trust are important to get multiple purchases from one customer. In terms of developing trust, try to embrace content by consumers portraying experience with the brand like user-generated content. This content is placed over social commerce like a shoppable post. That encourages customers and develops trust among them.

5. Known the audience

Most social media platforms offer analytics that tracks buying behaviors of consumers. So, now you can cater products & content to the target audience.

For instance, if your customers are between 20-30 Tiktok or Instagram are the best option. Collect demographic info about customers, and know what they love and don’t love. They offer messages and products which meet their requirements.

6. Hassle-free buying

Social media platforms offer in-app checkout and buy buttons, that remove excessive steps in the purchasing process. A seamless purchasing process makes users pass throughout the purchases where you could lessen risk and boosts sales.

7. Social proof

Shoppers, especially online shoppers, weren’t going to trust the brand. Even after reading consumer reviews, comparing them will be a confusing state.

With the built-in social proof of social commerce, businesses could create a positive feedback loop. Few strategies offer consumers incentives such as discounts and giveaways. You can create hashtags with which people can share videos & pictures of your products with


Business evolving and changing every day where we see new technology come up. If you own a business, then you should know social commerce value. And know how to use it to bring out the best abilities. Making new social relationships is a need to develop trust. More social selling opportunities mean more leads. Take advantage of this and make it simple for customers to engage and make them buy products online.


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