How The Right Engine Oil Transforms Your Car Performance

Engine Oil

We usually talk about the amazing tyre dealers in Dubai offering top-quality products to the consumers. And undoubtedly, tyres are an integral component. But other factors add to your car’s overall performance as well. Engine oil, automotive lubricants, and car battery are the other critical elements vital to your vehicle’s overall performance.

Engine Oil and Automotive Lubricants

Engine oil is a lubricant that improves engine performance. It enhances the functionality. It is available in various forms, including mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic. The mineral oils come from crude oil, and usually, the older engine models use it. The synthetic oils are either utterly synthetically or use chemically adaptive mineral oils.

The right oil will help you make the most of the machinery. The lubricants minimize friction between the machine parts to maintain proper temperature and avoid any resistivity in the functionality. It helps to prevent any unnecessary wear or any intensive damage. Since several dust particles are likely going to accumulate, lubricants assist in removing them and ensuring that there is no clogging in the parts. With minimal rust to worry about, it increases the lifespan of the car parts to a significant extent. Auto lubricants also help in minimizing friction and reducing heat.

Lubricants are mainly oil-based; still, every vehicle has the typical type that is ideal for it. There are various lubricants made for every piece of equipment. You can know about it via the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to avoid serious problems.

Why Is Engine Oil So Important?

Engine oil works like the essential ingredient that enhances the vehicle’s life. If you aren’t changing the oil regularly, you are likely to face an expensive breakdown. A regular oil change is also cheap, and as a car owner, you can do it yourself. Engine Oil keeps the components working smoothly. The presence of various chemical compounds assists in keeping the impurities at bay. Some of the additives present in the motor oil are:

  • Corrosion inhibitors prevent rust through a protective film
  • Antioxidants that help move the impurities away and keep the engine parts running smoothly
  • Foam inhibitors that work against the formation of bubbles and foam in the oil
  • Anti-wear agents that help in providing quick lubrication as the engine starts. In turn, it guards the engine parts and prevents damage.

What does Engine Oil do To My Car?

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  • One of the essential purposes of engine oil is to provide ample lubrication so that the internal parts may continue to perform without a hitch. It thoroughly lubricates the internal components that minimize friction considerably when they come in contact. It greatly extends the life of your car’s engine.
  • Whenever an engine works, it does result in the creation of contaminants such as dust, acids, metal particles, or more. When the engine oil circulates, it stops the dirt from mixing into the engine components that may otherwise result in damage. The dispersants in the engine oil maintain the cleanliness of the engine.
  • Since the engine heats up after it starts, the engine oil plays a role in removing it and moving it somewhere else. Surprisingly 40% of the cooling is in the hands of the engine oil.
  • The oil creates a barrier between the components so no corrosion can occur. Some additives neutralize the erosion chemically with the newer engine oils.
  • The engine oil creates protection on the tiny spaces between the cylinder and the piston that enhances the overall performance.

We often find a constant emphasis on changing the engine oil regularly. It helps in maintaining the health of the engine. Although with the newer oils, you don’t have to change it so frequently. But it would help if you did it once in a while.

What Happens If You Don’t Change It?

If you don’t change the oil on a regular basis, it can become thick and result in engine sludge. The heat that comes out of the engine turns the engine sludge to become harder, which creates issues in the pistons and valves. It then moves in the engine parts affecting the oil to perform a proper clean-up. Such matters can further result in overheating, problems in starting the car, or power loss. As a result, oil starvation starts to happen due to the blockage.

Why Pick Castrol Oil?

With the correct oil, your car components can experience smooth functionality. You don’t have to worry about insufficient lubrication with high-quality Castrol Oil. It keeps the engine cool, protects against corrosion, and maintains cleanliness. It offers the viscosity and additives that the engine requires.

Car Batteries – AC Delco Battery

Since it is the heart of the vehicle, it is best to invest in a quality product such as AC Delco Battery. You will not only experience durability but a guarantee of prolonged performance. A battery can last for up to 3 to 5 years, depending on how you take care of it.

Buy Only The Best – Tyre Shops In Dubai

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A tyre is a fundamental part of any vehicle that determines its performance. You can reach your favorite destination with a flat tyre. And therefore, you only need to go with quality. As a member of the Al-Rostamani Company, CTC offers comprehensive guidance and assistance in buying the products best suited for your car. Apart from providing multiple Tyre offers for Dubaithey have everything you should know about other car components.


A quality engine oil will lubricate the various parts of your engine meticulously. And will optimize the overall performance of the vehicle. Car parts are likely to experience better protection and corrosion with less friction. It ensures that the dust particles do not damage the engine parts and help remove them. Otherwise, the engine parts are likely to face heating up, resulting in a breakdown. You can take assistance and clear guidance from a company such as CTC. Especially if you are thinking of buying a new car, having adequate and correct knowledge will help you take all the right steps.


George Gary is a technical writer with a background in the automotive industry. He spends most of his time writing informative blogs to help people know how to make their life better.

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