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How To Access The darkweb/deepweb markets

How to use the darknet

If you’re here, you’ve probably asked yourself questions like How to find the deep web and/or how to find deep web sites, did I get that right,How to buy drugs on darkweb?

If I did, well, in that case, you’re exactly where you should be, considering the sole purpose of me scribbling this piece down is to help you find deep web sites with as much simplicity and step-by-step guidance as possible.

The reason finding deep web sites is so hard is because you can’t simply Google for them. Also, as quite a few of these are illegal, people do not publicly share their links on the clearnet.

And, when they do, the sites are mostly down because that’s another problem with the .onion links, they go down quite frequently. Worry not, I’ll help you find deep web sites in seconds!

But before that, let’s answer one basic question, “What are Deep Web Sites?” As, you clearly are new to the Deep Web, I believe this question may still lurk around, unanswered for you, isn’t that right,How to buy drugs on darkweb?

Difference Between Clearnet and Deep Web Sites

I guess you’re already educated on what the Deep web is, it’s nothing more than a bunch of sites on the onion network in the simplest possible sentence.

Now here’s what separates these Deep web sites from the clearnet ones:

  • Deep Web sites can be accessed with the help of an onion network browser, such as Tor; as well as without one. While clearnet sites can also be accessed with other general browsers such as Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Deep Web sites aren’t always legal, but not all such sites are illegal either, while clearnet sites are mostly legal.
  • Most Deep Web sites are uncensored and the govt. doesn’t hold any control over them, legal or otherwise, while the clearnet sites aren’t so independent,How to buy drugs on darkweb.
  • Clearnet sites have an understandable URL, such as; while only a part of Deep web sites are understandable, and the rest is random numbers and/or letters.

Difference Between ResTor.Live and Darkwebsites.

You’re searching for ways to find Deep Web sites in seconds, but this also inadvertently opens you up to “Darkwebsites”.

ResTor.Live aren’t always illegal while the Darkweb almost always is. This is where you can find Darknet Markets, money-laundering platforms, services or murders/rape/kidnapping etc and even Child Porn!

Also, while the Deepweb can at times be accessed on the Clearnet (as it’s just “unindexed data”) the Darkweb is more isolated and requires special tools such as i2P or Tor.

The “Darkweb” is a sub-set of the Deepweb. It has all the characteristics of the Deepweb, and then some more.

As a Deepweb enthusiast, you need to be extra careful on this Darker side of the deep web. The links to both the Deep and the Dark web looks exactly the same, hence there’s no way of knowing in advance what the destination holds.

So it’s best to exit a platform/website as soon as you see even a shimmer of what may be considered to be illegal. There’s no official marker or line separating the Deep web from the Darkweb.

Note: Make sure you download Tor Browser and NordVPN (optional) before proceeding, as much of this guide relies on the onion network which can only be accessed via the Tor browserHow to buy drugs on darkweb.

Or, you can refer to our complete guide on How to access the deep web here.

How to Find Deep Web Sites?

So, how do you find working deep web sites? For starters, and if you’re short on time, you can simply check out our 31 Best and Most Popular, Working Tor Links which we published just this week.

And if that list doesn’t satisfy your cravings for the Deep web, here’s how to find deep web sites in detail.


Just like there’s The Hidden Wiki and Tor Links, we decided to create our very own Darkweb links’ index. The only difference being while THW and Tor Links aren’t monitored that frequently, this list of ours is.

Infact, there’s every chance that this Darkweb links’ index is the most active, and most vetted Darkweb link index in existence on the internet. Being honest, this very well can be a better alternative for finding Deep/Dark web links than THW or Tor links!

That’s because we not only have manually verified the activeness (online status) of every single link mentioned; but also have made sure that the sites which are known to be scams and fraud to us aren’t included over here,How to buy drugs on darkweb.

There’s not much of interface to be understood either; it’s just a normal page on this very site, with the site’s name, its onion link and a pretty detailed description (one with more information and facts than THW or Tor Links).

Bottomline, if your question was “How to find the deep web links“, there are but a few answers better than this.



It’s basically a link-directory, which holds a plethora of links for you to follow. The only problem is, not all of those links are working, but that’s more of a general deep web problem rather than a Hidden Wiki problem.

In the least, the links on ResTor.Live have a “description” which makes it easy for you to know where you’re heading which isn’t always possible for links on the deep web.

Also, when it comes to actively “finding” sites for a certain need, ResTor.Live fulfils the purpose as it has categorized its sites neatly on a right-sidebar, as obviously you can’t simply ask the Internet for stuff such as “Best red rooms” or “drug store link”, can you?

The ResTor.Live also has a “search” option which helps you find sites in a certain industry or type if you want to.


Things to Take Care of

I believe I’ve provided as many solutions regarding how to find deep web sites as I’m aware of, and trust me those are more than enough.

But, simply getting the “links” isn’t enough. Before accessing the Deep web, you need to make sure your identity is safe and can’t be intercepted considering how that part of the web can turn out to be a can of worms at times.

So, first of all make sure you’ve got Tor, along with a good enough VPN, I personally use and trust NordVPN in case you need straight directions.

Once you get the VPN, even then, you need to be cautious before clicking any links you get from any sources, especially reddit or social media, as the links can’t be verified or aren’t legally monitored, spam and scam are abundant over there.

Moreover, when do you get to a Tor/Dark web link be sure to never enter your real-life information on any forms/pages/comments whatsoever. Your name, address, your pet’s name, your girlfriends’ dead mother’s name, absolutely nothing.

Secondly, when using a VPN, any VPN, be sure to change your VPN-location every time you connect to a clearnet browser (e.g. Google Chrome).

However, the most important thing to remember is, never get involved in any illegal activity. Buying/selling illegal drugs, illegal porn, weapons, ordering hitmen services (not even for fun) etc. If you don’t do anything illegal, even if you leave a few security loopholes you wouldn’t be in major trouble.

And, in case you find yourselves on a page you aren’t sure of, such as a gun-shop or child porn, hit the close button as soon as you can, just to be on the safe side.

Anti-phishing measures

As just explained, dark web links are “hard to remember” because of their URL structure. As a result, they’re often duplicated by scammers.

So, anyone can create a .onion site which looks, feels, and even spells like the official Facebook domain, with just a single or a few changes in the URL.

It’s pretty easy to clone Tor links, e.g. facebo8s012.onion can easily be mistaken for facebo8s21.onion, facebo02142.onion and so on. Most of us don’t even read the gibberish on Tor links. When we do, we don’t generally remember the original URL of the link we’re trying to visit.

So, you need to know how “not” to find Dark web links as well. For starters, never trust .onion links if they ever just arrive in your social media inbox, or E-mail. Secondly, do not trust links you find on social media in general. As in, on pages, groups etc.

Even though Reddit and Quora are some of the best dark web link sources; even they can’t be fully trusted. Simply because they’re “user-generated’ sites. Anyone can post any link claiming it to be of anything.

Hence, on Darkweb markets, always verify your “anti-phishing” code that you may have set earlier. If it’s your first-time, always deposit a negligible amount first to test the waters. For Bitcoin tumblers, check if the site provides a letter of guarantee.

Unfortunately, you can still be scammed on the dark web and there just isn’t any guaranteed method of always getting the most legitimate links.

Hence, you need to make sure the source of your links are extremely trustworthy and secure. The Hidden Wiki is one such place, our link-directory of 151 links too is pretty clean. However, there always can be discrepancies.

Is it illegal to Find Deep Web Sites?

As you’re here searching for how to find deep web sites, you may be asking yourselves, is it illegal to do so?

Nope, nah, nada. “Searching” for links, or even browsing them isn’t illegal in most scenarios, in most countries.

It may be simple research, or a curious mind, so feel free to stroll around the deep web as long as you do not “involve” yourself in any illegal activity.

Infact, there are quite a few positive sites on the deep web as well, such as anonymous, decentralized E-mail services, anonymous whistle-blowing sites etc. which are completely legal to use and share.

Legal and Financial Disclaimer

Do not, we repeat, do not buy/sell/trade or get involved in any illegal activity on the Darknet.

Secondly, we only know of these “methods” to find deep web sites.

We do not vouch for the legitimacy of the results you see.

So a Bitcoin Casino that you search for, a Bitcoin mixer, a darknet marketplace, or anything else that you may find using these methods may very well be a scam.

Hence, we can’t be held responsible for any of your actions or loss, financial or otherwise.

All your actions are solely your own responsibility and should be done after your own research.

Final Words

So that’s a wrap folks, and I hope I helped you find deep web sites? If you still got questions, feel free to drop them on our Facebook Page or Group; I promise I’ll answer them.

If you do implement even the first two methods shared here, that’s the Hidden Wiki & Tor Links, I believe you’ll have more links than you can possibly browse in a month or so,How to buy drugs on darkweb.

  You can read All my posts here

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